The Jewelry of Life


By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Life is a priceless jewel and for all of us, living a peaceful, happy and blessed life is very precious in a way that everyone of us wants to entertain their souls in the luxury of wealth, health, peace, serenity and excessive love. Everyone of us detest, despises and dislikes the pain, sorrow, grief and tragedies in life and we are always in a desperate attempt to distance ourselves from such phases every counting day. 

Our dreams have their own identification and tastes since beautiful dreams are those very precious ornaments everyone wants to allure and we endlessly try to decorate our dreams and thoughts in luxurious and comfortable reality.

The more we walk in life, the angels and elasticity of our dreams, thoughts, wishes, feelings and realization tend to expand sporadically.

Just run through your eyes of your whole life span that you’ve walked through till now starting from the early childhood life phase, teenage period and till now wherever stage of life you are in, you will find yourself standing in a mirror which will willingly explain your whole life’s walk in an intuitive reflection. You will start talking to yourself, laughing at those happy phases that you enjoyed the most while find yourself indulged in a blistering fight with yourself over those periods which you hadn’t enjoyed the most or you walked under pain, sorrows or tragedies. In fact, you will not want to discuss them but you will be forced into it anyway, since reality doesn’t lie to itself.

My maternal grandfather father late Muhammad Karim Khan used to say that ‘ Kiss every moment of your life like a mother kisses her children endlessly in her mad love because that’s the only option we can to love our life because, we are too helpless and afraid that life can be taken away at any moment of time. ‘

We desperately want and attempt to accompany the time in our walk of life but time doesn’t rely in our companionship in its walk. The longer, we appease and make time happy, the longer we can enjoy the golden walk with time because time is our king and we are its subjects.

Have you thought for a moment that why we always try frightfully to run away, distance ourselves from poverty, tragedies, pain, grief and loss but ostensibly hug the wreath of wealth, luxury, peace, love, care and ornaments of natural beauty?

In fact, the answers of such blatant questions are spontaneous and upfront but we never want to annoy our greed and avarice because, we willingly admire their existence and knowingly want to hug them.

Just talk to your heart at a pause of a moment that you don’t like to be embarrassed, disliked, hated or avoided on the basis of your color, creed, ethnicity, religious, language, cultural and political background and why we distribute hate instead of love, care, respect and forgiveness?

Off course, you’ll never think of. Why, because we always want to loved, cared, respected, listened and allowed to be walked freely in our world like a free bird which has luxury to fly in the sky with wild wings and chooses the best tree to sit on and migrate to the weather she chooses to reside in.

Yes, my friends, our life is exactly the same as the bird but we can entertain this short life the same way as the bird has only when we start living in an endless loop of – love, care, respect and forgiveness for each other irrespective of race, color, creed and religious background and delete the words of hatred, bigotry, racism and discrimination from our daily life language dictionaries.”


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