The Ornaments of Love and Peace.


By Sajjad Khan Bangash,
Islamabad, Pakistan.
15 December, 2015.

We the citizens of the world have to understand that we are the inhabitants of our planet earth and we are dependent on each other socially, economically, culturally, linguistically, biologically, scientifically etc. and the world can’t be turned isolated and barren with the insertion of racism, hatred, hate speech, linguistic, cultural, ethnic and religious divide.

Aren’t we considering ourselves to be so lucky that the time that we live in has brought tremendous facilities, education, health benefits and countless advantages through technological advancements and inventions of which our previous generations had never imagined of?

Why do we forget to accept that this life is very beautiful when everyone of us is desperate for love, care, respect and forgiveness, life has to offer?

Whenever, I run my eyes to my surroundings and look deeply at the magnificent galore and beauty of our planet earth, the very moment my heart endlessly starts laughing in elation, gleefully joyous and jubilant while I am thrilled with it already at the news beats of the gifts of beautiful landscapes, roaring waterfalls, chirping birds, hovering clouds, echoing thunderstorms, and the blessings of modern sciences but at the same time, a sudden but shocking yet horror announcements of hatred, wars, racism, enmity among human beings haunt and intimidate in an unabated strikes. I feel like a caged bird which is being put in cage against its will and she tries desperately and endlessly to find a way out of the cage.


Writing for purpose always yields rewarding outcomes and it often becomes the ‘beacon or the spark’  for those who can’t see the light in the dark. It gives you the unspoken voice in silence. Our world is a beautiful palace gifted by God to us in which we have luxury of weather, mountains, waterfalls, sun, snow, glaciers, meadows, cold and warmth. It’s raw to its nature and beautiful in delicacy.

The humans have their own definition to this beautiful gift of God. Humans carry their own ambitions and purposes from this silent gift. Over the course of human timeline, this world has seen several shocking incidents to its fragile and innocent sense. The spread of early dawn and light beams the sun throws on earth, has a beautiful language it speaks. The silence of mountains always speaks a beautiful language of care and love, we can’t admire. The roar of thunderstorm does not terrorize us but warns us with a pleasant knock of rainfall and dark grey pictorial snapshot of God’s art. The fur of breeze enthralling our sense of sooth and during spring fall, it entertains our soul with a soothing comfort and happiness.

The bed of green grass laid all over the fields, mountains have the comfort of fury blanket. The charm of beauty of the world is never ending and vanishing. It has to appear in a sequence of arrays. It cycles under own systematic embedded sets of rules and admiration duly assigned by God. The divinity never ends.


I desperately want to resist and try to escape from the shadow of this haunted feeling but whenever I find myself in a state of being secluded and start living somewhere in the land of peace, serenity, calm, and romance of nature then again this wave and shadow of trepidation, fear and haunts follows me and I am being manifested in a submissive will to be arrested in an unrelenting and implacable vitality.

But we all have the finest and elegant solution for not letting us surrender to this imprisonment i.e, we must start living in an endless loop of love, care, respect and forgiveness for each other irrespective of race, color, creed and religious background and delete the words of hatred, bigotry, racism and discrimination from our daily language dictionaries.


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