The global awakening and rights of self determination.

By James Allan, Angus, Scotland.

Generations of the experiences of our ancestors are told amongst us. Much betrayal has created global discord and the only way to fix it is by addressing the real problem rather than suffer in silence, knowing we did nothing to stop our kids suffering the same fate or we do something about it.


Times are profound and many undeniable truths are suppressed to fit the history the elites want written. Together the world will win over what is truly so very wrong. Our plight in Scotland should be a good example of how the whole post WW2 propaganda blitz and misinformation still misleads people today. A lot refuse to look at truth preferring to support a huge lie, even if it’s destructive for them. A bit mad if you ask me. Imagine altering reality to construct a great oppressive lie! Hope fully awakening will make such interesting times be interesting for all the right reasons.

Tehrir Square, Cairo, Egypt

People deserve better than militarized tyrants with a massive propaganda machine to dumb people down into complicity and compliance with evil deeds and atrocious policies.

How can we make good choices when the choice is manufactured nepotism? All sides in Westminster lie.

Appears there is much international collusion to suppress and retain power. You have to be one of them to rise to the top here. If not then you are discredited and shoved aside. I  can not see how plotting international leaders can be described as truly representative of us when they try their best to attack those who question their motives. We never get straight answers. They see it as their “right” to “rule” and grass roots honesty and a desire for a just society is belittled and undermined. All of Scotland saw it during the referendum. I hope the world saw what happened and learned that we have good people who truly oppose all that they do which is so very wrong for humanity. We are trying our best here and this forced Union is unworkable. We will continue until Scotland is free. Biggest hurdle to jump over is the propaganda blitz. They scare older people into compliance. Our young people understand now. It’s convincing the older generation not to accept what has been there all their lives which is the difficult part. They seem to prefer blindly supporting the same as their families traditionally did and refuse to see what’s right in front of their eyes. Perhaps they find the awful truth too difficult to accept.
To shift the power back to people the truth needs to be universal. When a government conceals truth for it’s own agenda, the last thing that is, is democracy.

The D-Square, PTI rally, Islamabad, Pakistan

These are certainly interesting times. I don’t think it will be an immediate declaration although this is entirely possible. We have a legitimate right to do so. A second referendum might happen. Our journey is getting closer to the end.

If we all communicate and work for peace then it becomes obvious who is against that. Scotland’s people would never start a war and we are fighting for a fair society. It is just basic sense really I think. The global corruption and imbalance is a bit of  a mission for us. We live for hope and are trying to do our bit to make the world a better and safer place. I hope others really can see what’s happening.

George Square, Glasgow, Scotland

The election and political aftermath of it will determine how democratic it really is here. Westminster see themselves as unaccountable overlords in a way. The City of London dodges accountability by hiding behind Canon Law (church law) and the rest of us are accountable. The same elitism exists along with crimes and corruption. The scale may differ. It’s all orchestrated by the global monopolists. When we all see the problem and learn not to follow liars and be fooled by them then we might get somewhere.

Major change is required still, to achieve the better world we want. We have taken the first step of that journey today. Hope over fear. We’re all brothers on the same planet. Now we need to build peace and a fair world where the corrupt are unable to keep harming us all.


We are against war and do not support other nations being invaded. We prefer words and understanding to achieve peaceful solutions. We will push now to get rid of Trident from Scotland and end austerity here.

Great that the people who should really be living without barriers are less afraid to talk to each other now. The manipulation of the world’s peoples is now widely understood. Where there’s a will there is a way to achieve it. If we are all truly honest about these barriers to human success wherever we live then we can overcome the manipulation. Global will is certainly there. We need to defeat bigotry, false indoctrination and corruption. I think these are common international problems.

The globe has realised that the G20 scratch each other’s backs and are corrupted by narcissism and greed. We had to awaken. The alternative is to repeat the same mistakes. We need to look after our world and manage it properly. The media has been useful in that it has revealed itself to be a major player in the deception. We see the truth and we see them not telling it, plus we see their loyalty is not to us but rather to a corporate agenda. Knowing they lie has spurred us on to reject their propaganda and find the truth where we can make up our own minds. We started to develop empathy and see through the smokescreen. We have all had enough of sinister liars. They have done little, other than cause harm and promote lies to suit selfish power ambitions and secret agendas.

Politics without democratic or criminal accountability needs addressed. Our institutions need to be made honest by us being careful about who we choose to staff them. If a politician can impose policy which harms or kills people then we need safeguards to stop obviously bad ideas from being thrust upon us with no mandate from us for them to impose what we all oppose. Our implied consent is rarely the actual will of collectives of sovereign nations, generally it’s driven groups who stir the trouble and this frustrates the angry offended majority time after time. The power to deceive has been weakened. I think we can truly solve the problems by demanding our representatives are truly representative, with consequences for corruption or irresponsibility.


For us it has been watching a minority thrive whilst watching everything we worked so hard for asset stripped and sold to friends of politicians. The levels of crime within Government are intolerable to us. When they start increasing poverty and creating a virtual debt scam it was obvious they viewed responsibility as disposable.

We had vibrant industry until insidious corporatism seemed to end up with ‘rights’ whilst human rights were violated. All we want is a fair and lawful country. We are gradually winning because our will and intent is honest and thoughtful. We had decades of the dog eat dog culture and we have seen generations of us suffer as a result. We simply care.


Think that’s our major weapon. It exposes what harms and gives us resolve to restore common sense. We don’t want our world to be like this for our children. We are collectively wiser than when we were kept in the dark. We just have to stop the liars from being acceptable representation of us now.



  1. This is a well written article which describes clearly the systems that exist in all countries but let’s not go into that right now and the main aim of all governments is to have people conform to law and order (rule) in order to promote and substain social mobility. In other words we only Learn what we are taught and we can only preach what they teach.

    Say no more on this but yes I understand 100 per cent what you are saying but people are easily bought off and the government are one of the biggest manipulators in society.

    People and societies are controlled and regulated through ideology and ones ideology instills and creates a persons beliefs.


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