Chasing the dream: the mirage


Chasing a Dream: The Mirage:

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Mirage is alluring and it entices you to speed up the race to quench your thirst in a blistering heat and in a lust full of perspiration. You don’t feel respite during this unrelenting quest as you’ve miles to cross. There’s a sequel of alluring success lying ahead of the mirage but with a condition of persistent coverage of the journey to reach over. We can’t think of ‘abandoning’. Time is very cruel and you’re highly prudent in spending the very moment of it of whatever you’ve at your ultimate disposal.

Life can be challenging for most of us as only few of us are born with ‘golden spoons in their mouths’ while a huge list of us, are lavishly aspiring for it.

I was one of those children who had been chasing the dreams full of happiness and entertainment but unlucky enough to have meager delight of it.

Starting from the early age of my life, when I opened up my eyes and come off the sense, I could see loads of shattered hopes, intrigued pyramids and bleak future lying ahead of my time. That time is lapsed and I have crossed millions miles ahead of that odyssey:  a long journey full of adventures: a series of experiences that will give knowledge or understanding to my future timeline for which I wasn’t aware of.

Oprah Winfrey says “There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”

The dreams I had have seen in my early life were ludicrous and infatuated- if you put it in romantic way. Why, because the early age always see dreams of love and happy endings.

Like other aspirant boys of my age, I was equally fascinated by the sportsmen and in our childhood time, Imran Khan, Waseem Akram etc. were the stars of all time and we the boys would always try to imitate their styles of appearance. Every one of us, would want to be a cricketer- being the stars, they’ve a fame, money and luxury.

When I started going to school, the biggest dream that lured my little mind was to become a good sportsman and athlete. With the passage of time, as I grew up, my sense of understanding towards life broadened and the compass of my dreams also expanded. I along with my friends tended towards other hobbies and interests of that time such as photography, art, traveling and more importantly, the imagination towards achieving something big which will highlight us more prominent and prudent in a society, overlapped our minds.

This was the beautiful time, I believe knowing the limited resources that we had while the portrait of dreams was vast but the chase was relentless and untiring. I kept on running chasing the dreams and some of my early childhood’s dream fulfilled while some kept postponing for the right time to be fulfilled.

As I grew up, entered in high school, the axes of my dreams also turned vertical as now, my vision and dexterity in life systematically widened with more maturity and opacity. Education was the obvious and ultimate dream that I was avidly eyeing for.

The poverty and lack of well instructed guidelines always proved to be a horrendous hurdle in my way of fulfilling this ‘dream of worth’, since my parents weren’t that educated while my father was somehow reluctant in letting me more education. Partially, because he was himself less educated and also was highly budgetary constrained mind owner. So, I had the sword and barriers on my ways ahead, always hurled over my head.

The college time proved to be exclusively lucrative in my academic life span, since, I always wanted to be a speaker and speak in front of a big crowd. The first-ever opportunity I earned was to participate in a college debate competition. It was my first appearance and knowing the stage-freight and the content of my speech: always undermined my spirits to a certain degree but then obviously, I had to do it and it was the lucrative incentive hidden for me. This was the first opportunity which aligned a complete shift in the direction of chasing the dreams thus this first opportunity unlocked its doors for me and I successfully stepped in.
Time took me along and I successfully gone passed through several phases of learning more and more in life and the systematic retention of my dreams seemed fulfilled in small pieces.

The dream of becoming a writer was among those early dreams of my life but I kept it caged on the belligerent assumption as to let first dreams be fulfilled and later, give its own turn when the right time arrives but I wasn’t right. I wasn’t justifying the cost and the value of dream of writing because it weighed higher than the other dreams- I wish I could talk to my heart for the ultimate jurisdiction of writing dream.

It took me 14 years on the heated debate and argument as to whether should I satisfy this dream or not and eventually, I have fulfilled the dream of ‘Writer’.

I am a writer now and the ‘acumen and property of my writing’ is so relieved and contended but often return to me with the justified complain that why, my turn came so late?

I was inborn writer but over the years I kept this talent in cage and I don’t know why. It was in 2010 when I released off this ‘beautiful talent of writing’ as I couldn’t hold it off for too long. My first writing endeavor started when I first started to write a novel and book ‘My first Endeavor’ and I wrote on my friend from London. I compiled one book, a novel and autobiography of my friend. I then started to teach ‘Creative Writing’ where I created several writers from scratch. It was an amazing experience of its own. I switched myself towards writing a blog and my decision was proven right. I have received tremendous response from readers around the globe and enhanced the confidence in me that we don’t have to murder our talents rather we need to spread it because somewhere, someone needs it.

When I practically launched myself into writing a blog, I really couldn’t imagine that massive response from readers around the globe. But honesty and pure intentions always pay you.

I wrote several articles on politics, social issues, economics, health care, information technology, conducted interviews of successful people who achieved milestones through their lucrative talents and autobiographies of my friends of different countries and cultures and able to instantiate the voice and creating awareness around the world.

Writing is a beautiful treasure and deliverance from self-restraint dichotomy. It is the ultimate source of beautifying your vision, self-esteem and realization of human love and care.

In a span of 04 months time, my blog not only accumulated the applause from readers around the globe but also provided me an opportunity to pile up a huge number of social networks. Now, my readers have become my friends and like family members where I eagerly socialize with them and often discuss several matters pertaining to their personal family matters. I believe that together, we can make this world a beautiful place to live in full of peace, mutual understanding and harmony. We win the hearts this way.

Going along the ways of writing, I met so many precious people who earnestly kept encouraging and appreciating me. I realize it now that ‘I am writer’ lol

I believe everything happens for a purpose.



  1. A very good read my friend and the stages of life are true for us all. 🙂 All over the world no matter the culture, creed, religion or race. It would appear that we are all the same through our childhood.

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