Writing Passion

I was inborn writer but over the years I kept this talent in cage and I don’t know why. It was in 2010 when I released off this ‘beautiful talent of writing’ as I couldn’t hold it off for too long. My first writing endeavor started when I first started to write a novel and book ‘My first Endeavor’ and I wrote on my friend from London. I compiled one book, a novel and autobiography of my friend. I then started to teach ‘Creative Writing’ where I created several writers from scratch. It was an amazing experience of its own. I switched myself towards writing a blog and my decision was proven right. I have received tremendous response from readers around the globe and enhanced the confidence in me that we don’t have to murder our talents rather we need to spread it because somewhere, someone needs it.

When I practically launched myself into writing a blog, I really couldn’t imagine that massive response from readers around the globe. But honesty and pure intentions always pay you.

I wrote several articles on politics, social issues, economics, health care, information technology, conducted interviews of successful people who achieved milestones through their lucrative talents and autobiographies of my friends of different countries and cultures and able to instantiate the voice and creating awareness around the world.

Writing is a beautiful treasure and deliverance from self-restraint dichotomy. It is the ultimate source of beautifying your vision, self-esteem and realization of human love and care.

In a span of 04 months time, my blog not only accumulated the applause from readers around the globe but also provided me an opportunity to pile up a huge number of social network. Now, my readers have become my friends and like family members where I eagerly socialize with them and often discuss several matters pertaining to their personal family matters. I believe that together, we can make this world a beautiful place to live in full of peace, mutual understanding and harmony. We win the hearts this way.

Going along the ways of writing, I met so many precious people who earnestly kept encouraging and appreciating me. I realize it now that ‘I am writer’ lol



  1. How Interesting and amazing your journey is! It is great that you identified your actual talent and accomplished a lot through self-motivation and self-training. Best of luck for your future endeavors. 🙂


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