Islamabad, Pakistan

Bio: I am highly sensitive in feelings, confident in knowledge sharing and learning! My life is full of thrill and excitement, prone to have new and juvenile experiences time and again. I do give space and take as well when it comes to social fiber and feelings of humanity. I love peace, love and affection. I am very passionate, fun loving, creative and peaceful human being with a compassionate intuition and a desiring attitude to life. I like sport, traveling, food, learning new and sharing knowledge, know 7 different language including 4 foreign languages i.e. English, French, Arabic, Spanish and 3 my local languages. I love to travel the world. I am very passionate, fun loving, creative and peaceful human being with a compassionate intuition and a desiring attitude to life. Writing is my passion and a great way to express your feelings, insights, experience, share knowledge and learn thus broadening your knowledge horizon and social circles. In today's modern time, we live in a global village where distances are too narrowed no matter how far we live in. The social media networks has gelled us together and this is how we live in 21st century. I have a great affection to knowledge and education while I was born talented and intelligent. I have never took formal education for becoming a writer rather done research online and self study. I have struggled a lot in life and I have earned my education with great difficulty as my parents couldn't afford expensive education of my country but my passion and great love to education has gifted success to me. I have concluded my bachelor degree in Business and Economics and I wanted to pursue higher education but I couldn't fulfill my dreams since I couldn't afford the cost of higher education. While walking in your life, we always prone to learn and enhance our natural acumen and exposure as we come across several opportunities, challenges and ways to rectify our mistakes, we learn in the end. I am thankful to God for such blessings.

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  1. erinpee says:

    So your like the author of me?

    That doesn’t make sense well it does but it doesn’t of you know what I mean.


  2. erinpee says:

    If you know what I mean I’m just shocked at how close our profiles are beginning to get.

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  3. Laetitia says:

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if I could get in touch with Jeanette? I’m Auckland based and would to chat with her.


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