The Stream of Love and the Hate Crying

By my sweet and dearest friend, 

Sorcha Sally Campbell,

Melbourne, Australia

When you walk through the journey of life, we encounter weeds, but we must remember beyond those weeds are blossoming flowers that stand gracefully. Such is life’s journey. Similarly, we must look beyond ugliness to see the beauty. 
In fact, for me a soul is one of two things – all consuming love, or a call for love I refuse to have hatred in my life. It is a useless emotion, fundamentally destructive, and the contributing factor to the negatives in this life. When someone shows hate and contempt, I show more love because they cannot argue with a pure heart. 

Love can be exhilarating, and so uplifting, but when love is like a full-time job, and hard work, well that isn’t love. Nobody should feel abused for giving one’s heart freely nor should it be stepped all over and physically attacked for it.

The key is though when faced with heartbreak not to let it define us. Take it! Learn from it! Love more and that I find it more comforting than anger. I also believe [that] people should search inside and find the goodness and not be disabled by greed and hatred.

Sometimes people make me angry, but I always remind myself that they may not have evolved beyond a certain perception, or they do not wish to. It is difficult to understand them, but I try and just look deeper with love and sometimes it can bring out some good aspects to the individual’s higher perspective.

Sajjad, I like to see the beauty in everyone, because everyone has it, be it heart or soul, looks or nature, intelligence or experiences; In fact, I am intrigued by these things. Our eyes are windows to our souls. This is how we connect. Our minds are temples of knowledge. Embrace it! it is a wonderfully euphoric condition to mesh with someone on these levels. 

Love is the magical, and vibrating and it’s a bit of a journey for me… I’m focusing on the positives and let go of all negative mental toxins. A good clear healthy mind is key to any situation. It’s especially helpful in health matters.

Acceptance and letting go of all distractions and nagging doubts and I feel whole, as a person and I follow simple ‘Buddhist Philosophy.’ It’s not about religion, it’s about being able to tap into a law of attraction. What you think you feel, what you invision will manifest. I meditate and see the cancer in my mind. I turn it into a beautiful sparkling diamond – glowing brighter and brighter. I see it leaving my body while each morning and night I express what I am thankful for.  

Sometimes in life we are like injured birds as if we have clipped our wings and cannot fly; suddenly, along comes a flock of birds and remind us we can soar and reach higher than we could ever imagine.  

If we believe; we do. 

People care more about things and money, than love and compassion and being grateful. You are sending out positive messages and you show the world – We do exit; we do care that reassures us. We hide sadness behind a smile, we treat others with kindness, because we understand cruelty, but most of all we radiate our love to everyone, and project harmony. My mum always told me to look for the good in everyone. Even if they are mean; Find sympathy because they know no better. 

​I believe you have to want what you have, to have what you want.
When materialism and possessions become the sole focus of someone’s life, I feel it is a substitute for some underlying issue such as loneliness etc. I believe everyone on this earth is capable of incredible things; sometime doubt and alot of rejection can lead people to feel they are a hindrance. I will never allow anyone not to see their worth, because inside every single person is something valuable that they can bring to the table. All it takes is a little probing and building the confidence in them so they feel appreciated. 

I am very humble about my accomplishments, particularly around those less fortunate to have had the education, and opportunities I have had. When people find out through others what I have achieved, they are always impressed by the fact I do not ever have a superiority complex.

I always have the mindset that firstly we are all equal.Just because a person is poor, or has no education because of the unwanted circumstances, does not make them any less worthy. I have seen over and over that the less privileged people are often the ones who posses a pure and kind heart, and that they have the logic and common sense in abundance.
Many a rich person has treated a less fortunate person no better than dirt on the bottom of a shoe. perhaps they should rethink this heartless attitude, because many a poor man has become important, and those heartless ones have had to hold a door open for the very ones they once closed it on.
The most beautiful aspect of a less fortunate person making it in life is that they take humility along with them, and never forget where they came from; they carry compassion like a guiding light. 
Arrogance,proud and vanity are true cruel obsessions which systematically destroy your wisdom while humility and caring attitude, beautify your personality. These both of the traits are two opposite forces but, they’ve their own directions and consequential paths to life.

Love Soothes the Soul

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