By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

David Cronenberg’s masterpiece film 1983’s Videodrome explores issues that didn’t really hit us until the digital age began with the Internet in the 1990s, so it is technically precognitive in so many ways, with rabbit holes that go on forever, one being most certainly mind control. It deals with psychological changes from subliminal messages gotten from a fictional pirate TV station in Pittsburgh, seen over an old cathode ray tube, and specifically from a videotape player/recorder.

Its creepy mix of overt sexuality and violence were seen as disturbing back in the 80s, much more than today when industries that cater to bizarre, and twisted fetishes are quite common. It in part was predicting that TV could become a pacifier, and a way to program people in a hypnagogic way, using the the spaces in between the pictures broadcast on early TV. Today this is all too true the way corporations run their news networks, tailoring it to be a certain way that is not truly reflective of normal society. I witness at a nearby group home, and even in the apartments of some around here, how network TV is more popular than cable TV, maybe because it has more subliminal messages sent out through it. It would certainly make an interesting dissertation for a Master’s or Ph.D., but in practical terms it should be looked into since as the film also includes, there is an underground digital TV crowd who are even interested in snuff films.

The hallucinations that the main character begins to have in the film are reminiscent of an early episode of “The X-Files“, in which Scully watches many video tapes while on a case, and they cause her to see things that haven’t any reality. Another episode of “The X-Files” touched the same by people being driven mad by the read outs of various electronic equipment, which at the end turns out to be a black ops/psyops test done by someone, usually seen to be the deep state run by shadowy forces above the law. The main character develops an almost LSD experience trip come to life, seeing objects act alive that aren’t, like video machines and TVs, so Max Renn(James Woods) becomes in a sense under the psycho-cyber control of this very mysterious underground group known as Videodrome.

Its virtual reality gone completely mad, though seemingly under some kind of control by unknown others, and it induces a tumor in the brain that mainly causes the psychotic breaks that creep in to Renn’s life. It is and blends in with the idea of trans-humanism, which is the combining of the human inner self with computers and robotics, also known as cybernetics, covered in the early TV series in the 70s, “The Six Million Dollar Man,” and also in movies like 1974’s “The Terminal Man,” and “Altered States,” though the last one is more Videodrome like, but coming to literal life. The X-Files also had an episode about artificial intelligence(AI) where the protagonist literally uploads herself into the Internet in the end, which would be similar to what trans-humanism envisions for us. Another film, “Robocop” from 1987, explores the proposed beginning where our human parts are intermingled with robotics and computers, and which dangerously is prescient about the times we are leaving through today.

The digital signals that make up almost all our TV, and Internet viewing can in a way trigger parts of the brain if there are complex subliminal messages woven into it’s fabric, meant to trigger these parts of the brain that might alter our perceptions of the world and reality. Far from Sci-Fi movies, it is coming true, with a lot of ot already created and used to effect our buying habits, picking of presidential candidates, and possibly even who we put our trust into, like the all seeing Big Brother like the National Security Agency.

Sort of like seeing the world through rose colored glasses, as the old saying goes, comes close to the deliberate population control viciously being done by corporate networks, and even otherwise sometimes truth networks like Alex Jones’ Prison Planet. There is hope though since from researching it, a lot of people have awakened to the manipulation, seeing the world for what it really is, a place run by corporations, big banks, Wall Street and billionaires.

It began in 2012, a prediction that was misinterpreted by the masses coming from the Mayan calender, this also was shown in Dr. Terence McKenna’s amazing research into the inner mind, and other dimensions of reality. McKenna proposed a theory called Time Wave Zero, which showed that history falls off the map back starting in 2012, which he came to by tripping on mushrooms, and DMT[Dimethyltryptamine], and found patterns in the Chinese I-Ching that lead him to see how it maps human history perfectly.

Groups like Anonymous are memes that can be manipulated and tweaked, but which also are autonomous, and by nature are cynical and not easily fooled by anything. If anything computers and the Net have increased human knowledge by leaps and bounds, whereas I get most of my knowledge from books, at least having read a few thousand in my 50 years. We are in a new frontier of reality, living the Sci-Fi proposed back on early TV and in pulp fiction from way back. One early though poo-pooed notion by some psychiatrists was that Schizophrenia was actually a scrambling going on in the brain where parts of it were tapping into other dimensions of reality not normally seen, much like the appearing and disappearing UFOs and weird creatures of Cryptozoology. It could actually be also a misfiring of the inner consciousness that is projecting dream states into the patient’s reality, but it could just as easily be as Dr. McKenna thought it was, and was shown in the movie Altered States. All of this is to say that modern physicists have caught up to McKenna’s research in believing that there are dimensions of time and space all around us that we don’t see, but which are there nonetheless, and in which other realities of existence go on like our’s, only different. There are parallel universes where there is a doppelganger of each of us who is slightly different, yet lives their life like our’s pretty much, as shown in the recent series Fringe.

The possibilities are endless but one needs to be skeptical too, since these things are open to modulation and out right manipulation. I certainly don’t want to be uploaded to a computer, though with failing organs now, I could go for a new set of internal organs. If we founder, feeding into the transhumanist agenda, we will come to an end similar to Max Renn in Videodrome. Max Renn puts on a virtual reality like helmet at one point that records his hallucinations, so it is shades of the future that began back in the 1990s. Time and Space can be broken through using DMT, derived from Ayahuasca, a psychedelic plant used in parts of the Amazon by medicine men or shamans. Done under strict controlled scientific conditions it can do amazing things, yet it leaves no after effect as LSD does. I can’t recommend it’s use, but you can take a hint, wink-wink, a nod is as good as a wink, as Monty Python used to say. I personally don’t desire to try it unless I was doing it under a doctor’s care, and only then with the DEA’s okay.

Having lots of good friends around can help, so that would be a good idea. You can also get knowledge by merely listening to Dr. McKenna, and various others like Graham Hancock and Dr, Rick Strassman. Personally I go by what Mulder said, that I want to believe, and to fight the future, so be aware of these things above that aren’t mentioned in regular cable TV, and help resist the New World Order crowd before they try making us into much worse sheep than we already are. As always it is up to you.


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