The Empires of 1% Elites


Sajjad Khan Bangash, (Islamabad, Pakistan),
Jamie Tegtmeyer, (Washington, USA),
John Erickson, (Colorado, USA).

I have gained a depth of knowledge about international politics by interacting with international friends from different countries and what has become obvious to my very wisdom is that the status quo exists everywhere and they always find ways to cheat and crush the very consent and opinion of majority of the poor, middle class people and maneuver the outcomes in their favor.

Such are the incidents I have observed in Pakistan, Scotland and now it’s happening in United States, where people vote against anti-status quo political parties but again in the evening, the outcomes come out to be something against the will of the people.

As my friend Jamie Tegtmeyer  from Washington, USA put
it’s running this world to certain peril. We have enough things out there we can’t control trying to kill us much less our leaders taking our say in where we head. I’m ready for the riots but not hoping for them.”

We are all at the same page. Let’s stand up against this 1% status quo which has caged our democracies.

According to my friend James Allan from Angus, Scotland.
” Yes Sajjad. Seems to be the case. World Governments are not dealing with the corruption, preferring to preserve it. Really we need to get people to stop subscribing to what deceives them. Economic control is a huge tool they have to manipulate. Perhaps fear of change is part of it because we have no alternative strategy to take over from what already exists. If there was real choice and an alternative viable monetary system we could stop supporting what undermine us. A global strategy maybe. Without economic stranglehold people might opt for something fair and honest.”

In the words of my friend John Erickson, Colorado, USA.
“It’s a nice dream, but the reality is that people want to be governed. So, basically, over time, people made this “god” called government. Just as in “religion” (which is different from faith) they made this god with their own hands. It’s now a monster in the hands of those who would defy such things as money and power. But the Lord of THIS world (Satan) is not our friend at all. Nor the power elites’, but they are being deceived. This world, it’s very existence since sin was introduced, is just a proving ground for your soul.

Will you endure the slings and arrows of the evils of this world or succumb to it?

That is the test. We have Principalities and Powers in high places over us. Ours in not to make the world “fair”. It can never be fair as long as sin has entered the world. God is not the author of sin, but the Fallen One brought sin to the garden and caused mankind to fall through the power of suggestion, Satan’s only weapon against us.

See how the weak minded fall into his snares?
They car bomb innocents, they never get the true power elite, ever notice?

They suicide bomb malls and Federal buildings and march against common sense in lieu of their own right so-called as it is to be a power elite also like the blacks are now doing with the whole black lives matter bull and they still kill each other by the score every day and we all know that that flies in the face of what these idiots are supposed to be marching against. But they say only their lives matter, and that’s of Satan.

We see it in Canada, where that so-called peace lover Justin Trudeau has six fighter jets in Syria right along with all the other countries. So they cry peace peace and yet deploy their engines of war against other nations when those self same war machines were just supposed to be there to protect them.

Protect them from what?
Stealing a Polar Bear?

They are next door to the most heavily armed nation in the world, claim peace, and deploy to war.

The USA has been out of the hands of “We The People” for quite some time. Actually, you can set the date. It was when we instituted the Federal Reserve Bank and let another nationless power elite control our wealth. In controlling our wealth, they control us.

The only way this world will ever be better, short from God’s final judgement, is to remove the power elite, and to do that, you remove the value of their wealth. Where money and gold are meaningless, there is no power to control another. Basically, we need science and technology equivalent to that of “Star Trek”, where we can synthesize food and water and air from any raw material and rearrange the molecular structure to make anything we want. Save that technology, we are headed on a direct course to the final hours of Earth. The power elite mean us no good. Their plan is to wipe 99% of life from the Earth.

Research the UN ‘s Agenda 21.
Basically one must hold fast to their faith in God as their Lord and only God, not fall victim to the extremism of religion, where evil people kill in the name of God, that is not of God, sorry. Stay away from the extremism of religion, hold fast to what is good and true. Speak out against evil where you see it.

Do not fall into the snares of this world and call good evil and evil good.

Do not let people of religion tell you your faith.

Stay true to God and God only. Mankind is flawed and imperfect. Politics should be avoided as they cause division and are already controlled anyways by the power elite. Both sides have money in banks, banks controlled by the elite. But these power elite were set up to be there as a stumbling block to those who would tread down that path. So my advice is to not seek after more than is necessary to live. God will provide.
I place my sole trust in the Creator, not the creation.”


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