By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

The overextended, cost overrun stricken and misused US military is unsustainable if the United States is to survive economically, or ever be seen as a good and just nation in the Arab and greater Islamic world. As it is we have made more enemies than we ever had prior to the 2001 attacks, spent ourselves into the red, and marked ourselves for real terrorist attacks from illegally detaining and torturing thousands of innocent Muslim men.

The refrain needs to be withdrawal, focusing on domestic issues at home, and trying to mend the public relations disaster these last 15 years has caused. Unless we are asked by another nation to intercede on their behalf, we really have no business traipsing all over the world map, projecting our overblown power mad, and war mongering foreign policy, which has been set up by the still in power neoconservatives. We were all set up on 9/11, made to believe a fictional scenario that explained those perplexing events, while the real master minds were actually in our own government.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say we deserved it, but I would say that we all acted as so many sheep and lemmings, having been willing to jump off a cliff which has cost us so much damage to our international reputation, that hadn’t been all that good even before the events of 9/11.

We have had a real crisis of leadership, with two goof ball presidents since then who have built up the military by taxing the hell out of us, even after the Wall Street engineered economic disaster of 2008. Little is actually spent on education, social services, rebuilding crumbling infrastructure or pursuing the ways to end poverty and homelessness. Instead we have a mainstream, corporate controlled media that lavishes us with mind-numbing, dumbed down and farcical entertainment, right down to our news which gets presented as info-entertainment, best represented by FOX news.


If we don’t divest ourselves completely of this system that has buggered us in the most unpleasant ways, we face consequences that would make the fall of ancient Rome look like a picnic. Absolutely nothing will change if say Donald Trump gets into office, since he is hardly the outsider that so many have made him out to be, and guaranteed that if we got Hillary we’d be even more screwed than if even Trump got into the Oval Office. The right wing, left wing and middle of the road politics that I try to adhere to is from my sincerest desire to see everyone on the same page, not getting divided up by affiliations that only limit the good that they could do for humanity in one of its greatest times of need. If we are ever to be rid of the compromised, bought off and plain corrupt two party system, everyone of both parties should go out, signing up to the smaller parties that better represent our inner thoughts and hopes.

We should all vote instead, even those of the two major parties, for those third party candidates that get no air time on the networks, and who have undoubtedly better ideas to get us out of the quagmire that we’ve been in since invading Afghanistan, and Iraq. Americans can be remarkable people since they all come from differing perspectives, differing cultures, yet in the end we all are Americans no matter what, or who we are. A good many are family people, who have children, and grand children who we have a responsibility to, making the world a better place for them than it even ever was for us. Peace at any price is unacceptable to a decent God fearing person, whether Christian, Muslim or Jew, so we need to think out very carefully the next moves that we make, not letting our government decide for us what best represents our course of action.

Certainly we need to stay close to those who have aided us, but we also need to discipline those like Israel who haven’t shown fairness nor goodness towards their other Jewish population. We have so completely destroyed our standing among those in the Islamic world, that it will take decades to repair it, if we ever get to that point. The casualties from indiscriminate bombings, shooting and drone strikes has made us pariahs in the world, looking like the ugly Americans spoken about in the last century.

Having studied Russia back in the 1980s, and gone there twice for a month each time, I have a healthy respect for the Russian people, even if they vote for a wanna be dictator like Vlad Putin. Russia has done well in getting out of their post-Soviet economic downturn, so they are in a better position to counter much of the palaver that has been spewed out by the West in the name of supposedly fighting terrorism, which they in turn really created, like with their building up Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and then acted shocked that they are making ground in the Middle East, Northern Africa and the Near East. Just as the same with the refugees, who are homeless thanks to the geopolitical games the West conducted in their sovereign homeland.

Russia stepped in so as to show the West that they couldn’t get away with whatever they chose to do, and though they have designs of their own on the region, they still represent a betterment to the whole mess that it has become. We must pull out, letting the chips fall where they may, only trying to help through diplomatic ways, and giving money to the countries who are basically not the causes of the problems. These things we have to do if we are to not whither away on the vine like other former empires, so here is to hoping that it gets done in a short period of time.


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