By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

Since even before the Patriot Act, and the known, yet misunderstood legislation called the Continuity of Government[COG for short], we have all been under the gun, and sights of our own government. You’d think that we were supposed to be fighting so-called terrorists instead of having the government eavesdropping, basically hanging on our every word, rather than the government spending our money on getting Al Qaeda, and Daesh/ISIS/ISIL.

Oh, and second of all, the Pentagon can’t account for over 8 trillion of our hard earned tax dollars, which was not so ironically first mentioned by Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, the day before the now infamous day we were attacked, and the Pentagon office that had been investigating it was directly hit by the supposed plane on 9/11, which was like the offices in the WTC, which similarly housed a data center investigating financial irregularities, all going up poof ever so conveniently for the guilty parties.

After you were to look into the money trail as I have strongly emphasized time and time again, you would begin to see more clearly the lies, and spin doctoring that has been shoveled in to our mouths for a decade and a half.


Guess who were some of the key persons of interest, who helped put together COG?

Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, the former who had in essence been the secret acting power behind George W, Bush, the president who couldn’t tie his own shoes, and chew bubble gum all at the same time. Government done by presidential executive orders is what lies in the near future if say another false flag, or national emergency hits us out of no where, which looks like it could happen any time because of how precarious events are right now. A new cold war has been in effect for near 10 years, or even since 9/11, though we’ve fared pretty well despite all of the fear and war mongering we’ve swallowed since the seminal event.

Legislation even for invading Afghanistan was sitting on the president’s desk just prior to the attacks, much like the Omnibus Criminal Justice bill that was passed hurriedly after the 1995 Oklahoman City bomb. I was taught back in my criminal justice days how so very close legislators are with lobbyists, or for example how close someone like former Congressional House Speaker, Dennis Hastert, was with Turkey, whom he was working for right after his inglorious departure. One could also make mention of how Hastert was a pedophile, leaving himself open to blackmail, which was known for decades from when he was a school teacher, and got caught back then, but some how miraculously never had it ruin his political career.

There are likely tens of thousands of situations, or MORE, where “white privilege” protected wealthy or “connected” men, which I know from my having been bailed out from weapons possession, assault and harassment, when I was a young, and damn arrogant kid. How does the old saying go,”It is who you know that counts the most,” which I can testify really does happen all too often. Now since I have had a long time to reflect upon it all, I feel tremendous guilt from having gotten off, when a lot of my black brothers didn’t get equal treatment under the law, getting sent away from say having been found in possession of a controlled substance.


This goes to show my personal experience with the whites who predominate our political structure, all the way up the ladder to the high mucky mucks. Retired Prof. Peter Dale Scott wrote some books like:”Deep State and the death if JFK, “The American Deep State” and American War Machine” along with quite a few others that document greatly the insidious relationship between the private sector, and our government. It is as a revolving door between politics and corporations, with characters coming and going, though acting as if they were still employees of their former company, being very buddy buddy with them.

Corporations, billionaires and millionaires fuel the current presidential races with an eye towards getting extra favoritism from their guys who get into, or who are appointed to positions  of great power, there literally being almost no barrier in the way of the companies, think tanks, and tax exempt groups. We the people, unless we are white, are seen as being almost non-existent, or subnormal to these white, and towering politically powerful figures. You even get repulsive come backs from them when dealing with Black Lives Matter, replaced with All Lives Matter, their ever so conveniently forgetting the huge detrimental gulf that separates the masses of citizens in a supposedly free nation. Rodney King’s case turned out to be a mere spectator sport for a lot of white people, just like the O. J. Simpson murder case, so one could sat that there is less justice for people of color, unless they come from powerful circles, knowing good lawyers, and hob-knocking with rich white people.

The civil rights act passed from the political activism of Martin Luther King, and the then reviled Malcolm X, God rest their blessed souls. These two giants had their lives snuffed prematurely because they dared to take on, and speak out against white supremacy that existed then, and which is surging yet again in our precarious times. Right wing political parties, particularly the racist, bigoted and hate mongering ones, have been making electoral gains all over Europe, and in American just as the refugee crisis is at its heighth, along with unlawful killings and beatings of black people in America. In essence what we have is the beginnings of a return to fascism that has been around even before 9/11, when it was cloaked, not being covered by the heavily corporate controlled mainstream news media, which thankfully is off set a bit by those intrepid ALT media souls. The deeper agenda of the Powers That Shouldn’t Be is spinning more hate and war mongering in order to line the pockets of those in the military/industrial/intelligence complex, besides its meddling in the affairs of foreign nations who have what is termed national security interest to us.
Basically we want what we want, getting it at the expense of millions of dead people, who were innocent, yet got no memorial for their having been sacrificed for sickening reasons, like getting more oil for our cars, trucks and so on. Like Big Pharma, Big Oil as a monopoly has owned our government so much so, that there is little distinction between the government and those in our own structures of government, their having bought their way into the club. The spectacularly failed War on Drugs drags on from billions of tax fueled police agencies, their now having militarized themselves with surplus military equipment like guns and armored vehicles.

There is near to no difference between the military and police agencies, all from draconian legislation that conveniently creeped into existence after 9/11, with our having the biggest prison population on top of it, oh, and some of it being done by unaccountable private contractors. This is also a situation where military cut outs, or in other words private contractors, have been operating in Afghanistan, besides other countries we’ve invaded, occupied or covertly  messed with in some way. The name of the game is to make money at any price, and occupation of a sovereign country, which it turns out not to have  any price, even the 1 million innocents that died in Iraq since our invasion in 2003.

This is powerfully brought home in Abby Martin’s “The Empire Files,” which in each episode a highly relevant problem or issue is explained brilliantly, and you can see it for free on YouTube or on teleSur’s website. This also goes for Chris Hedges’ “Days of Revolt,” in which Hedges interviews people who have a lot of wisdom that we need to hear, but who’s voices aren’t heard on the mainstream news media. Thanks to RT[Russia Today], teleSur, “Thre Corbett Report,” Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell and many others, we get to hear the unvarnished truth, which is at a premium today.

BoilingFrogsPost, NewsWorldNextWeek are other independent news and political commentary websites who put things that are extremely important into perspective. and report real news that is unbelievably ignored by the mainstream, corporate controlled news media, or ratings oriented info-entertainment behemoths. Though influenced a bit by some elitist interests, Aljazeer and PressTV do an excellent job.


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