Hillary Clinton for US President

Debra Dionne,
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America.

I have examined Hillary Clinton through and through and have recognized one thing that If women want to keep all the rights they fought for concerning the 19th amendment the right to vote, freedom of speech about numerous issues from national to international level then you do not want to vote for Trump or any man for US President in this  historical period of turmoil in our nation and international level. 

Donald Trump’s idea of dealing with women is to tell them to shut up and forcefully man handle women into silence. As far as Bernie Sanders is,  although he is not looking for war, he knows breaking through a corrupt banking system in the middle of possible world-III will only make Israel go further insane and become more fascist, unstable and prone to militarily react and have to be stopped but not before it destroys major cities causing tremendous genocide. 

Hillary is a lawyer and [she] has said many times her greatest concern about Gaza is Palestine people are caught in between a unstable Palestine government and Israel.

There have been attempts made at peace such as land for peace including agricultural jobs offered  and resources to build Palestine economy. However, these attempts at peace have fallen on deaf ears of an unstable Palestine government which is more concerned with a absolute unrealistic  answer that evict millions of Jews. On the other hand, Israel reaction at  failed attempts at peace has now thrown this Jewish State into fascism and disaster capitalism which is  also a unrealistic answer of a final solution where Palestine people are concerned. However; Hillary also knows the Palestine people do not have a big voice with their own government. So she is some what trying to restore human rights in implying that Palestine people are victims of their own government but also implies double victimization because their caught in the middle of a possible war where Israel is concerned with a unstable Palestine government.

I will always admit that land should have never been taken from Palestine people. The wrong started in 1948. In this historical period Israel is entrenched in a fascism in which Germany, Britain and America  contributed to.

The actual cause of the human rights  disaster and disaster capitalism in this Jewish state gone fascist to the point of calling themselves proud racists and reversing history into a horrible confusing dark age is both Zionism, Nazism and White racism

This means Germany and its Nazism as a solution to Zionism threatening to cripple its economic development is the cause of this Jewish immigration disaster. Zionism has also copied the Nazi and American Indian reservation blue print. Jewish racists even threaten to enslave races. Unfortunately because the Israel Palestine crisis is huge both historically over time and has decade by decade moved into a disaster of epic human rights proportions causing tremendous historical resentment and European countries have gone into refugee crisis over this disaster one knows no absolute extremist answer exists. The answer can only be peace, and it has to occur with compassion on both sides and acknowledgement of each sides wrongs because the earth will not take world War-III.

Super powers know this. Super powers know at some point they can blow selectively populations right out of existence. This is why wars start with not the greatest nuclear strength because the human race risks extinction over its issues of world peace and balancing of powers. 

Women need to have a voice where world peace is concerned. In history women have rose to power and in biblical cases even in  judge positions  where men are concerned. Even in native American and Canadian Indian history women have chosen chiefs and observed how they ruled.  This rising to power of women is not by accident or even evil. For some reason women have rose to power in periods of great turmoil. Hillary will be  President and its up to women to make her hear the cry for world  peace. For when the hearts of the women fall so shall nations.


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