By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

The said and supposed greatness of the original Republic set up by a generation of 18th century revolutionaries, is and has been slowly falling on harder and harder times, basically from the wrong headed policies of the once much lauded, and once highly thought of Obama.

We live in times that have been abysmal since the property market tanked out in 2008 from the wild and illegal speculations of Wall Street. We have an over extended army, navy and air force that shouldn’t even be in some of the nations that they are in, so we must really first pull back if we are to survive the much predicted next market crash that experts have been warning about. Add to this the fact that by invading certain nations, we had responsibilities to uphold democratic rights, empowering the people rather than suppressing them, never mind that we shouldn’t be there in the first place. Jobs need to be brought back from abroad to stimulate growth if we are to keep this economy from fizzling out, and right now it is on vapors.

It must be a focus on ourselves more than anything else, our realizing our faults and egregious war crimes that we and NATO are guilty of, the empowerment of the people, who must themselves find it in their hearts to see all others as equals, and just a whole revolution in social democratic ways  Our morally bankrupt political leadership exploits the dreams and aspirations of our youth, getting them all worked up by promising change as with Obama, with their instead getting their hope stomped on, or blown up more colorfully by drones, directed by people who haven’t human hearts.

A whole new younger generation, “millennials” as they’re called, have grown up with a total surveillance state, coupled along with a false sense of security that has lead to cynicism, distrust and rebuking of the Establishment as a whole.

My 1960s was back in the 1990s when “grunge”  music ruled the radio waves besides the newly popular hip hop from places like Compton, California, so I have ideals stemming from the underground and the popular regular music industry, which is to say that it was a glorious era, despite fools like Bill Clinton who only seemed like he cared about traditional Democratic liberal values, even though he was merely an extension of Wall Street, bankster and other reckless economic forces.


We live now in an almost completely digital age, carrying smart phones that are nothing more than fancy little computers, whilst back in the 1990s cell phones were fairly uncommon yet in the mainstream, and the Net was something still for the upper crust like I was back then. I hadn’t even realized back then what neo-liberalism was, nor how much different it was to traditional labor oriented, and social justice like liberalism. As time has passed we all got an education on it from outlets like the “Corbett Report,” “BoilingFrogsPost” and Richard Grove’s “Tragedy and Hope.”

Those of us who didn’t have a treat in store when they discover these ALT media outlets, downloading, listening to radio broadcasts and podcasts, besides reading some really good articles that have a good many sources as you find in the now wavering mainstream press. It is a brave new world to borrow from Orwell, in which we are in touch with people from other countries, other perspectives and different ideals. What we share is our humanity, need for the basics, the hope of redoing the world that seems to be coming, heading it off before it engulfs our very souls.

Nothing is new under the sun except computers that are smaller, more powerful, able to literally run our entire lives, so we turn to these contraptions seeking to reach out to each other so that we are united in some way even if is as online activists who serve to wake others up to the increasingly dystopian world society, where corporations, big monopolies, the arms industry, and military and police gear up for possibilities like martial law, stemming from the likelihood of food, water and energy shortages. We need to take a moment and pause to take reality checks at times, given that we are ever so much closer to a world where far, far more people might be made homeless, and all of this on top of our rather heavy carbon foot print, making shortages more likely than say a decade and a half ago.

The oligarchs, aka the billionaires more than ever call the behind the scenes shots, creating crises that make it seem like the Pale Horse of Revelation is amongst us at this very time. This is why someone like Donald Trump has done so well, tapping into people’s dissatisfaction, anger and fear, taking advantage of our naivety about his true intentions that no doubt range right up to wanting to be a dictator. It is wrong headed foreign policy in unison with the domestic policies like ObamaCare, increasing taxation and kowtowing to the rich and powerful. The unsustainable neo-liberal policy shifts that took place during the 1960s have come back to haunt us as we are headed towards an uncertain future where America still unbelievably sees itself as the policeman of the world, besides being an imperial empire.

So many have lost faith in these former goals since it is unsustainable unless we pull back from the brink of dissolution and utter disaster, and if we aren’t careful the horrors of Mad Max will be more than mere cinematic fluff thrown at us as entertainment. Actually this is exactly where we are headed, so maybe we need to unleash our people power in a way that trumps, pardon the pun, the former actions of the many presidential administrations that stem from the neo-liberal tradition, both Republican and Democratic.

The much talked about New World Order would be the elite’s answer to how we could all unite together against the disastrous events that otherwise will destroy us as a species, but we are I pray much smarter than that, knowing that it is our differences that make us great, this including creativity, imagination and the ability to dream undreamt of things and solutions. Neo-conservatism has run amok amongst our own government in America, causing the shift towards a more police state like set up, surveillance on us all being the norm, and militaristic views of patriotism more than bordering on blind patriotism.

We are living in a power vacuum that has been filled by the hate mongering rhetoric of Trump, along with blind allegiance that Big Brother knows what is good, giving us the outrage of over a million dead Iraqis, and an even more splintered situation in Afghanistan, not to forget Libya and Syria. None of the presidential candidates plans on rocking the boat too much no matter what the stump speeches are saying day to day, whereas in truth things will just be as usual only with it getting starkly more grim.

Our hope lies within ourselves to pull together, voting instead for third party candidates, or overturning the entire system to create a newer, better version of the old country, respecting the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Everything hinges on bringing back the post WWII days of prosperity, strong unions and the aspirations of the human and civil rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Sovereignty is a must, but we must strive to strengthen the same among the cruelly savaged nations both in the Middle East, Far East and in Mexico, Latin America and South America, which we were the guilty parties to cause their miseries, and disunion.

Reparations to them, indicting the war mongers who perpetrated the many war crimes, along with not stopping our financial support of the third world, are but a few things we should aim for to undo the severe damage done to our image in these regions. Not that we would ever be able to stamp out Sunni extremism completely, but we have more of a chance of it if we stop meddling, looking to achieve our own goals over the wellbeing of these great people who’s only crime in our eyes is their being different.

We risk losing not only our once much talked about place in the world as a haven for the poor, disenfranchised and alienated, we risk eating our own selves alive much like the zombies on TV and film devour human flesh blindly.

Do we really want to risk a war with Russia, China or Iran, or do we want to maybe pull back to rethink the policies that caused so much chaos, destruction and so-called collateral damage?

We must have the will to admit some defeat, wrong headed policy decisions and causing the refugee crisis overtaking Europe, pushing it more to the right, much like happened with Germany after WWI. The time is now to dismantle the war machine which has had a more disastrous effect than anything in fighting effectively the perpetual War on Terrorism, for now we are as safe as we are going to be, besides the likelihood that the convenient timing of the 2001 attacks were more likely orchestrated which is what the greater amount of evidence points to. We should all reach out for the truth rather than bothering to keep alive a system that is all psychological operations, propaganda and disinformation.

Waking up seems to be hard for a lot of Americans who remain sheep going towards a slaughter and Apocalypse of their own creation, when in fact we have alternative directions we could take to head off our almost eventual destruction. It is only a matter of time before the war mongers, the neoconservatives, the Neoliberal policies, banks, Wall Street and billionaires get us into an intractable situation from which we’ll be finding it impossible to liberate ourselves from.

Some say prayers that the religious leaders will turn on the ruling elite, filling the faithful with the right degree of fervor to instigate the radical change that is needed to free us from an otherwise disastrous calamity that I think we are already in the middle of, and have been since 2001. We are currently all complicit in having ravaged the greater number of countries in the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Ukraine.

We are living in a losing proposition that can only get worse unless we change the whole thing, starting from scratch if necessary. It has already been deadly enough to cause even more Arabs, and Muslims to hate us, more than ever before thanks to the illegitimate leaders we allow to steer our ship. Leaving it to Russia, China and Iran to bring the Middle East out of the grip of extremist ideological Islam is unfortunately the only choice, perhaps helped by our remaining in some control of the negotiations needed to end the conflict. First we must emasculate our current leadership, replacing it with progressive forces that can guarantee that money that had gone into the military budget is redirected to aiding, and building back up our ever crumbling system, both economically and morally. It is a decidedly key time in history when we could go one way or another politically, so it is a must that everyone is on deck with the need for real reform. As always it is up to you.


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