Why We Want a New World Order

By Jozef de Beer,
Winnipeg, Canada.

When we hear of the words “New World Order” most of us get negative images.  For some we think of crazy conspiracy theorists in tin foil hats.  For conspiracy theorists, we think of a totalitarian state. In this state people have no rights, the police are oppressive and the elite live like gods. 
Perhaps people have a micro-chip implanted in them, and the state monitors their every move.  Or the government monitors its population with video cameras and microphones, like in George Orwell’s 1984. However, there are other ways we can look at the phrase “New World Order” and not only can it be good, it is inevitable.


The phrase, “New World Order” was first used in the media, when George Bush Sr. made a speech to congress on March 6, 1991. He said “New World Order” twice. The speech is actually quite optimistic. It is about the US troops starting to come home and the liberation of Kuwait and striving for perpetual peace. All of these are things which sound good. 

How the US government and other world governments behaved since then is definitely up for debate. 

Most conspiracy theorists think that there is a malicious agenda he has behind his speech, however the speech can be read here and people can make their own conclusions. http://www.al-bab.com/arab/docs/pal/pal10.htm

Things are always changing.  We have sayings about this like “All things are impermanence in time.” And “The only thing for certain is change.”  The world is changing as well. The orders which humans lived by have changed. Humans have lived (and some still do) in tribes, under kings and queens, emperors, fascist states, communism and now most of us live under representative democracy. Politically, we have had a lot of different political systems.Sometimes an order that is really old can be really new to someone who hasn’t experienced it. So we go from old orders to new orders anyways.

We have a world government already.  There are limits to their powers and for most people; the laws of their local government are far more relevant than the UN’s. But there is some power with the UN, especially, when the more powerful countries back them up. A New World Order can either mean a completely new world government or a UN that is so changed that it seems like new.


Let’s look at a more ideal New World Order. One thing people are insisting upon around the world is transparency.There is good reason for this.Transparency makes corruption impossible.Corruption can only occur when influence is hidden. When influence is out in the open it takes on other forms like persuasion and debate. Collectively we can decide to accept or reject this influence. 

This brings us to the engine of this ideal “New World Order: Direct Democracy.”

Direct Democracy, is where we vote issue by issue. In this day and age of computers, we can have a world government operating this way. As people debate and vote on issues, we let go of our need for elected representatives. We do away with backroom deals to special interest.  We do away with the bloated salaries of politicians. 

What about our votes being hacked?”
you ask?

There is a simple and affordable way to make your voting nearly hack proof.  Keep your vote public. Nearly all of us express our opinions online anyways.  With all of us being able to keep a record of how we voted, if a vote is changed, the person could always check to see that their vote goes through as it should.  This cyber security would be well funded.  Some of that money from expensive national elections could go to this cyber security.

Here is another benefit to the New World Order; it will be easier to tax the wealthy.  No more off shore tax havens. There is nowhere to hide with excessive amounts of money.  When we discuss raising taxes and closing loopholes for the wealthy on a national level, the right wing crowd has a legitimate argument about the wealthy moving their money out of the country. 

This obliterates that argument.  Furthermore, raising taxes on the wealthy is not communism.  Raising taxes on the wealthy, is just making them pay their fair share. Taxes have been lowered on the wealthy and more and more loopholes have been created.  We have good economic data on what the tax rate on the wealthy has done to the economy. 

Here is Business Insider’s analysis:
Here is American’s for Tax Fairness’ data

As for what exact system the New World Order will be, none of us know.  Even if we adopt Direct Democracy, powerful people will try to influence the way we vote.  We could vote in a communist, anarchist, fascist, conservative, socialist, liberal or and any other kind of way which we can conceive.  While, I advocate high taxes on the wealthy, Direct Democracy may not make this happen.  We may vote in a free and chaotic system with less order than most nations today.  Whatever happens, we will have a New World Order.



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