By Frank O’Brien,
New York, USA.

In Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell’s latest installment of “News and Views from the Nefarium,” he talks about the predictions of the Net author “Saker” about the whole Syrian conflict as it is shaping up. From having followed the Syrian conflict for years now, besides Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell, “The Corbett Report,” “The Empire Files,” and so on, it seems that Saker’s analysis holds up as per the insightful comments on a hidden fascist set of forces within both the European Union, the USA, the Ukraine and countries of the Middle East.

The Empire Files with Abby Martin

The notorious neocons of Washington have staid steadfast in power despite the Obama administration, which let’s be real, is in and of itself a tool of the banker/billionaire club. With a predicted 1 billion dollars being expected to be spent by both the Democrips and Rebloodicans, on each side, the neocons are still in tight control of the purse strings just enough to pull off anything whether one or the other wins. In the Ukraine, Kiev specifically, it is well known that there are some extremely fascist political forces at work, who were ushered into power by the likes of George Soros, and Victoria Nuland of the State Department.

Saker’s commentary on the possibility of an alliance between the Ukraine, and Western forces allied against Russia in Syria seems a bit of a stretch right now, but it could definitely play out in a future confrontation, say if Turkey were to use nuclear weapons, or Saudi Arabia were to too, since it seems now from rumblings there, the latter now have admitted in having them, probably gotten from either a sympathetic country, or terrorists who likely got some from the old broken down Soviet Union before it shored up its military finally. I agree with Joseph Patrick Farrell’s assessment that Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are just crazy enough to use tactical nukes if provoked, especially since both countries are teetering on the abyss politically speaking.


The current alliances are pretty much Russia, China and Iran on one side, with the West and Europe containing the other whacko alliances, like with Daesh and Al Qaeda, on the other side. Then of course you have various interlocking alliances which are loosely made between the various anti-al-Assad groups, which are more than a few, with Turkey aiding them militarily and economically, with the help of Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf states.

One should be very, very worried since there is a history of Islamofascism in the Muslim Brotherhood, and some key countries in the Middle East, which no doubt have ties to other well known extreme right wing political parties in Europe, possibly even extending to South America, where the Germany Nazi high command fled to after WWII, and who still operate there in secret, and the open.

All you need is for this tinder box to be ignited, and my dear Pakistan would of course be on the side of Russia, which would make it so that I’d be on the side of the anti-war groupings. If all out conflict were to erupt like it almost did when Turkey idiotically shot down a Russian jet, we would all see a likely scenario of the kind which was worried about during the old “Cold War,” which the new “Cold War” thankfully not gotten to be close to. As Joseph Patrick Farrell says here, I’d keep a close watch on what Saker says, continuing to monitor his musings which seem prescient.

I and Sajjad Amin Bangash will continue to give you the skinny on the developing situation in Syria, and its balkanized area now, and we will continue to give both the American and Pakistani audience timely analysis of the unfolding conflict in Syria. I am not personally hopeful of good outcome since I know so darn much about the players, and how history always seems to repeat itself.

Only from a Social Democratic political approach can both Pakistan and America, reach the goal of people power, which unfortunately Bernie Sanders doesn’t have on offer. The whole mess in Syria will play out in an ultimate disaster from which I’m thinking will spell martial law in many countries, since even the USA has been going that way anyway. BUT, that doesn’t mean that we will be isolated from each other, since in my experience in the IRA, lines of communication can be kept open and proliferate. Resistance is not futile, but a necessity when faced with oligarchs entrenched in control of most of the world, and there are rarely good oligarchs.

I leave open an invitation to any wealthy benefactor who would like to fund Sajjad Amin Bangash’s vision, and that of Imran Khan’s, besides our own here, and believe me, my old network still exists, being merely dormant. I stand at the front to both protect the organization, and to try to offer leadership that is all inclusive and fair and equitable. It certainly helps being poor, and hungry since it energizes you to be ready like a fighting pit bull[though I hate the damnable sport].


I see a future where the 7 to 8 billion people in the world unite at least on a political level, hopefully encouraging sovereignty, and true democracy which doesn’t leave behind the poor, or the homeless. A world where gay, transgender and straight, black, brown and white, Muslim, Christian and Jews, all join together to worship together, and respect each other’s differences.

I like the new version of “The Sounds of Silence” by Disturbed, which is a vision that Simon & Garfunkel had back in the gloriously hopeful 1960s, when flower children and hippies gathered together to celebrate life and peace. This is the vision that keeps my heart beating, being a world of peace, harmony and equality.

Can we reach it?

I know we can from knowing the interlocking familiarities that helps me survive here in Lansingburgh, NY, which might not be perfect all the time, but which is nonetheless a seed from which hope and love can grow from. As a Christian, I automatically have love for all others, and am not one of these self righteous, judgmental born again types, who are smug in their ways. If I were to convert to Muslim, it would be a bit of a stretch, but if it turns out the way Mohammed said it will be, count me in. Peace and love to you all from Troy, NY.



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