By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA

As per the idea of global warming, which has been on the tongues of politicians, celebrities and some scientists, after one listens to “The Corbett Report” long enough, you understand more of why it is merely a scam meant to gain more control over all the people in the world, and how it would line the pockets of the wealthy, and already existent oligarchs. Basically it come down to this, and that is that there isn’t a 100% certainty of there being a catastrophic threat from global warming, since there are so many factors and variables coming from the supposed statistics and science.

There is no doubt that ice shelves in the North Pole, Greenland, and Antarctica have been melting at faster than normal rates, but at the same time anomalous ice has been forming in substantial amounts in these areas as well. If we were facing a man-made disaster of the proportions that the elite have been trumpeting about, we’d have seen winters which were far less cold than they have been in the past, and our summers in the North would’ve been far hotter than normal. Neither has been the case, and instead it has actually been seemingly getting colder during the latter part of the winters, along with a cooling during the summers, as was the case here in the Capital District[Albany, Troy & Schenectady] in upstate New York.


Corbett points out how a lot of this global warming research has had the backing, and thereby the biases of the private sector, which has been interested in the billions, if not trillions, that can be made from instituting a carbon tax on every human being in the world.

Average people are already crushed, and continue to get crushed more and more, from outrageous taxes, especially the ones I can speak to here in the United States. Since the economic crash of 2008 the average person has been falling more and more into debt, with most jobs paying dismal salaries which can’t keep up with even the most basic of needs, like food, shelter and transportation. The cost of living is bad enough, but when you add the outrageous taxes on top of it, people barely see half of their yearly salaries, and my family finally had to abandon our house to sell it, since property taxes have skyrocketed here in upstate New York. I have had myself to try living on $100 a week, with a meager amount of food stamps, all the while, I’m paying for electricity bills which keep getting hiked up. It’s like an ice box in my slum lord apartment, so people do what they have to do to survive, which isn’t and hasn’t been my experience until I lost my house in 2013.

The cost of things keeps going up, yet living on a fixed salary like Social Security Disability isn’t possible unless you venture into areas that you’d rather not go. My point in giving these examples is that people are already sidled with way too much in taxes, and the steadily rising cost of living. If you add a carbon tax which would in essence proscribed how much you can do, like if you own a car, you’d only be able to use it for so long each week, before you’d reach your carbon foot print limit, then you’d have to pay more on your carbon tax to be able to drive your car for a longer time.

Causes of Global Warming

This carbon tax would impact you as far as even the food you’d be able to get since you’d be paying for its delivery, which is had by trucks that have their own carbon foot print. For the rich it’d be little problem since some of them would actually be making money from your carbon taxation, which they’d use to top up their own carbon foot print cards. And that is the idea, having a card that would control the level of carbon you’d be allowed to use.

Now statistics can be fudged, and the evidence points to most of what the politicians are using as completely skewed statistics, since there aren’t strict controls in the studies that they are getting their data from. There are too many variables in the studies which don’t give an accurate view of where we really are at in the supposed global warming debate. I used to hate my mother’s listening to Rush Limbaugh, which was a regular feature of her day, and when he originally came out as a global warming skeptic, I thought it just so much right wing palaver, but now I am convinced that he was right, besides having been right about how the Clintons are a bunch of criminals. James Corbett is a fellow I trust, from having listened intently and analytically to his broadcasts, all of which I have downloaded and listened to, so I know he is coming from a highly educated perspective, and is very thoughtful in his own analysis.

It is almost as difficult fighting the insurmountable propaganda that is spun in the mainstream corporate press, as it is convincing even your own indoctrinated friends and family. When everybody thinks that the sky is falling, you find it near to impossible to change their minds given the outlandish amount information coming their way from the establishment. I suggest, as always, to listen to “The Corbett Report” to get the skinny on this topic, besides others, and to tune out the big mainstream dinosaurs. Once you have freed yourself from the corporate mainstream, you find that a lot in your head clears up, and that you are less afraid than you were before.

Global Warming effects on Antarctica

The Powers That Shouldn’t Be are in control of you as long as you listen and trust what they say, gobbling it all up as so much truth, when in fact it is a whole lot of garbage. When deciding what to listen to for your information on important issues you need to be very particular and skeptical about it, weighing it against what you can find out from fairly reliable sources like Corbett. I chose awhile ago now to tune out the big three cable news networks, and the subsidiary news of the big three networks, choosing instead to go to RT[Russia Today], Aljazeera, PressTV and other foreign broadcasts, being careful to not always trust them either unless I can back up what they say from other reliable sources, and my own research.

Now if a highly educated, yet poor, fellow like me can find the time, and inkling to research these things, I would hope and pray that others do the same, unless of course they are complete sheep. And sheep many of us are, without any hope of changing it, since the change has to come from inside yourself. The more I drone on about it though, the more I encourage others to change their ways, getting them to turn in to analysts of information, developing an educated eye for bullshit. Just remember that one way to break out is to listen to ALT news, that is the more educated stuff that Corbett is a part of, and thinking for yourself, and not being a glass that the establishment’s information fills up with so much sewage. What we need to be doing instead is aiding ourselves by getting into entrepreneurship, and leaving behind the crap jobs that we all have been working for to survive.


Only Federal and State jobs pay enough so that their workers aren’t bitterly complaining about their falling behind the economic cue-ball. I plan myself to pursue a few options for bettering my own situation, once I have the proper medication to sooth my multiple chronic problems, but I keep fighting on no matter what, and look forward and not backward. We must all pull ourselves up the best way we can, even if that comes from involving yourself for a time in less desirable pursuits, since the cold blooded bastards in government never do it for you, only taxing you more and more. However you do it, do it in other words, using your vast imagination to find a niche for yourself, especially in business, and starting one or more up. Here in Troy, NY there are any number of possibilities to grow a business into a behemoth of a business, and it is just that few have the gumption to look into the many possibilities.

As far far as global warming phooey we need to remember the ulterior motives of the ruling classes in wanting to be able to control us, and to fleece us of our hard earned money, so don’t let them do it. To begin with; there was what was called Climategate back a few years ago which gave accurate information on the agenda that organizations like the United Nations, and the G8, have been pushing, even if having to fudge their findings to match up with their desired outcomes.

The rich and powerful like to have things their way, even if that involves telling the rest of us big lies in order to control public opinion. Be a thorn in their sides, not letting them tell you how to be and think, but instead doing your own thinking and doing things the way that you want to do them. One way to be is to do your own research, setting a time for yourself to do it, and of course having an Internet connection.

Once you do that, letting a free flow of thought direct you, and your browsing about the Net, you’ll find out how this whole global warming malarkey is a house of cards in the statistical sense. We instead should have scientists who independently do studies with public funds that don’t dictate their findings, leaving it to them to decide where things are really at.

This more responsible way isn’t what we have right now, so there is no real consensus on global warming or any impact that will come from it, that is if it really turns out to be true. Be the skeptic!!! Turn over every rock to find out for yourselves where things are really at, not listening to the rigmarole that spews from Big Brother’s mouth. Spawn organizations in your own areas, that can measure the changes in the weather accurately, which working independently of officialdom to decide where things are at, joining up with other independent organizations doing the same thing. As the old saying goes,”Life is what you make of it,” so get involved, besides learning to work for yourselves and not these same corporations who dictate our lives.


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