By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York,

In episode 3 of the 2nd season, and episode 23 of the 3rd season, of “The X-Files,” mind control is explored, with the first mentioned episode here dealing with some bizarre government experiment creating spree killers, and the second episode dealing with subliminal messages coming from encoded videotape. The first deals with every day normal people being driven to kill others, from messages sent via electronic read outs, while the other deals with subliminal messages in videotape driving Scully into being extremely paranoid.

Edward Bernays, the “father of public relations,” also was an expert in propaganda, and used many of the same psychological approaches from this discipline to manipulate people’s opinions on how to look at certain individuals and corporations. It was all about guiding and controlling the opinions, and public opinion in general, of the American public.

The CIA conducted similar research as shown in the above “X-Files” episodes, using subliminal messages, drugs, sleep deprivation, and a cocktail of many different kinds. They weren’t above using the mentally ill, poor, and those on the fringes of society, to conduct their quite destructive experiments, and in a creepy way, the first episode mentioned above could just as well be a case from true reality, as could the second one.

There might not be the “cigarette man” or “cancer man” behind experiments like this that take advantage of innocent individuals, but I’m betting that of all the spree killings last year some might be cases that are the result of a deep black ops experiment. Since given a new mandate after the false flag attacks on 9/11, the intelligence community began doing again, things that they had been ordered to stop doing after the Congressional hearings during the 1970s.

The FBI’s COINTELPRO was no doubt taken off the shelf, and used for both supposed counter terrorism operations, as well as political reasons involving some individuals who hold anti-government views, or are political activists, The major 1960s assassinations can be traced back to the intelligence community, who sponsored “cut out” cults, and new social movements, who were the vehicles by which many goals and research could be drawn from.

Sirhan Sirhan, the supposed killer of RFK showed real signs of having been under powerful mind control, his having kept a diary of sorts, demonstrating how killing was inculcated into his personality, and deep psychological mental state.

Turns out the likely second shooter, who would account for the extra bullet holes at the hotel where RFK was murdered, was the security guard on duty, and he quite wisely left the country so as not to have to answer any questions about the investigation. Malcolm X’s killers, which included Thomas Hagan, who was just released from prison, were put up to it by still unknown forces, though it seems likely that it again all turns out to be coming from the intelligence community, and political power blocs, that secretly run our police state country.

MLK’s killing was another example of there being a set up patsy, who was James Earl Ray, an itinerant wanderer, who was set up through circumstantial evidence, though there is abundant evidence pointing to it having been both the FBI and some military intelligence assets. JFK’s killing reeks of there having been a huge, well planned operation to kill him, and then strategically covering up the evidence, and getting rid of witnesses. Mind control played a singularly important role in most of these assassinations above, covered up afterward by authorities both local and federal.

We live in a world where government cold bloodedly does what it wants, at any cost, and its gotten a lot worse since the instituting of the Patriot Act. Being that the government, or rather, part of the government, is truly evil, and protected by national security, we need to fight it, demonstrating with the evidence we do have, to cause them much bother. Like the war crimes of Obama and Bush, things will be swept under the rug, so we the people need to keep the struggle alive, educating others about all the facts we know, that can be used to convert the most skeptical and cynical people.
These mind control techniques will control you as long as you continue to watch mainstream television, and talk radio, so try to go to all the ALT media sites to give a counter balance to the drivel given out by the CNNs, MSNBCs and Fox News. Get educated on the various non-intrusive ways that government can use to effect your mood and emotional outlook, for knowing about it gives you the power to combat it, and tuning it out altogether is about the best way to be in control of yourself. If you so desire, watch and surf the Net, getting just the news, and then comparing it all with the ALT news. Cues, and subliminal messages are beamed at us every time we watch the regular news channels, causing us even to unconsciously shop for certain products.

We in the ALT media hope to win this endless war with government spinmeisters, placing them along next to the dinosaurs. Recent studies show that more and more people get their news from some place other than the mainstream news networks. In the regular news psychological messages are no doubt beamed in through the digital transmission, just as can be done with radio, so be vigilant in knowing to question all that you take in, even some of the ALT community. The modulating of ELF[Extremely Low Frequencies] waves around us is like a tuning fork that can be used to get us to trust our government, and be docile little servants, rather than radical political activists. I never have been controlled by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be, only because of their probably not caring as much about my radical Left views, and my liberation theological approach to religion. They probably care though, and track, and target other political radicals, who they see as a danger to their total control of the masses. They might even assassinate the likes of DeRay McKesson who has been put forward as the one of the most articulate activists in the Black Lives Matter movement. He very articulately explains why indiscriminate killings by police of young black men is an aberration to only some, but a stark reality to the black community. The elite no doubt wish that they could control and manipulate McKesson, looking to discredit him and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

This movement is proving that even with all the psyops and mind control out there, that it can be defeated nonetheless. There is, as Alex Jones says, which is to say that for once Jones is right, that there is a war on for your mind…..a hearts and minds campaign, meant to fool you into supporting morons from either the Republicans or Democrats, who are vying for the presidency. The war for your mind insidiously takes advantage of your weaknesses, your fears and the most base of all, your’s and all of our deeply suppressed prejudices.

Every where you turn there is some news show seemingly dedicated to just the presidential primaries and campaigns, and it is all meant to suffocate you and your perceptions. There are other choices that you can make, the most important being to tune out the cacophony of presidential election news, tuning in instead to ALT news media like “Off The Grid” with Jesse Ventura, “Watching the Hawks” with Tyrel Ventura, “The Corbett Report” with James Corbett, “News and Views from the Nefarium” with Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell, and “Buzzsaw” with Sean Stone. There are plenty of other programs, which is interesting enough for you to go seeking them out. Don’t be programmed, be original, and be yourself above all else.


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