The Vicious Circle of 1% and 99% of us.


By Sajjad Khan Bangash
Islamabad, Pakistan.

What the social media has brought the revolution in the lives of millions of people across the globe is that  ‘social media has widened up the compass of information and communication to the people of the world, making it possible to keep the people of the world aware, connected, and updated about the happenings around the world.

Now, after communicating continuously with my friends around the world, what I have learned from the fact that ‘ordinary citizens of each and every country’ are clasped and entrapped by the elites, corporate monopolist, industrialists, feudal lords and powerful lords by successfully implementing a spiraling banking and monetary system in which every citizen of the world is viciously entrapped in from which we can’t get out.

They’ve implemented this system so technically complicated, intricated and intoxicated so gravely that even though we know that this system is corrupt and too dangerous for all of us but we still willingly can’t get out of it. Why, because we’ve been trapped in this ‘vicious cycle of economics so grossly’ that everyone of us is willingly and directly paying their taxes, debts and buy their products thus profiting and expanding their business empires and allow them to monopolize us infectiously and in consequences making them so strong to kill and destroy us and we let them kill us.


In the words of my friend James Allan from Angus, Scotland.

“Criminals don’t give up criminality easily. We need to win with democracy, showing them to be what they truly are with hard facts.
If people are not content and have to suffer then that’s always down to selfish decisions from those serving themselves.

That kind of governance needs condemned to the past. They serve us and we must throw out corrupt systems globally. Why vote for someone who lies, steals and misrepresents us, serving a rich racket and infinitely harming people in the process?

I hope humanity wants something better than this. I know we do. All these illegal wars are not in our name. We have no democracy and it feels like people have been overthrown when our collective will is stifled and ignored.

I hope the whole world does that. People have to be more than compulsory slaves to corruption and crimes we find very wrong to accept. Ripples can turn into waves. Good can undermine evil with resolve and determination.

No point accepting what is corrupt and criminal. We must learn from the past and not allow the same mistakes to happen again. It’s easy to see what happens when we don’t keep our focus on what Governments do. At least efforts are being made by the people now. Evil must not win.

Hopefully one day soon we can deal with all the corrupt and form better alliances with them removed. It is good that countries are waking up to the plot and do not support it. Gives us a better chance of ending such crimes against us all.

We need to beat the bankers. Too much blood is on their hands already. Life has become a gangster movie, written by the gangsters. Time for the sequel I think. The movie we are watching now is a macabre horror movie full of evil plots and intolerable atrocities.”

John Erickson, my nicest friend, a US-Marine Veteran, from Mill City, Oregon, USA views this whole quagmire and mentions it in his words as:

Sajjad, the politicians are merely the CEOs of “Country _____, Inc. a subsidiary of Rothschild’s Global Bank. Always follow the money. Why are people so evil, so corrupt, so willing to sell out their basic moral fiber for mere money? Greed. A deadly sin. And they get away with it through programming people’s minds that there is no God. So, with no God comes no punishment.

No punishment leads to the very satanic saying “Do as thou wilt“. No, I won’t try to convert the Atheist Liberals, they have their own recompense waiting for their hardened hearts. I could have went down that path easily being a 100% combat disabled veteran of Beirut Lebanon and being 1/4 Lebanese myself. It’s all choices.

Satan doesn’t come at you with a red cape and pointy horns, he comes to you as everything you desire. Temptation is his route, the power of suggestion. People succumb to greed because they want to be liked by those they have been programmed to idolize.

Everybody on planet Earth has been a victim at one time or another. My plight is worse than your plight is rubbish.
Real change will come when money is no longer an idol and we are tempted to make “Golden Calves” but every mouth shall confess God is Creator of the Universe.
I’ve been on my own “Road to Damascus”. We all need to get on board with one side or the other. Either you’re for good or for evil and it’s time to make a stand like you said.”

According to KT Brummet, my Facebook friend from Abingdon, Illinois, USA:

Gov’t officials who use god as their excuse to do evil are just as evil as any “atheist liberals” Anyone can say “Im doing this in god’s name” .
But that doesn’t make it ok. Mostly because humans are flawed and misinterpret so many things. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” although I think very few politicians have good intentions to begin with regardless of religious affiliation.

Idlenomore is a huge movement among first nations and native american peoples here in North America right now. They speak out against all the atrocities performed against native peoples by both government and religious organizations. My family and many friends are all native american so it’s a big deal to us.”


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