Lamara Agawa,
Algiers, Algeria.
Ait mislayene. 18-01-2016.

Much of the current states in the name of equality for all, destroy or eradicate indigenous cultures, which contravenes human rights established by the UN Charter. The death of these crops has been programmed more often in the late eighteenth century with the French Revolution when the governors on the pretext of efficiency, decided it was necessary to speak one language: the reign of Jacobinism. So we have to speak French Arabic, Italian, English, Spanish, Russian or Chinese, the languages that are imposed on a conquered territory and that some define as Nation State. In states out of imperialism, ethnicity often put in power by the former colonial state imposed its language to the other, and when it was too complicated, it imposed the language of the former colonizer.

A standardizing project with the intent to destroy other cultures and nations. The need for efficiency has increased with the evolution of the economy and the rise of financial capitalism, towards the optimization of commercial transfers that seeks the maximum profit in the short term. Governments are subject to its diktat and accept its concepts without complaining. In the great transformation that followed, the man is no longer a pawn that is moved at will. It aims to uproot men to standardize them and make them subservient.


Around the world, people are fighting for recognition of their culture and their language, asking them education parity with the dominant official language. Others are fighting for autonomy or independence. It is urgent for us, indigenous peoples, to show solidarity and unite to combat Holocaust denial state, whether Jacobin, religious or otherwise. We claimed the attention of international bodies must demonstrate not to be manipulated by the government of artificial nations and act on the compromise established in their founding charters.

Build a large protest movement and manifest us to show our will to live, work, and decide the country in solidarity and brotherhood, using our tongues which, at least, must be recognized on par with the official language. The dignity of a people is based on its recognition of the cultural characteristics and can not give up exercise its right to self-determination, as the nation state, which imposes a guardianship can not guarantee these rights.
Ddaw wevrid -Nnig wevrid -Leqrar-is Davrid.



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