By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York,

January 19, 2016.

The link below to the Eyeopener episode, on BoilingFrogsPost, gives you an insightful background presentation, explaining the true reality behind the current crises in the Middle East, Near East and Africa. Prince Bandar Bush, the name given to this Saudi prince by George W. Bush, since he was so close to the Bush family, is himself best described as a Salafi Jihadist. It turns out that most of the opposition to the Syrian al-Assad government has been funded and armed by the Saudis, who themselves are proxies of Uncle Sam and NATO.

The Saudis have a working relationship with Turkey, and Israel, all three cooperating in having brought about Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, all at the behest of the Western power bloc. When the “Arab Spring” took place, it frightened Saudi royals, who saw that they could wind up being overthrown by a popular uprising too. Their promotion of extreme Wahhabism is a give away to their extremist elements in Saudi Arabia, and was also a stipulation that was given to them when the West first recognized their legitimacy as a government. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel have been state sponsors of extremist Sunni Islam to give a counter balance to the Shia communities in Iraq, Iran and elsewhere, and again at the bidding, so to say, of the West.

According to retired General Wesley Clark, the Pentagon had a plan to invade, or destabilize 7 Middle Eastern and African countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off with Iran. The problem is that what had been Al Qaeda in Iraq, which only came into existence after the Iraq invasion/occupation, morphed into Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and thanks to the covert support of it by the West, through these 3 above proxy countries, it naturally grew into a behemoth. It was a sort of salvation to have Russia, and China, along with Iran, since it countered the muscularity of the West’s over all hidden and covert agenda.

If anyone is to blame for Sunni extremists running amok, it is Uncle Sam and its NATO allies, who were playing the old game of the “strategy of tension,” to try to realign the region with pro-Western countries, who would then be amiable to keeping the supply of oil coming to the West. It didn’t quite play out as the West and its Gulf proxies wanted it to, since al-Assad has been able to survive concerted attempts to overthrow him, as was done to Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and to Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Salafism and Wahhabism is the ideology of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, which not surprisingly is the religion of Saudi Arabia, the near to biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East. Then you have the ultimate puppet master of it all in Uncle Sam, and NATO.

Not surprisingly, it was the West that built up the old Mujahideen in Afghanistan, which then morphed into Al Qaeda and the Taliban. We in the West created these entities which then became enemies of the West, which conveniently led to the excuse for perpetual war that we have right now, since 9/11. We should list the USA and NATO on our terrorist watch list since they have been the covert purveyors of a foreign policy that promoted and used Sunni jihadists. No one really fell asleep on 9/11, since from a lot of indicators, it was a deliberately planned inside job, with the Saudis who were on the planes not knowing that they were being set up for what became the a false War on Terror.


The so-called extremists on the planes had been partying with prostitutes, and using drugs, which goes against the tenets of their supposed faith. Knowing just these things seems to indicate that they weren’t really thinking that they were going to die in their hijacking efforts, but rather would maybe take hostages and negotiate for something.

There are indications that even some of those said to have been on the planes weren’t the actual people the government claimed them to be. It all smells like a covert operation using flunkies that were expendable, serving the purposes of the government to start a war. American intelligence, and the military brass even wrote in the PNAC white paper of September 2000 that there would need to be a “New Pear Harbor” if they were to justify their own continued existence. The only people who prospered from 9/11 were the police, military and private arms and intelligence corporations like Halliburton, and the Carlyle Group. The Bush family, and bin Ladens were financial partners, and CEOs of these companies, so they had a financial interest in seeing us having a perpetual war.

When the old Soviet Union fell, they were redundant, and just about ready to be out of a job unless a new enemy could be found. This ready made enemy in Daesh/ISIS/ISIL only continues that tradition that Al Qaeda supposedly started, and Al Qaeda was created by the US and Saudis, it having been the name that the CIA had given them. The only multimedia company that has covered this in any depth is RT[Russia Today], which isn’t surprising seeing how Russia was a victim recently of US/NATO covert mechanization, through the deliberate coup d’etat pulled off in Kiev, in the Ukraine. As James Corbett, and Sibel Edmonds have masterfully covered, there is a new GLADIO B agenda being instituted in order to reform Europe, the Near East, Eurasia, the Middle East, and Africa. GLADIO is a known operation of NATO which used right wing and left wing groups to stir up chaos when it was needed, breaking international laws in the process, and killing scores of innocent people.
As could be expected no one was ever brought up on charges, and those responsible still either sit in power, or have handed the state sponsored terrorism torch over to a new crew.

The bollocks that these NATO/USA terrorists are behind never, or hardly ever gets mentioned on cable TV news channels, except on RT, PressTV and the ALT news media community. It was depressing watching the Democratic debate the other night, with none of the participants, including Bernie Sanders, ever mentioning the real history of the mess that now exists in the Middle East. The only thing that got a mention was the Iraqi government’s abuse and killing of its Shia community. The row right now between Saudi Arabia and Iran wouldn’t have likely erupted if there wasn’t all this chaos going on in Iraq and Syria, which sickeningly, again, is the responsibility of Western covert actions, and behind the scenes tinkering.


Though Russia’s Putin is a lot like a fascist, along with the totalitarianism of China, they are nonetheless needed as a counter balance to the illegal meddling being done by the West, which needs to stop interfering in the affairs of smaller sovereign nations. Sean Stone leans towards the theory that the United Kingdom is behind a lot of the illegal meddling that has been going on, but I believe from my analysis that it is more the fault of America’s shadowy deep state, with the UK being only a part of an Anglo-European secret covert agenda.

The real truth is that America’s deep state, which has been behind the militarization of police, and the taking away of Constitutional rights, is the real terrorist, like the Roman Empire of old, and it is headed for a fall, being so over extended, and having propagated so much lunacy in the Middle Eat, Near East, Africa, and now Europe and America itself.

The terrorist attacks in Paris, that happened twice last year, were either deliberate false flag attacks, or the by product of the US/NATO new GLADIO B, just as much as is the displacement of 60 million people, which in itself is very unfortunately advancing the agendas of Europe’s right wing parties. The subversion of of the various Middle Eastern, African and Near East countries is the responsibility of these GLADIO B operators, along with their Arab Gulf partners, and the ever increasingly Zionist Israel. Israel committed horrific war crimes during the recent 51 day war, yet it also collaborates with Turkey and Saudi Arabia in destabilizing the whole region. The MOSSAD, along with Saudi intelligence, vis-a-vis America’s deep state were the ones behind 9/11, so they should be brought before the world court for war crimes, and in America’s case, traitorous crimes. Unfortunately the International Criminal Court is in the Hague, in the Netherlands, and is but an instrument of convenience for the European Union, and NATO.

It is toothless until it can truly be independent, and not under the thumb of the Western oligarchs. The US Supreme Court is but an instrument of America’s plutocracy, with our presidents picking and choosing partisan and biased judges, making the interpretation of the US constitution by them a sickening joke. Even our presidential campaigns are mere theater, and not a truly democratic process where all the people get to pick the candidates, and voting them into office.

The Electoral College[huh???] is the ultimate arbiter of who gets picked for the Oval Office, with the people only really voting for someone who then has the final vote. If the rich, banks, corporations, foreign countries, and the military/industrial/intelligence complex get to funnel unlimited funds to the various candidates through Super PACs[political action committees], then only they really wind up deciding who ascends to the Oval Office, besides to Congress and the Senate, and it is these elitist interests who buy there way into the corridors of power, with our representation being practically non-existent. The even more disturbing revelation I learned about was how foreign countries actually participate in the process, by funneling loads of money into campaigns, like Turkey’s donations to former House Speaker, Dennis Hastert.

The Israeli Lobby is another disturbing element that overly influences the behavior, and opinions of US politicians. One could get into Indira Singh’s revelations about Ptech, which revealed that our Federal agencies are being manipulated from the inside by jihadists, and no doubt neocons, through software that rivals the Inslaw’s stolen and refined PROMIS software back in the 1980s. Once you connect the dots in this vast jigsaw puzzle, standing back far enough to see the big picture, you realize how Danny Casolaro’s “Octopus” can exist, and can commit murders that get turned into suicides, like all the banker deaths in the last two years.

You realize how it is possible for nobodies like Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush to get into the Oval Office, even when they are former cocaine addicts, and in Clinton’s case, a serial womanizer, and murderer. They both had ties to the Deep State that Prof. Peter Dale Scott fantastically outlines in his books, besides the books of Antony C. Sutton. Even Barack Obama is no different in that he was ushered into the Oval Office by way of massive funding from the oligarchs, and the Deep State. The subversion going on in the world is stage managed by powers that far out weigh the power that Obama can wield, and he winds up being merely their latest puppet. Bernie Sanders is the only choice one can hope for in the interim, that is until a new ‘Occupy Movement‘ can be formed, bringing together the disenfranchised from both Right and Left, and Center. Remembering the Hegelian Dialectic, all biases need to be set aside between all the classes, factions and devalued political parties, so that we can organize on a titanic level, where tens of millions get out in the street, bringing this country to a scratching halt, with our demanding certain conditions to be met if we are to eventually stand down. A sure bet is the desire to pull back our troops from the various foreign countries they’re in, and letting the chips fall where they may without our being in another Vietnam quagmire.

A complete retooling of our government would be next in line, along with the same done as per our economy, besides instituting a new Civil Rights and Human Rights Bill that has teeth, and the legalization of almost all drugs, which can be regulated and taxed, except for those who are poor, or homeless. We need a War on Poverty, and Homelessness, where everybody, even those who can’t work have a “better than” living wage, and have a house, a car if needed, and FREE health care. War crime tribunals need to be formed, with judges that are vetted by citizen committees, indicting any that were behind 9/11, with evidence that already has been established by the tireless work of activists like the late Michael Ruppert, and the late reporter Gary Webb.

By combing the facts dug up by all the whistleblowers out there, and by having unfettered access to top secret and above information, a chosen citizen’s committee, made up of a group representing America’s demographic, can stand in judgment of the neocon war mongers, oligarchs, money launderers, drug king pins, and all their goons down the line. Only by a complete house cleaning can we ever hope to take back our country from the real terrorists in government, and the private sector, and help heal the damage that they brought about, right down to our sending aid to regions like the Middle East, and offering up some of the guilty to them, to be tried in these foreign countries where the oligarchs are reviled. They don’t call us the “Great Satan” for nothing, for all you need is to look at the one million people killed in Iraq, and the 60 million that have become refugees. Afghanistan is a mess because of our interference, with opium production, which was almost completely brought to a halt in 2000, being now at an all time high.

The Arab citizens need to be given the chance to choose their own future, without having military juntas taking over, and installing dictators like Saddam Hussein. I’m sure the Arab people would enjoy it if the Saudi royal family was instead publicly beheaded rather than their brethren who only have tried to fight for better human rights. Iran is in the right, right now, and we should lift these new sanctions against them. They have a fatwa against developing a nuclear bomb, while Israel has hundreds of them, yet we never sanction them for their illegal stockpile, nor send inspectors to inspect their cache. Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people, and their robbing of the sovereignty of the Palestinians, must be brought before a real world court, where they answer for their war crimes.

We need a regime change in Turkey before it splinters into two or more countries, and we need to put in a secular government in Iraq, with the people deciding all the above. If once we’d taken care of everything here, we could offer money or arms to those needing them for protection against tyranny, and stay out of meddling directly, but instead listening to the will of the people. We need people power to start a real Arab Spring, with Sunni getting along with Shia, and not having any sectarian rows, or factional infighting. If anything, the US needs to first reform its own democracy before it can preside over any advancement of so-called democracy, since we used to until recently train death squads here in the States. Our definition of democracy must match up with our actual government, and the way it operates and behaves towards citizens.

We must gain back the respect of the world’s people, including the 60 million refugees out there who desperately need to find a homeland. We are the melting pot after all, and if we brought back jobs from foreign countries we could provide jobs for everyone. We need to make the rich pay for the joy ride that they’ve had at our expense, and jail those bankers, traders and other finance related workers guilty of insider trading, and tax evasion. We need to neuter think tanks, NGOs and foundations that have all too often interfered with foreign policy, besides groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones.

Once we get through focusing on our own personal failings, correcting them, and becoming masters of our own, we can give back to, and give reparations to those we’ve grievously harmed, and caused the genocide of, besides the messing with their sovereignty. War crime tribunals are a must, with the hundreds that are really responsible for our current situation getting perk walked before the cameras. Once we put Wall Street in its place, severing the ties to the Federal Reserve, which itself needs to be gotten rid of, we can restructure the economy to a fair system, where the rich pay for health care, and education, and are taxed for everything else. The Internal Revenue Service need only focus on the rich since we’d pay only a little tax, and we can use forensic accounting in finding and freezing all the assets of the rich, corporations and banks. In our brave new world democracy would reign supreme, and peace would be possible, and sovereignty respected.


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