The Cries of Children of Palestine and Humanity

By Sajjad Khan Bangash,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

Allah created me a human while blessed me the properties of being very sensitive, caring and loving person and I earnestly wish that Allah make this world a beautiful place where people of the world live peacefully, lovingly, and affectionately and where there’s no racism, discrimination, torture and killing of innocent people, but my dreams and wistful wishes are tortured and murdered when I see that humans of today’s times are turning out to be the beasts and for the acquisition and possession of material being, some of the powerful humans surpass the border of ‘humanity‘ and commite such heinous crimes which torture and frighten your soul.

We often unwillingly undergo such horrific incidents, moments of pain and act of cruelty and barbarism of humans which shatter and crucify our souls so viciously which fail our courtesy and forbearance under great provocation and throw us at the abyss of unwanted insanity and despair.

I’ve been through such horrific shock and awe which injure my soul so savagely that I feel unconscious, breathless and I couldn’t even feel as if my body has soul in it.


In that very moment, my anger is very blistering and there is a blood in my eyes of agitation, retaliation and couldn’t even see anything around and the flood of tears start to fall from my eyes when I see the innocent little children being harassed, tortured, arrested and killed laying on the ground while a layer of their blood spelling from their bodies as they’re being mercilessly murdered by the inhuman, barbaric and cruel Israeli forces. My heart and souls bleed and I couldn’t held to feel like ‘I don’t belong to this senseless world anymore’.

My emotions, feelings and senses are darker and felt helpless at humanity as the world has turned into a place where the word ‘humanity’ seems so ridiculous and disgusting in the dictionary of decent language.


These so called champions of democracy –  USA, UK, Saudia Arabia and several other powerful monks who propagate and beat the drums of ‘assisting humanity in bringing peace and emancipation from oppression and liberate the innocent civilians’ but in true sense of sensible language, they’re the worst characters behind this much sufferings and torture the humanity has been through in recent times around the world.


In the words of my friend Tori Jacobs from San Francisco, USAWe are so desensitized to war that we ignore that we are giving 12 billion dollars of our tax dollars a year to the Israeli military and that money goes directly to fund the genocide against the Palestinian people.”

These powerful actors are equally responsible and terrorists as they allow Israel to commit such inhumane, barbaric and cruel acts by aiding and supporting Israel by all means i.e, financially, logistically and geographically to kill innocent civilians of Palestine and then this terrorist Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu shows his aggression and anger by shutting off the members of United Nations and announced ‘one moment of silence over Iran nuclear program deal’ during annual General meeting of United Nations security council. This whole bunch of United Nations council looked nothing but ‘coward jackals‘ remains silence as if Israel is the most oppressed, innocent country of the world. This is a sheer shame on those shameless and disgusting symposium of humans representing their countries in UN platform. 

Has the world forgot that massacre of Israel’s forces which bombarded Gaza, killed innocent children, civilians, women and marginalized section of Palestine?

Don’t the people of the world see that these Zionists, the followers of Dajjal kill innocent young boys and girls of Palestine each passing day?


Similarly, my friend Joe Joseph, Glasgow, Scotland writes in his comments ” The U.K. priding itself as a champion of democracy is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard! We preach democracy to the world yet deny it to our own people! They are directly responsible for everything that’s happened in Palestine! Not to mention helping get Saudi Arabia elected head of UN human rights panel in another shady deal.”

All those who possess ‘affection, care, respect, emotions and sense to humanity’ won’t be able to see these pictures as these scenes break their hearts into pieces and injure their souls while those who have the affection, care, honor, respect for humanity, innocent people of Palestine will certainly feel the depth of pain and suffering while readily rising their voices against this ‘Devil, the terrorist of the world – Israel. ‘


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