By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

The US Army’s former, and still existent, School of the Americas, is the military strategy spear point done in tangent with other foreign policy efforts, meant to mold our behavior, and keep us under control, besides effecting geopolitical changes, many times through war, and fighting guerrilla warfare for the sake of causing deliberate tension. Death squads were used in Vietnam, Latin America and now Iraq, with soldiers and police from these countries getting their training at the above school.

You’d think that people in America would be up in arms over these activities, and war crimes, besides the admitted torture[euphemistically called enhanced interrogation] by the US government, approved of by the White House. There is what is called targeted killing, using drones to shoot missiles at, and blowing up quote unquote “terrorists.”


All of these revelations, along with the Edward Snowden surveillance and top secret files by WikiLeaks, have energized old movements, and created new ones like Anonymous.

Still not enough people have awakened to the realities of the world, that were hidden from us for years, our finding them if we did a lot of research. Death squads, the “disappearing” of political activists, and torture and detention of political prisoners were the crudest of strategies in what is termed “social engineering” which is tied to the old, and proven wrong pseudo-science of Eugenics. It was Abu Ghraib, and Guantanamo Bay in combination with the above revelations that has energized and created a rich alternative news media, besides a sizable group of the Internet’s “Intelligentsia” who work towards exposing these unspeakable things, with the intention to counter it and the control of the elite.


The “targeted individual” is someone targeted with this neuro-bio technology, which is meant to use them as part of a scientific experiment, along with it as being payback for some political activity or perceived insult. Danny Casolaro’s Octopus is involved with this, and the behind the scenes activities aimed at giving control to the elite, and the military/industrial/intelligence complex. Black Ops research involves the development of technologies that can control a target population or individual, by manipulating their emotions and behavior.

A combination of side effects of global engineering[like ChemTrails] and scalar physics technology like HAARP[High Frequency Active Auroral Program] are used to modulate human behavior through ELF[Extremely Low Frequency] waves, and subliminal human behavior technology. This is all quite old science fiction sort of stuff, but it is very, very real now, having been perfected for decades, especially thanks to advanced electronics and the platform of the Internet. Monopolies like Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big Agara are some of the powers behind these social engineering efforts, in which they contribute their own research and development, like Big Agara’s GMO[Genetically Modified Organism] research which could be used to effect people psychologically and physically. Death Squads are used to instill fear and promote control of the populations of various nations, and sometimes in a sectarian way like the Iraq government death squads who have killed Shia Muslims in an indiscriminate way. The whole Saudi Arabia[mostly Sunni] against Iran[mostly Shia] crisis is a sectarian psyop, likely caused by the West’s intelligence services, and various private security firms, and political groups.

The insidious research done into mind control, and the mass manipulation of the proletariat, as the Soviets called them, is enlightening as to finding out how far the elite have been willing to go in trying to control those they consider to be their slaves, or serfs. It in a way gives back the power to the masses, from their being self aware now of the attempts being made to control them. What is missing is the war crime tribunals, that should be made up of average citizens, including the poor and homeless. These would bring the guilty of the elite to account for their criminal activities, hopefully placing them in prison for life. Death squads are hard to fight since any attempt at fighting them can lead to death, but from a legislative way you can fight it in the political system, or in the courts. Many times they’re meant to cause mass fear, and to do a limited amount of genocide. On the other end you have what are known as “limited hangouts,” which are truths that are admitted to, to see how the public will react or act.


Even the Republican Primaries are used to both manipulate and observe the behavior of the American masses. Policies that were unthinkable decades ago have been admitted, but not gone after by authorities, or the public, which speaks to apathy and lower end values that verge on the psychotic. Sources like “The Corbett Report” are websites where one can learn all about these topics, and add to your arsenal to win the infowar being waged against us in the corporate mainstream media. The cognitive dissonance and attention deficit disorder which affects a lot of people adds to the inaction or inability to fight the Powers That Shouldn’t Be.

What used to be called the “Dumbing Down of America,” was covered in the press decades ago, and is all the more a reason why so many aren’t aware of the nefarious activities of the elite, or unable to fight the above activities. The early political activists who eventually formed the country of Israel, did terrorist acts in the name of winning their goals, and they also worked with Nazis to gain political favor during WWII.

America committed genocide against Native Americans, and still had slavery in the 1860s, and committed war crimes during most of the major wars.


This points to the hypocrisy of the War on Terror, and potency of doublespeak and other psychological operations that are used to stear the conversation away from aspects that make the key players look like self justifying scam artists, which is what they really are. The navigators of Uncle Sam’s ship of state collude to the most extreme degree imaginable since there is a ton of money to be made off the backs of tax payers, and industry gets military help to secure foreign markets, justifying outrageous war crimes in this endeavor to meet the bottom line. It would be correct to say when having a Federal Reserve like we do, that it is the private banks that really decide foreign policy, besides the other corporations, monopolies, and super rich billionaires, who also directly effect politics and policy through their substantial campaign contributions.

Private NGOs[Non-Governmental Organizations] funnel money into education, research and public policy initiatives, besides things like the Public Broadcasting Service which molds public opinion through their select programming, and the perspectives that get passed on in them. These NGOs get the majority of their money from oligarchs turned so-called philanthropists, who in turn effect the content of any message that gets passed on to the public, students and researchers who are the recipients. In an environment like this, psychological operations are rampant, and are selective to certain demographics, aiming to pacify more than truly educate, manipulating us towards false premises like global warming.


Using the latter for example, there is no real consensus amongst scientists as to the reality of global warming, when in fact there are indicators pointing to it being a load of hog wash. Other issues get lost in the daily taking out of the information thrown at us, as is pointed out in the most recent episode of “Days of Revolt” with Chris Hedges. In it Hedges interviews two African-American political activists from Ferguson, Missouri, the title of the episode being “The New Black Militants,” and these two activists beautifully outline the discrepancies, double standards and wrongful methods aimed at them by the militarized police forces arrayed against them by the state and Fed. Instead of protecting and serving the black community of Ferguson, the Ferguson police force harasses, and victimizes the black community at every turn, especially aiming its selective enforcement against young black activists.


Establishment Black public figures, who sold out to the status quo long ago, came and tried to make book off the troubles there, even though the majority of young black activists were extremely skeptical of their intent, and knew to be very wary of them. Groups like “Black Lives Matter” speak more to the on the ground criminal misuse of the law against African-Americans, and the great disparity between the way laws are used against blacks as a political tool, whereas whites don’t get treated the same, and are in fact not as subjugated because of their skin color. The episode of “The Empire Files” with Abby Martin entitled “Tortured & Enslaved: Enter the World’s Biggest Prison,” goes into exacting detail of how the “system” is used to keep down the poor black population in America, with stereotyping, and racial profiling being the daily reality of African-Americans. 2.2 million people are in American jails, with 7 million in prisons and on parole and probation, meaning 1 out of 100 Americans are caught up in the “system.”

The US has only 5% of the world’s population, but has a whopping 25% of the world’s prison population. Despite making up only 12.2% of the population, African-Americans make up a huge 39% of the prison population, pointing directly to there being an institutionalized racism, and air of white supremacy. Latin Americans make up 16.4% of the population, yet make up 23% of the prison population, which is another part of this institutionalized racism, where if your skin is brown, you get treated more harshly than the white criminals, even to the point of black and hispanic people being framed by police.

Our police rely more on enforcement of laws that victimize poor people, especially minority peoples, involving ridiculous fines, that if you can’t pay them, warrants for arrest are issued on them. Instead of going after the traditional 7 mala in se laws, like murder, rape and assault, police are going after the most minor of infractions, even setting up people, by planting illegal drugs on them, or planting guns on them. Police are increasingly being militarized, getting armored vehicles, and assault weapons, like sniper rifles, and military style uniforms, as if they were getting ready for a martial law scenario. Police get increased Federal funding if they focus almost exclusively on drug busts, and narcotics violations, rather than enforcing real criminal law, like the traditional 7 crimes, like murder, rape, etc.

More than half of those in prison are there on non-violent drug offenses, their only being involved with violence once in prison, since you have to align yourself with a gang to survive, and are forced to do the bidding of the gang. Our topsy turvy prison and criminal justice systems create their own problems through overcrowding, providing less than nutritional meals, and limiting critical medical care to those prisoners that need it. Prison guards have been involved with both criminal and sexual assaults on prisoners, more than even that from the prisoner upon prisoner crimes.

Guards also have been involved with trafficking drugs and alcohol in prisons, and thereby wind up looking even worse than the real criminals their supposed to be guarding. This all winds up demonstrating that the real social struggle in America goes beyond just white supremacy, and the enforcement of unlawful legislation, like drug laws, but is rather a capitalist driven war on the poor, minorities and even the middle class, though the majority who get the worst of it are minorities. Even though people try to organize for a meager bottom end salary level of 15 dollars an hour, they are met with vicious resistance from the capitalist system. Unions have been hounded to being nearly out of existence, and those who have survived are neutered by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be, making them near to powerless in fighting for the workers they try to represent. This indebtedness that the corporate elite have forced more than half the population into, is causing a rupturing of society at large, with people having to resort to things like the drug trade, and trade of other goods, like cigarettes, just so that they can survive financially. If unless the “out sourced” jobs are brought back to the United States, our financial system will eventually implode upon itself. God only knows what the end game of these police state, and capitalist terrorism elites are looking at, but one can be guaranteed that our own personal welfare is not going to be any where except at the bottom of the list of priorities. Terrorism is being used as political tool to paint anybody who tries to organize, or raise awareness as a radical, instead of as a political activist.


The truth is that the struggles here, like Ferguson, and Baltimore, are connected to the struggles in Mexico, and the Gaza Strip, and are basically the equivalent of a battle between a David and Goliath. Goliath has all the muscle, and can muster military support, aimed against mostly unarmed protesters, and those that they represent, and here in America extra-judicial killings are used to terrorize the under class. In Palestine the Israeli government commits war crimes, brutalizing the Palestinian people, killing mostly non-combatants. The same is true in Mexico, where the drug cartels reign supreme, even at times out gunning the Mexican government, and innocent student political activists get massacred with impunity. We must rise up in solidarity with each other, identifying the real terrorists, who are the elites, and bought and sold politicians, who play geopolitical games, besides victimizing the domestic population here in the states, and who are responsible for the fostering of extremist Islamic groups, which has caused there to be 60 million refugees. It is up to us to form connections with the honest cops, prosecutors, judges and honest politicians, who want to turn around this bottom down oppression, and who really want to go after the real bad guys, instead of the poor, minorities and homeless.


One way to fight back is to ignore the corporate mainstream news, only using them as a base line, and most of the time going to the ALT news media, and looking for our entertainment from independent media, and not the Big 3 networks, and CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. Even if you have a simple smart phone, you can access those ALT independent news sources through it, and connect with political activists all over the world. If once you’ve grounded yourself with all the research out there, you’ll have the perspective needed to see how the world really works. “The Corbett Report” has a huge archive that covers nearly all the information needed to ground one’s self in the understanding of the multitude of issues facing us, and if I can go through the whole thing on my own, nearly anyone with a smart phone can do it.

The Establishment’s infowar on us, the 99%, is brought to a screeching halt once someone is reeducated, and to put it in a word, reindoctrinated, so to say. To indoctrinate someone is only a negative when it is done with an ulterior motive, but if only truth is provided, it helps free the individual. From all my analysis of all the multimedia that I’ve spent days and months looking at, the outcome is the need for a revolution, which for awhile might look a civil war.

These are the shared sentiments of both the Left, Right, Middle and all other ALT political parties, and the only way to have a constructive, and peaceful revolution is to force Uncle Sam to pull back from all its world wide conflicts, and forcing Uncle Sam to focus on its own domestic issues. Only once we clean house here in the United States can we can start to rebuild bridges with those that certain elements in our government have brutalized, bombed and made homeless and stateless.

First we must build solid solidarity networks with the various resistance forces, organizing locally at the same time. To beat the surveillance of Big Brother, old short wave radio sets can be used for communication, besides throw away off the shelf cell phones, and vetting members of our groups to weed out any potential agent provocateurs, government informers and law enforcement officers. More needs to be thought out, and discussed, but it is possible for a nation wide grassroots network, who’s imperative is the uniting of all political groups struggling for both economic stability, and the bringing back of the Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution. Using the technology that we have can be implemented in ways to unite the divided, and to sort out any problems of ideology, etc.. We can make it so that we are no longer controlled, and subjugated, but rather educated, and organized together. Not letting ourselves be controlled, down to our perspectives is key to defeating the capitalist, neo-liberal, neocon elites.


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  1. agree. We seem to know the problems, some if us. It’s what is the solution and how can we institute the change thatvis need. People are angry. Often these emotions are inspired by the media, their lies and deceptions. They need to be accountable for their “reporting”. It is shameful and I hold them responsible for our problems. They should be jailed if it is proven that they omitted the truth or reported lies. They should be jailed. Just like it is illegal to yell fire in a theatre they should be punished for spreading lies, hate and trying to influence the people’s emotiobs!


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