By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

My name for this piece, being a combination on my latest and most favorite Net based TV political shows, “The Empire Files[with Abby Martin],” and “Days of Revolt[with Chris Hedges],” seeks to reflect back in some small way, to the American people, the truly awful state things are in in our broken down, corrupt and bankrupt political system.

Truly, when the only candidates that stand out from the supposed herd, are a fat cat bigot, and the wife of a failed, murdering good ol’ boy, you know you’ve reached the bottom of very stomach turning barrel. Hillary Clinton, though far more desirable than an avowed bigot like Donald Trump, still is only the lesser of two evils, evils that are very, very similar in certain ways. Clinton bought her way into the Senate from New York, hardly able to stand equally with dear old Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who completely overshadows her politically and morally.

Where Moynihan was really the best of the best, who fought for his constituents with great articulation and intelligence, Clinton was the proverbial “carpet bagger,” coming into her position from pulling in IOUs from equally disingenuous Democrats who themselves no doubt made Moynihan’s body turn in it’s grave.

Then you have Trump, or The Donald, the megalomaniac, who thinks he can buy his way into office, who spouts the politics of hate to a surprisingly receptive number of equally small minded, but evidently sizable number of truly ignorant Americans. Trump has made slurs towards Mexicans, made fun of the handicapped, and declared he’d bar all Muslims from emigrating to the States since a small number might be so-called terrorists.

Do you get that sickly feeling that we are at the end of a long gone era, and are scraping the bottom of the barrel?

These two, if they had children with one another would first insult each other, then stab one another in the back to gain power over the other.

Truly the worst of the worst, after Mr. Hope and Change demonstrated that being African-American and highly successful still doesn’t mean shit, even if there was hope for it at the beginning. What we have is info-entertainment instead of politics, and the commercials are likely the most entertaining of the whole dog and pony show. Nowadays you just have to get the better news and commentary wherever it shows itself, and teleSur certainly lives up to the old ideal that NPR once prided itself on, which was high brow, intelligent, and fairly liberal news and views, without too, too much spin. The subjects on both these shows mentioned above do fine just by themselves without needing any manufactured biases, or political spin doctoring to make them interesting, and must viewing for the masses.


The fact that in 2004, both presidential candidates actually and remarkably came from the same obscure Yale secret society, spoke to how the “fix was in” whether you still believed in electoral politics or not. That is why when the youthful Barack Obama came along in 2008, many people couldn’t help but draw comparisons to JFK and the youthful, hopeful politics that was in the air those 50 years ago.

I was one of those fooled by the palatable fervor, excitement and frenzy surrounding Obama, here finally we had someone African-American, liberal and who promised hope and change for us all, besides the long suffering black community. None of us thought to look any deeper at the time to see who was the actual backer, or king maker behind Obama, for if we had, we would have found the seedy hands of Chicago machine politics behind it all. Still, now being so precariously close to a possible Trump[God Help Us!!!] win next Fall, the old Obama looks far more appealing than he has been in a long time, and if only one could let him run one more time, I’d even vote this time for him hands down, to shut out both the country bumpkin Clinton, and the shady bigot fascist Trump[who loves having security throwing out his detractors!].

Thanks to our equally bankrupt legal system, whose highest court, the Supreme Court, it is now LEGAL TO BUY candidates without it being seen as unfair and undemocratic….go figure! The oligarch, fat cat, globe trotting globalists are so busy trying to put their new carbon foot print tax on us all, that soon we who have extremely little left to begin with, will be near to declaring bankruptcy all in the name of fake global warming, which is as ridiculous as this latest excuse for what is really an old Soviet style election, where the winner is picked not by ballot, but by bundles of cash.

Neither the Dems nor the GOP have much in the way of differences any more outside of mere window dressing which is only for show, or as George Carlin put, he left symbols for the symbol minded[read simple!]. Could we finally be nearer to a revolution, or would our Arab Spring be also CIA stage managed and directed to, without there being any real grassroots behind it all? We are closer to WWIII, or the Wrestlemania version of it, where the big bad Sunni Islamist is like an old Commie, under every bed waiting to spring upon or pounce on us while asleep. Malarkey of course, but then the Big Lie has always been the easiest one to sell a gullible public who are too tired to do their thinking for themselves.

Only until the dung hits the proverbial fan do the rats run scurring away to their tax payer paid for bunkers, to hold up till the rest of us are through killing each other over the economic collapse, world war or you name it….fill in the disaster blank. Perhaps we shouldn’t wait for the inevitable disaster to happen before turning on our enemy, our axis of evil, who really were behind 9/11, and who are the actual drug kingpins, war mongers, fascists, pornographers, unbelievers and every other evil under the sun. Perhaps it is time we marched en masse on our state capitols, and Washington, demanding real change, which would leave out the super rich, except for their paying for all the taxes, and us not paying any of it any more.

The oligarchs have bleed us dry, with our having nothing to show for it, except an even bigger national debt, an over extended army, navy and airforce, which itself is in great peril. The only goons making profits are the arms industry, and revolving door politician/CEO/general-admirals, and the perennial lobbyists who curry favor, AT A PRICE of course.

Nobody really, or truly voted these goofs into power, even if many didn’t vote in years, it still doesn’t count as assent to the grimy little bureaucratic hands behind the throne.  All that apathy really is saying is that you are tired of playing their ever so rigged game, and would like to either jump ship to Mexico like Jesse Ventura, or would very much like our own brand of regime change, where the old SOBs are taken out back and summarily shot. Could we bounce back from an extreme house cleaning like that? Well maybe, and possibly, but remember that Thomas Jefferson and our forefathers were first and foremost revolutionaries too, prior to our declared Republic coming into being.

That is not to say that there isn’t hope, or hope for substantive change, rather the opposite, since for the first time in decades, both far Left and far Right agree upon the basics, and are more than willing to set aside differences of opinion, especially when both realize that most Left/Right paradigms are manufactured to keep us divided on purpose, so that the rich win out in the end, caring very little themselves about right or wrong. Only the uninitiated don’t know or haven’t heard about the Hegelian Dialectic, but are now hearing about it if they so choose to turn on their Internet radio talk shows, Left and Right, and once enlightened, they soon realize how so completely they’ve been played for fools, even having a dumbed down educational system.

My friend and brother, Sajjad Amin Bangash, in Pakistan comes better equipped to any political discussion or debate than any of my friends here in the states, which is why we are headed towards a second or third world status. Its one of the biggest reasons going as to why we have such an outlandish foreign policy, even though we pour money at it instead of looking towards improving it in other ways, like demilitarizing, and talking only peace rather than constantly war mongering.

Our coming to be awake finally is one of the best developments to come out of the so-called Mayan prophecy of old 2012, which merely was a harbinger of our waking up to how the world really works. After looking in that mirror at our own reflection, many of us didn’t like what we saw, so we are now heading down a path, that though it will be rough, and might even include martial law, I personally feel that the good guys will win out in the end, and this is across the board with Christians, Muslims and some Jews. Whether Armageddon, Apocalypse or Velvet Revolution, solid changes to purge our system of its innate corruptions is coming, whether the super rich, and their political goofs in power realize it or not.

It might take another 5 to 15 years to come about, but it will most certainly come nonetheless no matter how hard the super rich struggle to keep the rest of us down. Even if they manage to kill off half of us, rest assured they’d ultimately wind up dead from whomever was left over to give them the coup de grace. I’ve even unbelievably been told by a good many here that I will become famous from it all in some way, shape or form, but honestly I would lay down my life tomorrow if I thought it would bring lasting and meaningful peace and justice. My axe to grind is in seeing poverty and homelessness eradicated, seeing everybody being able to own their own home, or condo in the city, having dependable transportation, freedom of speech and expression, and being treated fairly under the law.

These are my dreams for a future that would mean that everybody felt equal, were treated equal, lived really well, and didn’t have to sell their soul to merely make ends meet. For America it means pulling back its imperial/neocolonialist over reach, and focusing exclusively on bettering itself, and not being the big bad bully any more.

How many fewer terrorists would have wanted to blow us up if only we hadn’t killed 1 million innocent Iraqis, and about the same number, if not more, elsewhere in the world?

Its time, it is high time for us Americans to admit our wrongs, and mend the fences we broke, and rebuild the bridges we burnt. Even if you are merely spiritual, say a prayer, maybe a Native American prayer, that Mother Earth, and it inhabitants can forgive us, and would be willing to start anew with us, of course only after we proved our commitment to world peace. We should all remain nationalistic, without ever giving into a New World Order, BUT we could have certain instruments with actual teeth finally, like a world court, and things like this. As John Lennon said, “Imagine.” Once “imagined” it can be created, codified and brought into existence that wouldn’t ever go away, as democracy has.

Through education, nullification and reintegration, we can bring about this new world, whether spearheaded by Germany, Pakistan, India or even a hoped for Chinese democratic nation. Just do some solid foot work, research and then do some more of the same, again and again. We needn’t be rocket scientists, nor brain surgeons to realize a world of peace, stability and fairness. All that is needed is the public will, to will it into existence. Again, it is up to you, so please do think about it, and once convinced, talk with others, seeing if they too would love to see the same.


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