The Shadow of Sun and the language it speaks.

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Beauty of the world is gifted treasure that we’re accustomed to have luxury of whenever it reveals its galore. The yellow spread of colors over the bed of water springs soul in life as the Sun pierces the curtain of dark in silence while, the dark reluctantly agrees to let it free for its own presence.

This spiral panoramic spectrum is spontaneous and plays its battle every counting moment of the morning fall. This battle of dark and light is very silent but very subtle, soft and tender as we the humans unknowingly hear the romance of this scene as it’s very short-lived and evaporates within a loop of short span.

It speaks its own language in silence and anchors its subliminal message to the humans unknowingly.  It desperately knocks at the doorstep of our hearts and sense, we never allow our willingness to listen below the threshold of sensation or consciousness and self-defined perception.

The language of nature is very pure, soft, tender and it has its own expression within its delicacy. The love affair of nature is innocent, endless and luxurious, we can’t feel its depth and its sequence is infinite.
We think that, we can best admire the beauty within our eloquence but that’s untrue. We can’t even touch the softness of nature’s pure love since, we seek the materialistic charm in it.

Can we really enjoy and distribute the depth of love the way nature enjoys its romance?

Trust me, we don’t.

Because, we have diluted, corrupted and fabricated the dictionary of our life language with hatred, racism, discrimination, greed and discord and we are reluctant to deprecate these words because we’ve created scales of measurements for every ornaments and luxury, nature has offered its beauty, treasure, charm and elegance to us.

Look deeply into this beautiful invitation of love of nature this image has encapsulated within itself and walk down to the palace of your heart, you’ll find a difference of our love and the love of nature.

Courtesy: Courtney E. Kane, Massachusetts, USA for gifting me this spectacular moment of Sun rise.


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