The Curtain of Clouds and Prayer of Rain Drops.

By Sajjad Khan Bangash

Nature presents gifts to us in variety of flavors, colors, ornamental beauty, disposition, charm and purpose of its very existence. These gifts resonate their own eloquence and expression and they rejuvenate their galore with unique romance, we humans can’t ever imagine to perceive.

We the humans are so oblivious and unobservent to this galore of nature that we’re less driven to the natural attention it often attracts and calls us for, but since we’re too entrenched in life’s endless heed and lust of greed that whatever, this peaceful and charming gifts offer, seem less attractive and don’t strike any charm to our hearts. Yes, we are unlucky for not cherishing our souls with this romance of nature.

There’s a character in every gifts of nature, it speaks its own language in silence, only sooth can understand. The depth of oceans, the waves of blue-water, the splendor of colorful mountains, the fragrance of flowers in blossoms, curtains of clouds, prayers of rain, the epic scene of Sun rising and setting,  chirping sweetheart birds and the soul soothing sounds of natural beauty, speak darling language of romance, we understand less.

When I look at this image, it sweetly lures me with an adorable gift of walking curtains of clouds and the Sunlight piercing these sheets and curtains romantically, soothes my heart with endless joy and serene while I forget to think of restless world and the loneliness becomes my best friend. It whispers in silence to me and I meekly attempt to measure the charm of its beauty and romantic captivity.

The first prayer of raindrops reverberates an enthralling sounds to our ears and captivates the heart, I willingly love to entertain my soul with. The first kiss of tiny and tender drops of rain over my face, enlivens an endless lust of it, I always love to kiss. This rare moment the life gifts us is very darling and exhibits the elegance with refined grace and dignified attitude. I love to run after and capture every moment the nature has to offer. It soothes my soul and resonate affection, charm and romance in my life, I love to adore.

Courtesy: Thank you my wonderful friend Courtney E. Kane from Massachusetts, USA for capturing such adorable moments of nature in USA and I then express my imagination in Pakistan and share it with my friends all over the world.


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