By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

Watching Donald Trump, or the Donald[as that megalomaniac calls himself], speaking about banning all Muslim people from entering the States, burned my back side a lot. I mean, who does he think he is, God above or something?

On Deutsche Welle, I think it was, that a Muslim family in Britain were denied at the last minute their trip to Disneyland, for no other reason than that they were Muslim. This Islamophobia is denied by governments all over, yet right wing thugs continue to attack and fire bomb poor Muslim immigrants, so is it any wonder why they might hate us.

And that is just it, they don’t hate us despite our blatant hate of them, for they believe in peaceful coexistence. I have smelled a set up from the very beginning, since 9/11, and I usually go with my first instinct, so I think the real rats that day 15 years ago, were those in charge of the mysterious Pentagon war games, which all too conveniently were about planes being used for an attack.

It was because of the war games, and Dick Cheney, that military planes weren’t scrambled in enough time to take down the radar blips headed for New York City. It was all too convenient too that members of the bin Laden family were meeting with folks from the our private defense contracting businesses, on the very day of the attacks, and were ushered out of the country immediately afterwards, without so much as being questioned.

You add the information that Indira Singh provided on Ptech, and you get a disturbing Saudi connection that can’t be ignored, even though that is exactly what happened. The Saudi’s now, according to the intelligence analysis of Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell, “are on the menu” as far as the Powers That Shouldn’t Be are concerned, someone getting ready to sacrifice the Saudi pawn on the “Grand Chess Board.’

Recep Erdogan according to the Corbett Report is likely being ‘set up‘ for a fall too, since the CIA seems to have been planting news stories that speak to this. Whether it is a plan to also set up the confrontation between Russia, China and America, is also a distinct likelihood. In France the police have been showing blatant disregard towards Muslims, and their right wing almost made it into the Prime Minister’s office. In Germany right wing thugs have also been relentlessly attacking refugee centers, only being put down by the police. I think the Paris attacks were deliberately done to fire up racist, and prejudiced rhetoric and hate, since the Muslims are being set up as the new persecuted minority, much like the Jews during WWII.

Mob rule could spark the match that could see Muslims being treated as terrorists in a general kind of way, despite the fact that any simpleton can see the fake writing on the wall. Part of the goal of military psychological operations is to whip up a false reality towards Muslims, blaming them for all the ills and violence in the world. This is how a war to gain back control of Afghani opium was sold to us as part of the War on Terror, and how weird it was that the mass media so quickly pointed fingers at Arabian terrorists on 9/11, an all too orchestrated campaign of blame.

There was a simplistic wave of Islamophobia following 9/11, but it thankfully died out after a few years, except when attacks took place that were blamed on Al Qaeda. That is why after any future attacks you need to ask hard questions since it likely is a set up to spread more ignorance and hate.

There is enough evidence to place the blame for narco-terrorism at the feet of the CIA, that we need to remember that the only state sponsored terrorism in this world comes from America and NATO. With hundreds of millions each year being laundered by banks for the Mexican drug cartels, it is not surprising that this nexus of illegal guns, drugs and terrorism has wound up pointing straight back at the CIA. 

Its what is known as “organized chaos,” where things seem to be all over the place, but simply put, it is still being controlled by the CIA/Wall Street/ military industrial complex. Russian and Turkish, and even Iranian news has attempted to speak to this reality, but people being so ignorant, don’t wind up making the connections, and they wind up being easily manipulated by the mainstream corporate media.

The so-called War on Drugs has always been a convenient distraction away from the reality of it really having been orchestrated by the self same, self righteous bigots who have promoted racial profiling, even though it has been proven to be a false dichotomy. The same rich white collar goons who have laundered tons of drug money, merely wind up being fined rather than criminally prosecuted by the criminal justice system, showing all too well the double standard in place.

The Iran-Contra investigations, and Clinton investigations demonstrated and proved there having been a drug connection between the CIA and Clinton crew in Arkansas, before Bill Clinton was cheery picked by the Establishment to become US president. 

He had actually been quite politically cosy with George H. W. Bush, even though they faked and pretended animosity during the presidential election of 1992. Bush, and the Clintons, are themselves controlled by the 1%, and military/industrial/intelligence complex, so they really are and have been mere front-men for a bunch who stay behind the curtain, much like the great “Oz.”

The accumulated evidence against the Clintons speaks volumes as to why Hillary shouldn’t be allowed to become president, nor that goof Trump, even though Trump isn’t himself in the same league. Trump is being set up as the hated guy, though probably he is responsible for his own hate rhetoric. If the white blue collar masses want real change they should wait to back Jesse Ventura, who is himself very intelligent and questions the whole War on Terror, agreeing with me that we should pull out from the Middle East, concentrating more on our national deficit, and jobless rate.

The less that America is seen as the world’s policeman, the less people will hate us, since we would no longer indiscriminately bomb terrorist targets, or send out drones to kill so-called terrorists. We need to concentrate our full attention on the economy and the growing problem of police racism. All you need do is listen and watch the Corbett Report, especially its archive section, in order to understand the last 15 years, and why things have wound up being the way that they are.

GLADIO B is what can help us understand the so-called War on Terrorism, and the even more ridiculous War on Drugs. You see the hypocrisy of the War on Drugs when you understand that it has been our own government that has been behind it all. We shouldn’t be waging a war where our own government has been responsible for it, which makes a whole lot of prisoners innocent in the end. If we legalize and regulate all illegal drugs, the Mexican cartels would almost fold over night, with only a little bit of drug trafficking compared to the ton of it right now.

If we prosecuted the US intelligence folks who trained and financed Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, we would show the aspect that the American people have been missing when looking at it all. We should obviously also charge the ones at the ti-pity top, since they were the real puppet masters of terrorism all these years. We should also go after the Wall Street firms behind the 2008 financial bubble, since they so far have gotten away with murder. An investigation should also include a murder investigation, since a whole bunch suicides weren’t actually suicides.

Certain Federal prosecutors could be counted on, since they have been increasingly going after corrupt politicians, which is one of those things needed to have a complete accounting of the war crimes committed during these last 15 years, including the admitted torture of detainees. Even Obama is included in this register of guilty presidents, present and past. It is simple mathematics as concerns the real terrorists, since the money trail and testimonial evidence point directly back at Uncle Sam, and its so-called gulf allies like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which is why Turkey and Saudi Arabia are likely headed for a fall. If once the latter happens you’ll probably take more seriously the evidence pointed out by various ALT people about 9/11 and also the so-called War on Drugs.

Gary Webb, the one guy who publicly proved a connection between the CIA and drug running, isn’t surprisingly dead considering how bad he painted the CIA. If he’d only been more like Sibel Edmonds he might be alive still, maybe finally having completed his proposed 2nd book. Jim Keith might still be here if only his books had gotten more circulation, rather than the relative obscurity they got while he was alive. I can say from reading, and surfing the Net, that there is enough evidence to provide fertile ground for a new bunch of investigations. Instead of following the tweets of Trump Inc. you should investigate the ALT press, and the accumulated evidence, even if some is circumstantial, on the real terrorists.


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