By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

To co-opt someone is even more insidious than converting them, since it can happen even without, out and out conversion. Capitalism preys on the most primitive human instincts, such as becoming well off, and wanting to make even more money than what you really need. Marxism, though it has never really been tried out by a government yet, is still by itself not the best or most complete answer to the greedy wild west free market economy capitalism that has existed in the West.

Everybody has a little part to the answer of what would be a good replacement of capitalism, though any new system would have to be tried first before it could be decided upon whether it was the right answer. The newer and burgeoning economies of China, India, Russia and elsewhere would no doubt be better off sticking with their current economic model, so as not to upset the “apple cart” and kill the gold producing goose. America though desperately needs to make some radical changes given the ever increasing national debt, the increasing disparity between rich and poor, and just the moral and social justice grounds involved.

I come from an upper middle class background, only recently having encountered poverty and homelessness, but it has totally changed my opinion on a lot of things that were only once theoretical to me. I can now see the moral decay that comes from greed, and the desire placed in us at birth to be too materialistic, and in cases, spoiled, depending on how we are brought up. Having been an admirer of social justice since being a kid has inculcated in me the desire to eventually make a large salary, so that I can give back to a world that has truly been wonderful to me. Having been homeless now, and having helped a homeless friend with putting a roof over their heads, has radicalized me like no other experience, especially in how I view economics. Say for instance, it is awfully hard to ignore how politicians are literally bought off by corporations, conglomerates, banks, millionaires and billionaires, through both campaign donations and offering politicians free trips and vacations[like junkets!].

The US Supreme Court made the fatal error in 2010, in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, to allow “Super” PACs[political action committees] to funnel limitless amounts of campaign donations to political candidates, which undercuts the whole electoral process by letting the affluent put undo influence on candidates. In effect the corporations, banks and rich buy favor with a candidate, like the members of the old king’s courts of early Europe used to curry favor with the king and queen.

Even if there is no implicit agreement to do the donors favors, it is nonetheless simply a matter of common sense that money talks, and bullshit walks, as the old saying goes. Corporations also have a big standing in both the two major political parties, even helping in a big way in deciding who it is that gets to become a candidate. If true campaign finance reform could be passed into legislation then that would go a long way in redefining how politics plays out on the local, state and Federal levels. If, say, for instance, only average people could donate to political campaigns, then those elected would truly be beholden to the regular and average electorate, and not the greedy, power hungry, war mongering fat cats. Companies regularly have filled candidates’ coffers with the objective of influencing foreign policy, that would help big business in exploiting other nations’ natural resources, such as happened after the 2003 Iraq invasion.

After the US won, valuable oil contracts were awarded to certain big oil companies, without the best interests of the average Iraqi being in mind. It was in essence all about the oil, and not about finding weapons of mass destruction. It was about the opium in Afghanistan, and not about going after Al Qaeda, the Taliban and terrorist training camps. Its always about the money that private industry can make off the backs of an exploited and sovereign people, which is understood especially by those in the US military.

This goes the same for other nations, like the old British Empire, Belgium’s Congo, France’s Algeria, and the South African Afrikaners. To the victor goes the spoils as the old saying goes, yet somebody always pays a high price for this neo-colonialist scheme. Even the people of the victor’s nation pay a steep price in not having control of the governments otherwise nefarious activities, like the despoiling of the occupied nations’ environment. Getting back to corporations, and their out of hand behavior in politics, all of this above goes to show the fascist nexus involved when governments team up with private industry, corrupting global and national politics. Like Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy, it is an almost all encompassing corruption, where the leaders of private industry, Wall Street and defense contractors pass easily back and forth between government and  the private sector.

With this outrageous ‘conflict of interest‘ comes favoritism, cronyism and nepotism, a loss of control by the people and a hijacking[to use a terrorist word] of a so-called democracy. People should get out and protest, boycott and campaign against the banks, corporations and politicians, if we are to begin taking back our sacred and still brutal nation.

Canada acts as a older brother, and then younger brother, depending on the subject, like NATO, G20 talks or even Bilderberg Group meetings. Then there is the matter of the rich, banks and corporations not paying taxes, and not having unions where they should be, to advocate for workers’ rights. Sociopathic, psychotic is the Kakistocracy, being the worst of the worse, our government, and I venture others are too, prepared for a catastrophe with Continuity of Government presidential orders, basically emasculating the Bill of Rights and Constitution, which goes too far, being treason in fact. If I were a cop, soldier or spook, I’d be sympathetic to the progressive, alternative and conspiracy writers, who I found out have a lot that their right about. If there are any out there, you can come to me, and I could help leak any thing that wasn’t false or illegal, to help awaken the regular folk. It really falls to insiders like Sibel Edmonds to inform us of irregular, extra-legal and morally repugnant deeds of our less than sacred government. Corbett calls it ‘open source intelligence’ since its like detective work, or intelligence analysis, carrying you deeper into the story.

The corporations can’t buy off everyone, and I love the Black Panther who said some things were worth dying for, even and especially your freedoms, which are most precious. If anybody would ask me what we’d likely see, I’d say martial law and FEMA coming along soon are good bets. Not all need resist, since some have families, where there are older and much younger folk. Us single or childless folk could run interference on these jamokes, like Michael Collins, infiltrating and learning others about the real alternative truth. The rich need to give up their hidden illegal off shore slush funds, national security to be struck down and government being given back to the people. Politicians even now are sometimes multimillionaire, so their ill gotten gains needs to be extracted and given back to the citizens. Dennis Hastert’s pedophile proclivities seem to likely connect with the old Franklin Scandal case, opening up a huge can of worms, if only a court ordered such an investigation. See the rich live by different rules than us small fries, or so they think, yet we are pretty often the ‘intelligentsia’ who carry the wisdom of the nation’s culture. We know to ask questions, even if done in private, away from prying eyes. We rarely fall under the spell of dictators, and tyrants who spew hate, like this Islamophobia, and having to have an enemy to fight, so perhaps we should ally with Russia and China, Pakistan and India.

Foreign policy shouldn’t be dictated at the pointy end of a gun, or gun boat diplomacy. Unlike the Germans, most Americans are truly independent minded, and wouldn’t fall for a jerk like Donald Trump, despite a few thousand morons, I hate to say it, but even Alex Jones goes on and on about too much conspiracy, and not enough real world politics and warfare. With such an awesome foe, who knows psychological warfare, and other mind control techniques, we need to be on point, never letting our guard down. I think of if only Malcolm X could be here to see how little things have changed, except the uprising and revolution like the French.

Its time to get your “V for Vendetta” mask, and wear it out on a march, protesting for your civil rights back from the CIA, and NSA. The pure canards coming from the corporate owned and run news networks need to be tuned out, and replaced with more democratic journalism. The government has to go though, since the Constitution has been dismantled by the government, being high treason, aiding and abetting 9/11, and pilfering the till for too long. Screw’em and onward and forward, since their asymmetrical warfare won’t work on a savvy mountain man. Don’t let yourself get co-opted either, since that’s how they recruit now.


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