By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.
17 December, 2015.

I’m avid follower of Abby Martin, former RT show host of ‘Breaking the Set,’ and after listening to an interview she did on a radio show, I know more about her stance on 9/11 Truth, and it is a sensible one. We all can pretty much sum up the spun narrative of the truth about that day to being so much malarkey, and the commission report to be a fabricated version of whatever the real truth is. I agree with Abby that we just don’t know what was truly behind that day, although we may have the beginnings of it.

I personally think that a fair, and balanced view is more in this corner, where Abby herself on the radio show placed herself. I come at everything being mostly a militant hippie, but try to keep an open mind, and Abby has changed my mind quite a bit. On her new show on teleSur,’The Empire Files,’ Abby Martin presents facts and figures, leaving it up to you to act or be complacent.

Abby has a great show, with episodes that could be used in college courses, besides their having a deep effect on our consciousness and having a real effect on how we see our world. The likes of ‘The Corbett Report’ too can balance the view we have, since Corbett has a podcast on Noam Chomsky, calling him out for his not going far enough, whereas Abby has an interview with him, and its our job to find the truth out about where Chomsky really stands.

Many who haven’t woken up are like blank slates waiting to find the real truth out about why we are going through these troubling times. I tend to think that the PNAC[Project for the New American Century] is an indictment of complicity in 9/11, whether through letting it go ahead, or having been actively involved in it.

Now known as the Foreign Policy Initiative, it spouts fear porn in the name of enriching those who get money from not only the arms industry, but also Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Agra. We have political campaigns that give us politicians who don’t ever upset the cart carrying their financial supporters, giving us nothing but a whole lot of the same things over and over. Real change and hope can only come from our taking back the system from the elites, remaking it into a more grassroots government set on improving the lives of average people.

Now there are many groups out here that challenge the status quo, Occupy being a great one, besides ANONYMOUS who offer a place where one can literally take down the mechanization of empire, and being able to challenge the Powers That Shouldn’t Be. Jesse Ventura’s ‘Off the Grid’ is another soap box that offers alternative perspectives to what is gotten from the three major American news networks, which are only mouth pieces now, spouting propaganda and political spin, besides the official narrative.

Sean Stone’s ‘Buzzsaw,’ offers perspectives on spiritual on esoteric subjects, besides hard bitten journalism, and ‘Watching the Hawks,’ is another good weekly show, challenging the usual false dichotomies and paradigms. Memes, and other social engineering instruments can be seen for what they are, a means to manipulate us to go in certain directions. We instead need to join together, ignoring Left/Right designs and differences, molding together a world we can all be proud of.

We all are so busy normally just bringing home the bacon, looking to financially survive, that we don’t any longer join in the political process, which is why its no wonder that the neoconservatives still steer our foreign policy. Militarism out of fear is dangerous policy, since it promotes catastrophic misadventures in other sovereign countries, where we wind up committing unspeakable war crimes. Creeping right wing extremism is more dangerous than extremist Islam, since it leads to fascist governments not much different than old ‘Tricky Dick’s’ regime during Watergate. A free and open press needs to more than ever be vigilant to these dangerous, and stifling ways that harken back to the Third Reich.

The now adult generations that lived through Watergate, the October Surprise, Iran-Contra, Mena, Arkansas, the first World Trade Center bombing, the OKC bombing and 9/11, are duty bound to educate the younger generations who were born after 9/11, letting them know, for instance, that a new Cold War is a dangerous avenue to go down. Sure, we need to guard the homeland, but we need to question why then that the CIA/Pentagon have encouraged, and even created Islamic extremism.

It is a on average very peaceful religion, believing in peaceful coexistence with other religions, and as we know from history, every religion has had religious extremism. Fortunately we have politicians like Jeremy Corbyn who are pacifists, opposing militarism and religious extremism. Moderate right wing philosophy can also have a place in forming a better society, tempered with a liberal and secular underpinning.

Cognitive dissonance is what might result if we don’t start participating in the political process, where we need to counter buffoons like proverbial Tweeter Donald Trump who are driving us into the grinder of a war machine. Only in a world where everybody is open and honest, not being adverse to looking at other opinions can we hope to ever reach equilibrium. I personally had my views shaped by the fairly open and hippie like 1990s, though being older I can now appreciate certain conservative views. If we get side tracked by issues like Gay marriage, we are missing the bigger picture, which is to reclaim our world from the power elites who control it and us now.

If we can prove any government involvement in 9/11, we will see a sea change in the way things eventually go. Truth wins out in the end, even if empires have to collapse first in order for it to come out. De-constructing the whole foreign policy of Uncle Sam, going back to just before Vietnam, to when JFK was president, shows a pattern of elitism unwarranted except when our freedoms were in jeopardy of being squelched by overbearing extreme conservatism, or the extreme liberal forces driving us too. I was taught that the only way to change wrongs that aren’t covered by the US Constitution is to have a Constitutional Convention, convened by all 50 states, Congressmen and Senators.

Right now what there is of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is being eaten away by wrongful interpretations of them, combined with efforts to over turn them, which could happen under martial law. A fair and equitable system would be where every one had a say, not delegating too much power to politicians who are bought by the highest bidders right now. We should ditch the War on Drugs, and War on Terrorism for a War on poverty and homelessness, redirecting funds usually ear marked for the military, to supporting social justice efforts.

We need to no only separate religion from government, but also the hold that the globalist, militarists and fear mongers have on it right now. De-monopolizing the news media industry, so that fearless journalism is freed up again is a must. Protecting the voices of reason like Abby Martin is how we can finally live in a truth based culture, rather than a fear based culture which we have right now. A certain number of the public will always be driven by whatever they see on mainstream TV, but if we break the stranglehold of the corporate control of it we gain a bit more sanity and truth.

If a majority can be swayed to participate more in discussions and community meetings, we get closer to a grassroots movement of knowledgeable people. Goofs like Donald Trump would fall on their own swords to prevent such a move, so forward we must go in countering his nasty ethnocentric rhetoric. Investing our time by tuning out the mainstream to a trickle in our lives, and replacing it with alternative, and responsible news media is one way forward.

Watch RT, Aljazeera, PressTV, Deutsche Welle and CBC, rather than the three moronic American news channels. Dare to be different, imaginative and creative in your TV watching pass times. Look at the world as if it were a mirror, and you will start to see realities that you haven’t before. Be true to your values, while integrating other’s views with your own. Aspire to be a cog in the wheel of a system that can be fair and equitable to all, with no class distinction.

Look at the geopolitical ramifications of policies that benefit only the rich and powerful, and you will want to be part of changes to the status quo. Better your situation by supporting worker’s rights, and supporting burgeoning unions who represent one of the wins of the 20th century. Support only people who represent you and your family and friends, and if you are religious, or rather spiritual, help the poor, disabled and homeless. Kindness rather than self involved ethnocentrism, compassion and not numbed out apathy, are the ways to go, and which lead us to the truth, and justice we deserve. Learning about other cultures, and knowing about plain old geography, and where we really are in the world, are things that will alter our current turn towards stifling arguments that lead us no where. No matter your  education, you can learn more and grow internally into a smarter person.

Do you have the will to do it?

Only you can change what is wrong, and bring that longed for hope and change.


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  1. Amazing insights but too highbrow for (uneducated westerners) people like me,try not to be condescending and I think your cries would resonate more! Thank you anyway I am more informed


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