By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA,
16 December, 2015.

If 9/11 taught us anything, it is that people will easily trade freedom for supposed security, even if the odds of them getting knocked off are minuscule. Other countries before that day, had their terrorist attacks, but not quite as dramatic, so that is why the world changed forever on that day. What happened after was scandalous since the crime scene wasn’t preserved, even though that is codified in criminal procedure law.

Fear mongering of a whole population of a specific religion, like Islam, is like blaming all Christians for a Christian extremist. There already is racism in our police departments, and low morale because they probably know the exceptions to Constitutional laws are wrong. The first responders of 9/11 suffer from disorders, yet get almost no support financially or otherwise. Our brave soldiers aren’t really geared for occupation, and get limbs blown off by improvised explosives. When soldiers come back they find little support from the government, even though they’ve given it their all. Right wing extremism in Europe is on the rise, while a similar pattern is happening in the States.


Monopolies are gobbling up each other, and we are seeing more austerity from governments borrowing too much money. This is where Germany was in so many ways after WWI, causing the rise of fascism, and Muslims are the new Jews being persecuted for their religion, though most are peaceful. Millions have died in wars, and counter insurgencies which did little to bring greater democracy, or security.

Though Daesh/ISIS/ISIL needs to be stamped out, all Muslims shouldn’t pay for their war crimes, or extremist views and opinions. History has taught us that empires which expand too much beyond their borders wind up in the dust bin of history. We must start pulling back, keeping a token representation in certain areas in case of terrorism, but we must remember that the CIA brought a lot of extremists to Afghanistan to push the old Soviet Union out, and many stayed and became the Taliban. Al Qaeda itself was a creation of the CIA/Pentagon, serving to destabilize parts of the world, though we proclaimed to be fighting terrorism. Its much like the drug trade where the CIA has been knee deep in smuggling drugs, and laundering dirty money, even though the DEA has put away thousands for drug use and drug selling, and the US Army protects opium fields in Afghanistan.

War propaganda by a corporate owned mainstream press has only a few intrepid souls like Abby Martin who speak the truth whether to the Right or the Left. The Hegelian Dialectic is a false paradigm anyway, with most people having a mixture of both, and are more independents, like the rugged individualists of old. Our economy has gone from great to abysmal all from the 2008 realty collapse, and here we once had an overflow for Social Security, and education. We need to focus on the here and now, not being sucked into foreign conflicts that can be fought by other countries. Corporations and super rich families buy favor and control through campaign financing, being propped up by an illegal interpretation of the US Constitution which says ‘We The People,’ not ‘We The Few.’

An endemic rot has seized our country since family values are challenged by a badly progressive philosophy, when in fact traditional values would bolster our otherwise solid society. We need to focus more on workers’ rights, and bringing up our standard of living, leaving alone other countries instead of exploiting them, and bring home jobs that corporate chiselers ‘out source‘ to save tons of money for their rich board of directors, and investors. Rot at the top trickles down to the average person, in people willing to climb over each other to get the good paying jobs.


We need to be more community oriented, eradicating poverty by bringing more good paying jobs to our states, and bringing about universal health care sooner than later. Like a good religious person we need to learn to care about our fellow man, and not just ourselves. History is repeating itself with our going into a sort of dark age, when people act out of desperation, rather than compassion.


Fear and war mongering need to be stamped out, and the rich made to pay their fair share. Drugs should be legalized so that patients can more easily get the pain medications that they need, and having it regulated and taxed to make more money for society. We just arrest anyone who violates the driving while under the influence of a substance, and offer rehab for others. Apathy has lead to under participation in elections, so we must become more politically active.

Many are poor and homeless, but could be lifted up if we spent more of our defense budget on providing better social welfare, and training in how to get oneself off of it, baring in mind we must unionize all jobs to guarantee sustainable, and generous living standards. Broken dreams can be mended by providing affordable housing, and products that we buy should be made affordable, instead of having predatory capitalism.

Looking after our young more, and giving them good educations are a must. Those willing to speak out about government abuses should be lauded instead of refuted and prosecuted. Fidelity to the system and the government are things we are taught from a very young age, along with the ‘pledge of allegiance‘ that had the phrase,’under God,‘ which was added to it in 1954 to exclude the godless heathens known as Communists. It was thought the Communists were the enemy, spreading human regimentation  and atheism.

For all its faults, abuses and its own elitist cabal, if it had been true to its origin, it’d be an equal and sustainable system. The trouble is that people are given to looking the other way so that the few can ruin things for the rest of us. Right now is one of those times, only a few of the guilty are being convicted of corruption which is systematic in our upper echelons.

This move towards the extreme Right wing, and lack of public compassion for social justice, is only repeating what went on decades ago, this time causing even more draconian measures, alienating masses of people from their police and military. There should certainly be protections and law and order, but not at the expense of our God given freedoms.


We need to build up more industrialization and hard industries to employee millions more who don’t make it necessarily to college.

The point is to have a good paying job for everyone, not necessarily needing a social welfare system except as a back up. Our destiny doesn’t have to be like those of the past, but instead we can bring back all the things that were great about America once. Building back up the US Constitution which enshrine our freedoms and rights is a must. We must fight the neoconservatives of the Foreign Policy Initiative, who bring only war and arms production.


Sounder policy is keeping out of foreign adventures, only fighting when we must against terrorists. The important thing to remember is that the biggest terrorists are in and out of our own government, in the neocons and generally in the military/industrial/intelligence complex. Fight we must to expose the members and apparatuses of this intricate web of intrigue, back room dealing and good ol’ boy networking. In a secular sense what they do is atrocious, and repugnant, and in a religious sense it is Satanic.

We must organize to join our selves together to resist certain policies, and irregular behaviors of these men at the ti-pity top. Prosecution for war crimes, and RICO statutes are possible if enough judges would seriously back it, along with prosecutors. Otherwise history may well repeat itself to where our nation is driven into the ground.


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