By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.
14 December, 2015.

The imperious American Empire has been staggering around like a drunken sailor for the last 15 years, claiming it is because of a War on Terror, when in fact it has been Uncle Sam who’s been behind a campaign of terror, both abroad and at home. If its policies continue unabated, it will lead to a confrontation with the East, and in a way that destroys its much vaunted and make believe standing in the world.

One could hope though that enough of the public wakes up to the lunacy, demanding an accounting of why America has gone off half cocked since 9/11. Turns out that Osama bin Laden was in cahoots with the CIA, and Pentagon, with Saudi Arabian money having financed part of the attacks on 9/11. There are 28 redacted pages from the 9/11 Commission Report that are said to contain evidence of this Saudi Arabian terrorist money, but they are still being held from the American public.

What would a truly blue ribbon panel looking into 9/11 find?

Everything that ‘The Corbett Report’ found, no doubt. It would lead to a war crimes trial for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and a lot of the neoconservatives that have been running things up till now, even since Obama took the Oval Office. The meat and the bones of any investigation comes down to the money trail, and the simulated terrorist attack war games going on on 9/11.


Enough testimony of the unusual stock market puts of that day speak to there having been inside knowledge amongst the money-elite of the coming attacks.

Indira Singh’s testimony, and investigation of P-Tech also carries with it an ominous shock wave, along with the cheering Israeli students that day, that were part of a MOSSAD network in the US. Singh’s interview on ‘Guns and Butter’ radio is a must listen for any right thinking American, since she explains how Saudi Arabia had its tentacles in the highest echelons of the American government, through a software firm that was never properly brought to trial for its role in 9/11.

A Fox News series documented an Israeli spy ring that had penetrated many Federal agencies, and that also targeted certain Middle Eastern interests in the States too. From my investigation, my high octane speculation is that Israel and Saudi Arabia were both in on the 9/11 attacks, working with some American deep state players.

The Master Plan of Neocons to slice-up the Middle East

Can you say neocon?

I knew you could!

This farce has gone on long enough, seeing the wool being pulled over the American public’s eyes for too long. It’s high time that somebody in the mainstream starts investigating these connections instead of calling it so much ‘conspiracy theory.‘ The facts and testimony are there, just needing to be given the proper air time.

Certain ALT media have done a great job at seizing upon this research, and broadcasting it out to the world, it’s just not having reached the corporate mainstream media. It is being ignored for the very fact that a lot of heads would roll, including many in and out of government and the military/industrial/intelligence complex.

Remember that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us against the latter, and their gaining unwarranted power. Well, there you go! That is not to say that all Federal agents are bad, but merely were unable to stop the coup d’etat that day back in 2001.

And just like with the JFK assassination, certain key people who could have given useful testimony against the neocon perpetrators, have died mysterious deaths in the last 15 years. I tend to agree with the late Michael C. Ruppert that this secret cabal goes back a long ways, right to the October Surprise, Iran-Contra scandal, the BCCI scandal, and the Mena, Arkansas drug running case.

Danny Casolaro’sOctopus‘ is a likely part of what went on during 9/11, and if you haven’t read about that, you really need to.

We really went to Afghanistan to reestablish the opium trade, since it had been all but eradicated by the Taliban. We really went into Iraq to put in a more favorable government to the US, and of course for the oil. Al Qaeda, just as Daesh/ISIS/ISIL were meant as an excuse to reboot the Middle East, and Near East, and it is pretty certain that the American secret cabal knew that by poking the Russian bear in the Ukraine, Georgia and other East European countries, that we’d get a response out of them like we are now. Just as likely, they figured on China and Iran being involved too.

These deep state war mongers have orchestrated nearly everything up till now, along with their proxies like Israel. If they are lusting for a world war they are likely to get one, all at the expense of the sheepish public who haven’t had their eyes opened yet. These same maniacal puppet masters might even desire a limited nuclear war, so as to realize their secret Eugenics agenda of wiping out half or more of humanity. Their goal of an eventual one world government would be the result, after they’ve come back out of their secret bunkers.

The stakes are too high to ignore the fumbling of the ball, so fight them we must with every last dying breath. Physical force action, as the IRA call it, wouldn’t be necessary since a single hacker can take out almost anything electronic, so that would seem to be the best way to take on the secret cabal.


Publishing any top secret documents online that speak to any of these key players, like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Blackwater and Halliburton, is of the greatest need, and is necessary to out them. More whistleblowers like Edward Snowden need to come forward, or at least be working from within to sabotage the possibility of our going to war. I feel confident that things will work out, since each and every day, more and more people are waking up to what really has been going on. To the victor goes the spoils, so may the best hacker win.


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