Donald Trump Hate Speech and Worldwide Condemnation.


By Sajjad Khan Bangash,
Islamabad, Pakistan.
14 December, 2014.

If Donald Trump thinks that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed in USA including those who are born and raised in USA then I believe everyone has the right to defend and protect their motherland but in a reciprocal equation, all the western countries should immediately withdraw their forces and investment from Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and also stop mingling in the affairs of several countries which they desperately keep doing while not ready to accept that they’re guilty or should be blamed for their own crimes.

Is this is the perfect way to do it?

Seems perfectly fine and prudent but it doesn’t happen that way because again, the ordinary citizens of every country aren’t at fault and they’re nice, caring and respectful to each other.

Not every muslim is a terrorist and calling every Muslim a terrorist is incorrect, unfair, unjustified, injustice and totally wrong.

The West must understand that it’s the policies of US-led coalition forces which have radicalized the whole world by bombing on innocent civilians in these Muslims countries on the false pretense of ‘bringing democracies and war on terror.

These terrorists have already killed millions of innocent civilians in Muslim countries as well. In Pakistan, for the last 10-12 years, these terrorists have killed over 200,000 innocent civilians, government officials and Pakistan Army officers, soldiers in Pakistan. They’ve attacked our military premises, check posts, security forces, banks, schools, mosques, churches, airports, shopping malls and etc.

So far in Afghanistan, USA has bitterly failed in achieving their desired goals while in Iraq and Syria, the outcomes and tales of destruction of those invasions are now apparent and known to everyone around the world.

Anders Brevick was not a Muslim who massacred innocent children somewhere in Norway few years back (November, 2011) and just recently in June, 2015, a white man who killed innocent African Americans in church in Charleston S.C, USA but we shouldn’t be calling them terrorists why because, they were psychopaths not Muslims terrorists.

We must condemn terrorists and treat them equally as ‘terrorists’ while stop differentiating between them.  Terrorists have no religion but they’re dictated, trained, programmed and sponsored by few hidden mafia behind them who by their own terrorism want to achieve their objectives by intimidating, terrorising, killing through false flag operations against innocent civilians and turn the blame on someone else. The media is equally responsible for this mayhem and game of destruction because they hide the truth instead fabricate, modify and distribute the fake story in a way that ordinary citizens start to believe them as ‘truth’.

Have we ever thought for a moment that how many innocent people die in every aerial attack and what catastrophic destruction these bombings bring forth to the poor, helpless people?

Off course, good hearted and human loving people around the world would cry and protest against those wars and bombing.

Pauline Dunlop, Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland.
“That is what these oligarchy wants to stir up hatred between religions and that people will vote for Trump because they are truly scared of the propaganda that is churned out day in and day out by MSM. Divide and conquer is the way they do it.  The West’s foreign policy in the middle east is criminal.”

Davie Morrison, Glasgow, Scotland.
“Trump is trying to incite violence which in turn would incite violence which he is trying to incite peace loving people to turn against their neighbours. The Third World War is about to start which in turn will create a new world order with probably 4 billion less people all because the western powers greed for oil which so happens most of it is in Muslim countries. God Allah, Buddha whatever God we preach to can’t stop.”

Sophia Gibson, Newtonmore, Highland, Scotland.
“There should be an international law to stop evil people like this who publicly speak out hatred and lies or people who act on their hate by torturing, imprisoning or killing another group of people based on their religion or colour of their skin. Whether this against Black, White, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Hindu. Whatever, we need to find respect or at least show tolerance and endeavour to understand each other better. The international community should reject people with this hateful rhetoric the same way we should reject ISIS terrorists. Its just the same evil begets evil, hate begets hate. We all must speak out and denounce all these individuals and groups who keep the world stuck in a never-ending spiral of fear, retaliation and hatred.

James Allan, Dubai, UAE
Sajjad please update!
That Scotland the land of the free has taken his honours degree from him.
We have banished him from Scottish business network and collectively we have asked him to be banned from Scotland for inciting religious hatred.
Let the world know that in Scotland.
We do not stand for racism.
Sectarianism Billionaire bullies.
Scotland accepts Islam.”

We need to value human lives and rights no matter where they belong to, reside, which ethnic background, color or religious background they’re from. We must respect and honor humanity. 

So let’s get united against this 01% of elites who are committed to destroy our planet, by fomenting, instigating and inciting religious and political divide among the citizens of the world and achieve their goals and objectives of ‘global hegemonic supremacy and expansion of their business empires.’



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