By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.
08 December, 2015.

The backing of extremist Mujahideen in Soviet-Afghanistan war in 80s, made it so that the moderates were left out in the cold, besides kicking the Russians out, by leaving the Mujahideen in charge, it gave rise to The Taliban.
Women’s rights which use to be growing soon fizzled out, being replaced with their losing the education that they deserved, were kept deprived from their basic rights.       
Some 30,000 Arab, Pakistani and Egyptian extremists joined the Mujahideen, being left behind by their CIA masters, the country of Afghanistan fell under the sway of the Taliban, and hid the growing monster, the Al Qaeda, which was created by the CIA, in other words a construct or front group.


Major General Mark Carleton, Commander of British Forces, 2007-2008, said:”[The Afghanistan war is] neither feasible nor supportable….the American strategy is doomed to fail.”
General David Petraeus, Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, 2010-2011, said:”You have to recognize that….I don’t think you win this war….this is the kind of fight we’re in for the rest of our lives and probably our kids lives.”
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis said:”When you’re given a mission that cannot succeed….what is the purpose of the mission?
How many more men must die….behind an array of optimistic statements by U.S. senior leaders in Afghanistan?”

Staff Sergeant Matthew Sitton wrote to his Congressman,”I am only writing this email because I feel myself and my soldiers are being put into unnecessary positions where harm and danger are imminent. There is no end state or purpose for the patrols given to us from our higher chain of command, only that we will be out for a certain period of time. As a brigade, we are averaging at a minimum an amputee a day from our soldiers because we are walking around aimlessly through grape rows and compounds that are littered with explosives. I am concerned about the well-being of my soldiers and have tried to voice my opinion through the proper channels of my own chain of command, only to be turned away and told that I need to stop complaining. .

Thank you again for allowing soldiers to voice their opinion. If anything, please pray for us.

Very Respectfully,
SSG Matthew Sitton”.

A few weeks later he was killed, leaving behind a wife and a child. To date, 2,355 soldiers have died, with an estimated 20,071 maimed. What utter contempt from those who say they support the troops. Now with this retreat paid for by with the lives of 26,000 Afghans, the U.S. plans to maintain massive bases there occupied by 10,00 troops until at least 2024.

Democracy is non-existent with most of Afghanistan run by warlords which is wildly corrupt passing laws as repressive as the Taliban. A staggering 90% of the world opium comes from Afghanistan[it was all about the opium!] after being almost eradicated in 2001. America’s longest war costing the tax payer a whopping 2 billion dollars a week, Afghanistan was just a stepping stone in the post 9/11 offensive. By 2002 the war drums were raging for an invasion of Iraq, dubbed  ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ it was a violent culmination of a policy of aggression from both Democratic and Republican administrations. U.S. Attorney General under President Johnson, Ramsey Clark, documented the effects of U.S.bombing and sanctions on Iraq through the 1990s.


He has taken an interest in the well being of those Iraqis effected by U.S. intervention, and spectacular disaster it has made of Iraq’s infrastructure, effecting its people the most. Life support systems were destroyed, making life extra hard for an already beaten down people. There has been no significant revival, merely there is just hanging on to life now. Infant mortality reached, under the sanctions, the level of killing half a million babies. It skyrocketed from lack of baby formula, and bad water existing. The was grassroots opposition to the War on Iraq, coming from the cluster bombing, and our being in their looking for WMDs[weapons of mass destruction], which weren’t found.

We are basically occupied and subjugated the country of Iraq, and 4,486 of the U.S. soldiers died, and 31,951 left maimed for this geopolitical invasion and war.

In Iraq, made up of 25 million people, a million died, with 800,00 children left orphaned. Others suffered from the U.S. military use of depleted uranium, causing scores of cancer cases. with the help of UN administrators, a 25 members group of governing Iraqis, hand picked by American administrators with consultation with the UN. It was divided amongst Shia and Sunni Muslim, Kurds and Turkish representatives. Then came the death squads who have helped divide the Shia and Sunni inhabitants. These death squads spread throughout the region, which is a contributing factor to the rise of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL. Protests in Iraq have been brutally suppressed by the interim Iraq government. The US embraces people who are doing atrocities in Iraq. Baghdad neighborhoods are divided sectarian, and ethnic lines, Shia in one, Sunni in another, with one for Christians. We are pouring gasoline on a wild fire that has only gotten worse, this all being a set up for a ground war involving Iraq and Syria.

The militaries are paving the way for business interests in oil, and other natural resources. A theocratic leadership now reigns in Iraq, with Daesh/ISIS/ISIL morphed together from the supposed Al Qaeda of Iraq, moving into cities, and fighting the al-Assad regime in Syria. U.S. bombing has ruined the lives of countless people from their indiscriminate bombing of supposed Daesh/ISIS/ISIL camps and positions.

So far its up to 15,000 civilian deaths according to Airwars a team of journalists tracking coalition strikes on Daesh/ISIS/ISIL in Iraq and Syria, despite the Pentagon only admitting 2 dead. U.S. foreign policy is not based on human welfare, rather its based on military and economic alliances, with the military protecting those economic interests. we ought to make peace with the Iraq government, and prevent Syria from falling into a sectarian mess like Iraq. Whatever come from the ruins of the scarring war in the Middle Eastern area is going to be one that is pro-Western, and provides for private industry to rape the oil from the region.


Our leaders really want fear of extremist Islamic terrorism to cow the potential trouble makers on the national front, when in fact the biggest terrorist in the world is the U.S. itself, invading countries illegally, and fomenting rebellion between Shia and Sunni by backing the forces allied against al-Assad, basically Al Qaeda groups and Daesh/ISIS/ISIL.


Neocon fear mongers trumpet about gun control every time a home grown terrorist incident happens. Exposing its war crimes, and mobilizing against it are our only options, and their martial law response, which no doubt would occur, must be resisted like Guy Fawkes resisted the illegal leadership in old England.

The geopolitical hegemony fought for by Uncle Sam, demonstrate how the Yanks are looking to help private business interests, in getting them other countries natural resources. The average soldier doesn’t understand the real reason that they are actually fighting in Afghanistan, and the many other countries they are in.

The Power’s that Shouldn’t Be want the oil, and opium for their favored friends in corporations whose life’s blood depends on access to these commodities. The perpetual War on Terror brings untold benefits to the arms industry too, their selling guns to all sides of the fight against the supposed enemy.

The real terrorist is Uncle Sam, and his gulf allies, having already destroyed Libya, and other African countries of interest. Uncle Sam has a twisted idea for controlled chaos where they step in at the last minute to destroy their own Islamic extremist groups, sending many off to do harm to us here in the states. Just as in the coup d’etat in Kiev, leading the Russians to militarily annexed the Crimea to keep their military base, we blamed Russia for all the sectarian and ethnic troubles which overwhelmed parts of Eastern Ukraine, when we in fact started it with the coup d’etat.


Now with that being a 2nd front for the cold war between Uncle Sam and Russia, we must make sure the truth comes out about Saudi royal oil money having gone to terrorists, we still have them under favored nation status, and on 9/11 flew back all the Saudis that might be arrested for their involvement. It is proven that money was made from the 9/11 tragedy through stock puts, basically from insider trading, not to forget the billions that the courts gave Larry Silverstein, who owned the twin towers. The way the crime scene was obliterated was criminal under the law, since it was a crime scene needing to be forensically examined for evidence, to be presented in court. It no doubt was Saudi royal money that sustained the 9/11 dupes, their planes having been taken control of by advanced technology that can steer an airplanes better than auto pilot.

This sophisticated technology helped the planes hit their targets precisely where they were supposed to. It started this false War on Terror, with our encouraging extremism to cause conflict which you can manipulate to get more of the region for yourself. Daesh/ISIS/ISIL are never spoken as being our boys, who we trained and armed, so it’s high time people find out about it. No wonder Russia is in on it, having their own desires to exploit these region’s natural resources, and control the grand chessboard.


Trouble is that the West wants dominance too, so we are butting heads, through this Turkish incident, where the Russian military plane was shot down. Russia says it will retaliate in a way that puts Turkey down for its breaking international law. We will do our best, but I think we’re in for a defeat, unless super advanced top secret weapons are used. Nuclear exchanges are the last resort, so we must be ready for that, even if it be a dirty bomb.


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  1. Excellent summary of the last 35 years. Although I touched on the U.S. part about all the trouble we have caused to the Middle East in my book I think you should write one from your perspective specifically about it. My book reveals our overall downfall that most Americans don’t want to read about because I blame all of us, not just the oligarchs, but I hope it well catch on around the globe.


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