Hate Speech and Its Repercussions


Sajjad Khan Bangash,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

There’s a sudden rise of a ‘well designed and fabricated hatred’ against Islam and Muslims around the world including few top politicians of the western world such as Donald Trump by saying that ‘Muslims shouldn’t be allowed in USA including those who are born and raised in USA.’

Such statements and malicious intentions to demoralize and vilify Islam and Muslims are indeed very disheartening and sad news for muslims across the globe which in return, will ignite hatred in muslim world against western countries, it will make it difficult for all of us to live peacefully together. We must understand that ‘these terrorists have already killed innocent civilians in muslim countries as well and they’ve been trained, sponsored and assigned by a secret group of people who have deep vested interests in destabilizing the peace of the world, terrorising the innocent civilians and reduce world’s population so that they can exercise and practically implement their secret strategies and acquire the resources of the world.’

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we blindly trust and follow what the mainstream media tells us without knowing the grave motives behind and forget to take into account who runs and broadcasts the news beats. The mainstream media in every country of the world is restrained, programmed and dictated by certain regulatory authorities duly controlled by industrialists and corporate elites and functional forces in power. Now, these powerful elites operate terrorists groups and networks by which they’re heavily paid, sponsored with assigned targets to obtain their designated targets, aims and objectives while diverting the blame on someone else.
Not every muslim is a terrorist nor everyone preaches terrorism. We respect humanity, forgiveness and equality.

It’s very true that there is a huge number of western people who visit and work in Muslim countries while Donald Trump himself has huge investment in UAE and Middle East as well and such statements definitely violate the law of humanity and mankind. We are all humans, the inhabitants of our world and respect each other. Nobody can’t stop us from sharing love, respect to each other.

James Allan, Angus, Scotland.
It’s unfounded and crazy. The extremists go against their peaceful religious values. Those who are doing damage are driven fanatics. From where I’m looking at it there are those who have agenda and own the propaganda. The wrong aspects are being attributed. Much political and corporate media seem to be working a plot. We protested against invading Libya and Iraq but they did it anyway. Same again in Syria. We know who trains and arms the terrorists and we see who keeps them going by buying oil. Those of peace must expose truth. Most know not to believe the media now because they have checked their lies for themselves. People who follow the crusades of fools and lying elites are fewer daily as more see right through them. Scotland is especially awake.

I have a petition against him returning to the UK on my page. Has risen by 100,000 signatures in 7 hours since I posted it Now 370,000 have signed. We did not like him in Scotland even before his outburst. Came here acting like he owns the place. Bodies which gave him recognition have withdrawn their support. The man is a fool. Most understand what an idiot he is.”

Pauline Dunlop, Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland.
That is what these oligarchy wants to stir up hatred between religions and that people will vote for Trump because they are truly scared of the propaganda that is churned out day in and day out by MSM. Divide and conquer is the way they do it.  The West’s foreign policy in the middle east is criminal.”

Davie Morrison, Glasgow, Scotland.
“Trump is trying to incite violence which in turn would incite violence the he is trying to incite peace loving people to turn against their neighbours. The Third World War is about to start which in turn will create a new world order with probably 4 billion less people all because the western powers greed for oil which so happens most of it is in Muslim countries. God Allah, Buddha whatever God we preach to can’t stop.”

Sophia Gibson, Newtonmore, Highland, Scotland.
“There should be an international law to stop evil people like this who publicly speak out hatred and lies or people who act on their hate by torturing, imprisoning or killing another group of people based on their religion or colour of their skin. Whether this against Black, White, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Hindu. Whatever, we need to find respect or at least show tolerance and endeavour to understand each other better. The international community should reject people with this hateful rhetoric the same way we should reject ISIS terrorists. Its just the same evil begets evil, hate begets hate. We all must speak out and denounce all these individuals and groups who keep the world stuck in a never-ending spiral of fear, retaliation and hatred.”

Courtney E. Kane, Massachusetts, USA.
“Trump is pissing on our constitution, he’s a jerk and his own party don’t want anything to do with the maniac.”

Tasya Kamal, Alexandria, Egypt.
The only solution to terrorism, is to let the real Muslims handle the deviants ,
You cannot leave it up to a non Muslim to determine whether he is a terrorist or not, they don’t have the accurate knowledge of Islam in order to make that judgement.

Muslims are in development of our our own intelligence agency, with hopes of federal funding, this will be our contribution to the “War on terror”.
Many Americans claim that the mosque is a “Hotbed” for terrorist.

So this is our final solution to contribute before Islam is banned from America in the not so distant future,
Simply saying “we condone this act” isn’t going to be enough once the witch hunt starts and they reimplement the patriot act similar to 911.


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