The Art of Winning Election: My Practical Experience

By Sajjad Khan Bangash
Islamabad, Pakistan.
7th November, 2015.

Local bodies election is a part of democratic system which means devolution of power to gross roots level, empowering the people in their own respective constituencies, towns, union councils and village level and this is equally a training process for PTI or all political parties workers, supporters and candidates who are participating in election campaigning and contest.

I and my friends during an election campaigning rally at Christians brethren town.

We’ve won our whole union council here in UC Sohan, Islamabad with a complete landslide victory and perhaps, this was our successful campaigning and electioneering experiences. Besides, we had formulated several strategies, stored voter’s data in our laptops, spread the sheets to every voter at his/her doorstep, went door to door and off course, pulled out our passionate voters at the time of polling.

I during election campaigning rally

This was my second local bodies election since I already been in the campaigning process for my cousin in KPK so I had brought my own experience dealing with local bodies election. While here, our chairman candidate and counselors were UK returned and at the same time, we’ve taken out our voters by giving them adequate training of how to cast their votes. The result was overwhelming majority and in each booth, we grown our lead by 70%. This was phenomenal even PML-N candidates and supporters appreciated our efforts. We set the example to entire Islamabad as out of 50 UCs, our voting turnout was huge.

Party Position in UC-Sohan 21 in local bodies election.

In addition, I would also urge friends of PTI that being on social media tools and spreading your message is a plus but again, you need to prove your worth by doing hard work physically, making correct decisions and motivated campaigning, training the workers, voters and socializing with people wherever it comes. Majority of our voters especially in villages aren’t well educated and as per my experiences, a valuable portion of votes are turned down as ‘cancelled’ because of incorrect stamping, wrong thumping etc. So you need to educate your voters a lot so that no additional votes shouldn’t be wasted.

Moreover, I have learned from the very ground realities that choosing the right mix of candidates, gives you results failure to which the consequences are paid heavily by PTI.
The unfortunate reality is that, PTI has committed serious blunders in choosing candidates especially all those key decision makers who somehow or others, neglected and ignored the ideological workers and deserving people, which is very dangerous for the outcomes. Why, because those workers and deserving people who have been continuously campaigning, working for PTI are once neglected, then they revolt against the decision and the consequences are gruesome. So PTI should learn and seriously pay attention to choosing the right candidates.

PTI Candidates Winning Margins

Making prudent and timely decisions in politics makes you stronger and reaches you at the brink of success. Then how you respond positively to the circumstances, give you worth. While, we here in our union council, made very prudent, timely and accurate decisions by choosing the most valuable and indigenous candidates such as Malik Amir Ali as chairman. Malik Amir Ali and his entire family is regarded to be very decent and kind hearted people. They’ve a long history of helping and serving the people.

When we lost the General Election in 2013, we really didn’t loose our hopes instead we learned from our mistakes, reorganized ourselves, ignited our feelings and pooled our resources on learning. We regularly kept hammering our opposition party which is currently in government, highlighted the grave mistakes and wrong policies. However; since PTI is fighting against status quo politics in Pakistan which gives us a vision to continuously monitor, highlight the electoral fraud, improving the socio-economic well being of ordinary citizens, reducing poverty, improving the economic, educational and employment sectors in Pakistan.  The Dharna (the protest) which we staged last year in front of parliament for 126 days broadened the vision of our nation. People have learned a lot about the wrong doings of corrupt politicians, that how they use political power to keep people ignored and loot the treasure of our economy. The ordinary citizens came to know about the rigging tactics and electoral fraud and learned how to stop it during election time.

Overall Polls Statistics in UC Sohan-21

To PTI’s supporters we must emphasize that you CANNOT blame, demean, or guilt voters for choosing a certain candidate or party. People cannot be demonized for feeling a certain way, their votes reflect their cumulative experiences and we must respect people’s choices whether we agree with them or not.

This requires team work, effective planning, execution and implementation to get to a success in politics and serve the people as PTI is performing strong all over Pakistan and making inroads for better and stable democracy in Pakistan.

Let’s grow more and keep fighting till we get it.



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