By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York
28 November, 2015.

This whole big con job done on people about global warming was disproved by the emails from the notorious “Climategate,” but thanks to the party line toting unfree press, it still hasn’t altered the course of the Big Lie.

The politics of greed have corrupted the common sense approach to this antiquated, illegitimate social trend in the glitterati intelligentsia, trumped by the loud mouths like Donald Trump, instead of the intelligence of the more balanced scientists who never agreed with the skewed findings of highly politicized scientists working for the establishment looking to begin raking in tons of money in the name of supposedly cleaning up the air, and bringing down temperatures which aren’t any hotter than before.


I used to be one of those unquestioning ones who thought it was all true until I heard a bit on it from Corbett Report Radio, until Corbett changed my mind, as he has on so many other topics of the political conversation. Being that the mainstream corporate mass news media has a financial stake in seeing this false priority pursued, you won’t break free and free your mind until you stop accepting everything from that dinosaur.

Where there is any major money to be made nowadays, almost anything can be made into the next gold rush, even when based on voodoo science. If anything scientists say pretty much that we are actually cooling off a bit, though greenhouse gases do remain an air pollution problem.

Now I used to hear about the truth about this from Rush Limbaugh, who was spouting off about Clinton back around the same time during the 90s. Turns out that he was right about this and Clinton, even though he was wrong most of the time, the rest of the time. Sometimes even Fox News early on got a few things correct even though being overly conservative in the rest of their reporting. It shows me that both conservative and liberal news networks aren’t always driven by ideological differences as I also once thought to be true.

We remain under the false sway of a news media which now has become a sad little parody of itself despite thankfully a lot of people having chosen to switch most of them off. The much talked about tax for our “carbon footprint” is yet another pathetic attempt to extract more money from the middle class who are working many time twice, or three times as hard just to pay the most basic of bills. Shameful!

The waste comes from the whole lack of a verifiable scientific basis for an argument that has long ago been rendered to be part of the Big Lie, which would only make a few individuals wealthy from its big bill.


Even Pope Francis unfortunately has joined in on it, very unfortunately on the wrong side, when he should be encouraging “liberation theology” which would really help his worldwide flock. If these green industry types who populate these circles want to really help us out, they’d look to increase by huge amounts investment in solar energy alternatives, and other energy resources that either burn clean or leave no environmental signature in their wake.

Re-investigating the early solutions of Nikolaus Tesla is another avenue towards improvement, since Tesla was all for providing free access to renewable energy resources. It’s high time that governments looked to give back rather than just taking and taking from those of lower economic status. Places like California would benefit immensely from moves towards a greener energy industry, one that could at the same time be giving back to John Q.
Public instead of just taking and taking as we’re so used to. Once zero point energy methods can be had, this sort of dream can be made reality. Water, and above all, drinking water is a much more scarce resource than even oil, and gold when looking at how many need it, and will be needing it even more soon. Even though there are way too many people on the planet, greenhouse gases from them aren’t the perennial enemy, but instead the increasing need for food and the aforementioned drinking water.

I was reminded of this today, the day when it is the holiday meal itself that is the reason for celebration and thankfulness, which for many people is a bone of contention. There are any number of more pertinent and important crises that face us as we head towards the mid part of the new century. Wars were and once played a part in thinning the global herd, but in a world where we realize that conflict resolution is far more socially acceptable, we need to face up to the challenges facing us now that peace is preferable to violence. China’s model of one child, one family has even been changed too, in essence showing that forced societal solutions don’t work out always either. Global warming should be moved to the back of the agenda until it can really be proven that there is a grave future coming from such, and right now it in essence doesn’t exist. We face more of an immediate threat from a world economy that disenfranchising the majority of us, that being the 99%.


Politics has come in on the way global warming has been, and is sold to the world population, which a socially irresponsible way of pursuing an idea whose time hasn’t even existed, not yet come about. Focusing on the betterment of our economic system, easing taxes on the middle class, and ending poverty are far more important, having very real and quantifiable effects on the average world citizen. Big Agra is a drawback to the sustainability of the world population by the lack of variety stemming from its monopoly.

We need to go back to small farmers having the majority of the industry, maybe pushing the scientific improvements that monopoly has come up with during its reign. Just as with the economy, our food industry needs some improvements that would promote variety, not the centralization of it, cornering the market so to say.

This and other similar issues far outweigh the incessant droning on about global warming, so we should re-prioritize things to reflect the true realities. Bring back industry through first breaking up the monopolies is a good start as is encouraging entrepreneurship, and resetting our education system so that more kids wind up going to college, and cheap, affordable college at that too. In an ever more sophisticated technologically advanced age such as our’s, we need a far more educated general populace that can perform the tasks needed, and to simply improve the literacy of the population, who if smart enough, can better advocate for itself. The social contract has long been overdue for renegotiation given the stark face of poverty, and ignorance which is a side effect of an inadequate school and college system.


We will no doubt achieve some of these goals, but first we must take back the reigns from people who seem to feel entitled to all the wealth and power. Drug deregulation and decriminalization can open up what are now only black or underground economies, opening them to even taxation which would provide the needed revenue for certain social reforms. We should only put away people if they commit other crimes while on a drugs and alcohol, since way too many prisoners right now are serving ridiculous amounts of time for nonviolent drug offenses. Reforming such a thing is simply good policy since a person’s body is their own property, not that of the state.

Decriminalizing prostitution is another much needed reform for the very same reason, and why have a taxable industry made into profession of ill repute when there is decent money to be made. We simply need to regulate it like drugs, besides taxing it a bit. We are in so many ways our own greatest enemy when dealing with our baser needs, so a sort of enlightenment is badly needed to rectify these social dilemmas.


Global warming is a distraction from these far more real conundrums to our societal contract with each other. It is common sense to go after these far more grave threats to our well being, and smoking cigarettes is more likely to kill you than any imagined global warming. We won’t get it right the first time either, having growing pains like we always do.


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