By Frank O’Brien,

Troy, New York, USA.

22 November, 2015.

Islamophobia is engulfing both Europe, and the USA, as is all too typical of public panic and frenzy, driven by mainstream media outlets. The best that those can do who oppose such typical reactions, is meet the ignorance with education and counter political punches.

The rise of right wing extremists is as scary as the rise of extremist Muslim politics, if not more so since it is certain to spell trouble for the thousands of innocent refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. Naturally people are driven by whatever is placed before their eyes, influenced all too easily by the dumbed down plethora of balderdash that passes for news nowadays.

People need to develop their critical thinking in order to defeat their innate, and primitive instincts, which all too often is what drives public opinion. To question is naturally something that needs to be worked on, since it is more in our nature to passively react rather than ask what is really going on, or why it is happening.

Why are these attacks going on right now, in the most critical time of intervention against the Islamic State, and when the refugee crisis has reached critical mass?

It seems all too convenient to be just sheer coincidence, and smacks of state sponsored terrorism, and things that are encouraged by the black ops members of various intelligence agencies in Europe, and the English speaking world.

Amazingly most people know very little about psychological operations, nor mind control techniques such as predictive programming, and social engineering. Once you start looking into areas of psychological conditioning like this, you realize how vulnerable you and others are to being played like a piano.

If we are to remain within our reason and senses, we must first learn how we are fooled each day by your all too typical TV news broadcasts. For me, to offset the palaver that occupies the news cycle all the time after events like the Paris terrorist attacks, I turn to certain ALT news media for their commentary, like The Corbett Report. What you feed your brain is what gets into your subconscious, disrupting your ability to reason correctly, twisting the very fabric of your psyche.


When we are chronically tired from working outrageous hours, coupled with responsibilities stemming from having kids, you are left more susceptible to believing or accepting occurrences, and being told their causes without questioning the party line.

Learning to question the party line is the beginning to taking back your reasoning abilities, which can be done so very easily even if burdened by life, and its responsibilities. There is a very good chance the same people in the US and NATO, who gave life to Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL, are the very same people controlling their actions, to then gain political backing for extraordinary security powers to be passed into law.


No one has brought up to the billions of dollars that France has made selling arms to countries in the Middle East that are the sources of various Muslim extremist groups. Arms sales make up just part of the problem, with tons of weapons having been left over from the Iraq war of 2003.

It’s in the best interest of Western countries who were facing tremendous economic woes, to have the public’s attention on terrorism rather than political issues which could spell disaster for the countries involved.

The sheer audacity of being the creators of ISIS/ISIL, then acting as if they’re surprised by their actions, is the biggest load of hypocrisy that so far has reached our TV screens. Once you understand the reality, the sickening aspects of it seep into the crevices of your brain. Problems like Islamophobia stem from this lack of understanding the bigger picture, as does the reaction to accepting the draconian security legislation.


I still like to think that there is hope for people who still don’t get it, and remain clueless to the larger picture. But a lot depends upon what people do with the information above, which if they ignore it, continue to swallow the same old poison. This is the reason to the rise of fascist political parties, and hate crimes in Germany, France and other European countries.

We must fight for the reason to come back to politics, and asking questions about our economies, and stuff other than terrorism, which in the end effect us just as much as the latter. Those who aren’t letting fear rule their lives are the ones that are reacting in the best way, standing heads and shoulders above those who merely react rather than taking control of their lives.

To remain ignorant only encourages hate to creep into an otherwise reasonable population, putting us at the mercy of of knee jerk politics. Please let yourself open up to looking at the bigger picture, and not be taken in by whatever is shoveled your way.


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