By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York,
November 21, 2015.

New reports that disassemble the first official reports of the shootings and bombings in Paris are beginning show that these initial reports crack under the scrutiny of analysis. In many instances, it has been shown that certain of the terrorist attacks may not have been accurate in their even having happened the way that’s been officially reported.

Cell phone calls from the game that was supposed to have been bombed, show that there was no mention of the bombing, which is incredibly odd. The footy prints of GLADIO B might be likely here, with strong government and secret connections to knowledge of the bombers, much like the Boston marathon bombing. More investigative reporting involved with dissecting these incongruities is needed, which no doubt there will be from the likes of Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett, which so far has been invaluable in getting more at the who, what and why.


CNN’s coverage has been slovenly only open to what the official line is, ignoring reports that have reached us via sources like PressTV, which is one of the reasons I’m hoping to get Al Jazeera soon on my cable TV outlet. A lot of the initial reports seem laden with disinformation, though some of it is clearly true from video coverage caught of it, showing for instance the shooting of restaurateurs.

The question is why isn’t all of it clear, and why does such a series of suicidal actions come along, just as the refugee crisis was at its worse. Surely the attackers knew that this sort of thing would illicit an anti-Muslim response from what had been an otherwise peaceful situation. It makes a whole lot more sense that it was known about by authorities, but was allowed to go ahead since it served their need for an excuse to open up both barrels on ISIS/ISIL. I recall author, Peter Levenda, recalling his experience in being in a country, which on TV was reporting demonstrations, which it turned out weren’t true after all.


The big lie has been around with us since WWII, being trotted out whenever preemptive action was called for, but which needed an outrageous act to cause knee jerk politics to bring it into reality. Out an out press manipulation is further likely given the corporate run mass mainstream media allows their political bents to make it into their coverage, much like has been mentioned in terms of the way Fox News covers the news.

Too much of our news is given to us through a filtered way, rather than in a reality based version without agendas dictating how things really are happening. The way things are being reported walks a fine line with being more like propaganda, than unvarnished truth telling which is the way it used to be years ago, even though certain things were micro-managed back then depending on how close reporting got too close to the truth about certain of the 1%ers. These 1%ers are the very ones behind GLADIO B, state sponsored terrorism, assassinations and arms sales to ISIS/ISIL, who supposedly started out as anti-Assad guerillas, but in fact had been part of Al Qaeda.

ISIS/ISIL has even made inroads in Afghanistan, making the Taliban a bit afraid of losing military and political ground. ISIS/ISIL has been stage managed since its inception making it likely that they have been used and manipulated for political gain. To do research on one’s own is the only way to figure out what is really going on in France and in the rest of the world. Once you start analyzing the facts as opposed to what is reported, there get to be gulf between the facts and the actual reporting.

The Powers That Shouldn’t Be depend upon the sedation we are under from game playing to being caught up in our smart phones. Most people don’t get beyond this since it’s less stressful and after work they need to unwind, not be caught up in realities that cause the blood pressure to rise. It is dangerous even to cave into certain reporting since it might cause anti-Muslim feelings and actions. In turn, our actions in the Middle East have embittered many Muslims, much to where they feel good when the war comes home to roost on us.


Generations of Saudi Arabian children have been brought up on Wahhabism, an extremist form of the Sunni Muslim faith, which runs counter to the position the royal family has in the running of things. Turns out the Powers That Shouldn’t Be depend upon there being a certain amount of tension which they benefit from, by the expanding of their security powers. 9/11 was the seminal moment for Uncle Sam when it came to justifying extraordinary security powers, so slowly it has creeped into being in other countries from certain isolated state sponsored terrorist actions, like this recent one in Paris.

The 1%ers want this to be the new norm, to use to take away our gun rights, and rights to privacy, and other such rights we took for granted years ago. Best to just know the truth even as it changes the norms we took for granted, since we can at least pass on the wisdom of truth.


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