By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

Who could have predicted it, but now with more than 128 killed in France, we are in a new war scenario not seen since 9/11. Though 9/11 was false flag, and keeping firmly in mind GLADIO 2 Operations, besides the fact that the Pentagon/CIA created ISIS/ISIL, which they have admitted to, shows these attacks yesterday cry out for some serious action to be done. Letting the foxes guard the hen house has been our shared failure, which now in light of these horrific attacks, needs to be investigated itself.

I mean how monumental a security failure does it take before we stop leaving our security decisions to a bunch of Janus-faced goofballs?

What we need are citizen committees with no levels of national security getting in the way of their getting to the bottom of such horrible atrocities like the one yesterday. The power of the government comes from the people delegating extraordinary power to a bunch of corrupt do nothings.

What comes from yesterday in my mind is the much needed taking back of power from the bureaucrats, and technocrats, and the need to do it soon, before they try using things like yesterday to take away all our personal freedoms. A meaningful reaction to these atrocities yesterday would be to not only investigate how these Jihadists escaped the radar of the French security apparatus, but to seriously investigate the apparatus itself. The power of the people shouldn’t be invested in nothing except themselves, not leaving it to do nothing apparachiks who don’t know how to keep attacks like this from happening.

People leave themselves open to atrocities like this by delegating security concerns to a not so great police and intelligence service. What is needed is money that can be found by taxing the rich, and having ordinary people, with the right advisors, look into how to prevent things like yesterday. People like to believe that they can trust governments to protect them, yet atrocities like yesterday say otherwise about that paradigm. What is needed is a whole paradigm shift, putting the power back with the people rather than investing it in doofs who fail us miserably. By proxy, yesterday’s attack came from the CIA, and its bloody thirsty minions in ISIS/ISIL, so why not cut the head of the hydra off, namely the CIA/Pentagon goofs.

This was an act of war declared by proxies of a morally bankrupt security apparatus, who use these proxies to further their geopolitical agendas. It is not enough to take on just these proxies, but to declare a people’s war against their creators, which have been detailed in The Corbett Report. Guaranteed, if we don’t start waking up to the really behind the scenes machinations, and the consequences of allowing these Psyops from being formulated and enacted, we can expect more of the same.


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