My Childhood political and social factors which Reflected my Personality Development.

Living in a socially interconnected eastern society, my childhood remained under the shadow of political as well as social influences which kept carrying on reflecting on my personality grooming and life long experiences till now.
Starting from social aspect of my childhood span of life, we in eastern societies tend to be more hospitable, caring and respectful to elders while promoting the ‘mutual aspect of unity and deeper bonding within our tribal systems’.

I kept immersing and involving myself deeply in activities such as ‘getting into consultation processes as we call it ‘Jirga‘.
‘Jirga’ in our Pashtoon culture is a process of mutual consultation on deciding a particular matter among tribes by the elders of different tribes living in a particular village forming a society of ‘mutuality‘. I kept learning and engrossing my skills and awareness into the mutual consultation, speaking to elders, and learned from the stakeholders as to how a particular matter had to be solved.

This peculiar aspect is now ‘a well grown ability and functional role in my personality’ by which I regularly engage myself in ‘Jirga’ whenever, my tribe or Pashtoon community calls me on.

Politics is what I always had an avid and keen interest on as I was born in a family where the elders remained active in politics even before the independence of Pakistan from British monarch. My maternal grandfather Muhammad Karim Khan and his brothers remained ‘pro-independence nationalists’ and after the independence of Pakistan, they regularly kept themselves in politics from village union council level to district leading to provincial government administrations.

So, during my childhood, in our ‘Hujra’ (men’s setting area), there always had been a ‘hustle bustle’ of political campaigns, election gossips and deeper political activity. I used to avidly and actively participating in the learning process from my grandfather and his political peers. As the time professed ahead, this political wisdom and sound awareness, I remained a key component in the political circles of my village and also in Islamabad city. I always kept developing the political friendship with politicians and activists till the time came when my brother formally engaged himself in politics from PTI, party of Imran Khan.

My brother regularly engaged me in different political campaigns, membership polls, protests and electioneering process. I participated in intra-party election and I won the presidential race for PTI in my local council.

Today, I’m well-learned political activist and analyst not only within Pakistan but I have been writing on international politics and in my blog, I have written several articles on Scotland politics and predicted accurately the 57 seats win for SNP.

Internationally, I’ve good intimacy with politicians of UK, USA, Canada and Ireland. Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru (Party of Wales), Margaret Patison, politician from Labour Party from Lancaster, Mhairi Black, Tasmina Sheikh from SNP, Sein Fein political party politicians such as Anthony McIntyre, Colleen O’Brien etc. are some of the prominent politicians with whom I have good interaction and I keep learning from their political exposure, experiences and insights deeply reflect on the on ground political activities in my vicinity that I engage myself in.


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  1. Hello darling .yes i would say your international awareness of a bigger society in politics has widened and you keep opening up to new and interesting people who can view things differently .Well done you

    Big hugs xox


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