By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York,

The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP, is anything but a free trade deal, and undermines local governments, and is yet another bit of international back room dealings against the rights of workers in the global economy. Investors or board room members have more rights than the average worker, or even impenetrable rights that literally walk all over the rights of workers. These behind the scenes trade deals, like a lot of legislation, are done this way so as not to encounter activists, or have activists realize what provisions run rough shot over workers, and fatten the pockets of corporations.


Child labor done in Asia by so many corporations, is meant to get away with exploiting not only poor children, but to lower labor costs drastically, much to the point of paying pennies on the dollar to these illegally employed children. Other workers who, though adults, are forced workers, forced to work against their will, having less chances than ever to challenge the mechanization of the corporate overlords. More jobs would be sent abroad, instead of being here in the USA, which goes against even the best interests of the US government, but fills the coffers of the fat cats who donate heavily to politicians.


Politicians many times wind up, when leaving office, working for these self same corporations, making the election process further corrupted by the way things are allowed to become so out of whack, that you’re a CEO one day, and then a politician the next. The more tolerant, or less caring, richer classes can even see how they may lose unless campaign finance controls are put in place, since not all of them are in the circle jerk, getting gobs of money from friends, and associates. Its become just as ruthless climbing the electoral ladder, as it has been concerning the corporate ladder. Once these politicians are in, even Obama, they do the bidding of their corporate contributors, not the longings of their average constituent, so in essence there is no real democracy, but merely a soft veneer set in place.


International legislation like TPP would never see the light of day if every politician had to take not only just campaign money from average citizens, but had to severe all ties with corporate entities. If also, all candidates had to be average working class, or even poor, with social welfare and social justice backgrounds, the Congress and Senate would be almost over night a beautiful start towards rolling back draconian laws protecting corporations.


Only when we veto the current system can we ever hope to bring jobs home, protecting them, and re-industrializing our fabled nation. Our’s is fabled for the little man winning against Goliath, yet this has now been mostly a lame myth, but given the right electoral fights, from grassroots up, we can bring that back, and improve upon it. Only through education of the dumbed down masses, can one hope to raise a ragged army ready to do battle. Public advertisements pointing out these realities will only work if enough monies could be raised, which means pamphleteering may need to be the first wave in order to over turn, and topple this illegal government and the corporations in bed with them. However its done, something will trigger the rising up of the now larger, almost majority, minority groups besides just the plain old poor. Get the word out to start the dominoes falling, and to stop the likes of TPP.



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