By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York,

Old Bush this week criticized younger Bush-II on his past sins, as if the old man regrets being such a monumental dung heap himself, but refuses of course to admit that. The usual media pundits were wheeled out this week as if the were the old fart himself, and the usual rear end kissing was seen to a nauseating degree.

I’d rather build a career I could start, without standing on the wheel chair bound shoulders of the little old Devil. 
Meanwhile in the Sinai, a Russian jet was in fact taken down by a bomb on board, suspiciously timed to involve those shrouded cowboys who see us all as devils….oh yeah, and they were built up by our dear old Pentagon and CIA. ISIS/ISIL, or whatever other ridiculous name these Jihadists crazies are being called by nowadays, either had the capability to plant a bomb in the Russian airliner, or some other party found it convenient cover to plant a bomb, and then point fingers at the camel dudes who probably can’t even tie their shoes.


The old blame game, or art of deception has been around since forever, being used to maximum effect on 9/11, and as far back as I can remember to the 1970s. 
I’m surprised all the ALT media seemed to miss this possibility of an engineered disaster, piggyback on the other agendas going on in the Middle East. It would be of interest to both Putin and Obama to fabricate an incident to where there could be an excuse for an increase in sending in more military to the region, and the chances are it might very well have been the CIA since they’ve had experience doing this with Pan Am 103, then blaming it on Libya. 


It has shaken the Russians so much to the core that it likely wasn’t them, or their intelligence assets in the region, and if the Russians are thinking on their feet, they realize the same pattern or foot print is remarkably similar here. If it is such a message, that hey, we can sabotage you and shift blame to hide the real agenda, then the Russians must go in full throttle, sending their own best investigators, and seize the wreckage, bodies and black boxes, and do their own thorough analysis. The ripple effect from this is enormous, and can be meant, as a side, to scare the Russians out of further entering more into the region militarily. I pray and count on Putin to have learned these lessons dealing with the “Great Satan” in the Ukraine recently, besides what the Russians know about real USA history. 

When you have your back against a wall you come out fighting, using your jabs very, very carefully, and weighing the risks of further igniting tensions. The Russians are smart and conniving themselves, and really should make use of the airwaves to broadcast what they really know about 9/11, and other false flags, to take the air out of the US, and its swarthy allies, mocking them with proof of the truth so far denied to the American people. Now with Mikhail Lesin, founder of RT, found mysteriously dead in Washington, D.C., we may have another shot off the bow from the US towards Putin et al. It would make sense since RT has been a very popular stop on the Net to find alternative perspectives, as opposed to the usual garbage fed to us on our native airwaves by the corporate/government controlled main stream media. RT might very well be propaganda from Russia, but their schedule is loaded with American media that can’t get on the corporate controlled cable run channel selections. So you merely go to RT online instead, and do so to get their take on all of this.


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