The System That Feeds Itself but not Others

By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York,
October, 21, 2015.

The lunacy of voting for politicians that are no different then the bums you want out epitomizes why the American, Canadian, UK and other world democracies(with a small, teeny tiny D!) are lost to us as workable systems of government. These are not a systems worth even close to anything approaching a systems that are worth fighting and dying for, or even wasting your time in dutifully participating in them.

Stubborn Irish as I tend to be, it wasn’t until after Obama bamboozled me, and burned my rear end to the bone, that I woke up, and stopped drinking the poison. He ran on a platform of hope and change, but did next to nothing for African-Americans, nor any other minority for that matter.

As better men, and women, have said before me, it was all a dog and pony show, basically giving us another 8 years of what Bush started, some calling it Bush II. God knows the fact that Obama was a democrat meant nothing in that Obama kept pumping oodles of money into the military/industrial/spy complex, started killing Americans with drones without charge, allowed the NSA, and other alphabet soup agencies to spy merrily on us all, and not just the terrorists. Basically there was, is and always will be no difference between Democrats and Republicans, and until the American people start protesting against this dead in the water system, we will never get anything other than the very worst in the Oval Office, Congress and the Senate.


For decades I recall decent older folk, including one of my dearest uncles, railing against the system, saying how they didn’t trust these store bought politicians, who serve only there campaign contributors, who mainly are from Wall Street.

My Uncle Freddie was my favorite critic of the system, since he spoke his mind no matter what, and damn well spoke the truth too. The problem now, was as it was way back then, in that nobody offered an alternative to the burnt to a crisp system that mainly is propped up by the media giants, and is served to us as reality entertainment. I have ideas, basically ideas that have been stored on the shelf for decades, if not centuries, going back to our slightly flawed founding fathers.

Jefferson is the MAN in my mind as being a true intellectual patriot, who if he were alive today would be a died in the wool political dissident, rabble rouser and all around trouble maker. God bless him indeed! Though I agree that we need a slightly elitist democracy, since direct democracies would tend to disintegrate our country into chaos, I still believe in a form of democracy where your average Joe and Jane would be allowed to really choose the candidates, preferably also running for office too, and calling more of the shots, leaving almost completely out the monied jerks who’ve ass raped us for almost a few hundred years. We truly must circumnavigate the current system, finding its weaknesses, exploiting them to our advantage, perhaps say starting a PAC (political action committee), raising funds from the real grassroots, and putting together commercials that would shame the current system into the dustbin of history.

There is so, so much fodder for the fire that would raise the country’s temperature to the boiling point, that would stir voters and all citizens alike into some kind of political action. Its like tuning a piano when it comes to raising and directing public opinion, which the crooks in office have been exploiting for countless decades. Its the art of the sell, ala Madison Avenue style, simply selling your idea as a product, aiming at your demographic, and selling certain things that even would generally sell themselves however you put your add together. As in campaign season, it comes down to saturation selling, but unlike the dullard politicians you would mix it up enough so that it wouldn’t bore the American public. To be in touch with all of the people, you’d have to put together commercials, or brief infomercials that would be both left, right and center, playing the senses of all the people, and not just a select few.


There are many things people can agree upon now, since in 2015 we have reached an almost changed, and modernized era, where black/white, gay/straight, religion/atheist and so on make little difference when it comes to getting the job done right. The perfect solution to not having a revolution is to use the system itself in dismantling the whole house of cards.
This can be done by PACs, running for office on a libertarian, independent or other platform, or starting up a real grassroots third and fourth political party, with its founders being savvy enough to use all the means available to sell themselves, which in a jaded age as it is would not be too difficult a challenge to surmount. If you come across genuine, like a Clinton or Obama, you can stir people to action, which after almost 50 years of life, I realize that it does take somewhat a cult of personality to get people motivated and excited about doing there bit for things to actually change.

If it was easy enough for Donald Trump to some how get people to look beyond the rat hair piece, and crude, lewd and tattooed brain farts he dazzled us with, people are literally just waiting for a true savior, or more like saviors. We are talking about starting off small, and slowly gaining momentum, reaching a crescendo that causes this two party system to fall in on itself. Blocking attack adds would be simple as long as your aims, ideas and changes were the kind that everyone almost could agree upon. Your people at the head would need vetting for any skeletons in the closet, so there would be little to no blowback from running them as your chief candidates, and spokespeople.

Keep it simple stupid is another old refrain that rings true when putting out your message, for you aren’t dealing in rocket science, but simply simple ideas that go back to Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense,” which did a lot to shatter the old world ideas on government, human rights and law.


Generally speaking, you want to make it smart but not too far above the bar, so that everybody, even those that aren’t intellectual giants could understand it all. The key is in the motivation factor, and making the commercials slick as Hollywood, being as entertaining as any big comic does, and still getting the gist of your point across. Making inroads with other already anti-establishment groups is a must, and one needs to plumb their heads for ideas that could combine everyone’s ideas into one direct marketing scheme, and not scam! This would be the perfect time in which to form, consolidate and run adds, as well as getting everyone on the same page.

The Tea Party has been called a creation of Fox News, but the secret is that there is a real and strong under current of real political dissatisfaction, and dissension which the Tea Party tapped into, so there would need to be an effort to broaden one’s audience appeal so as to catch this wave, which still is strong and can make or break a political party or it’s candidates. Progressives or Liberals are the easy sell since they look way ahead, whereas conservatives tend to keep things close to the belt. Genuineness again is the Robert’s Rule of the day, placating, melding and joining everybody together, and dammit, yes it can be done, once you teach the people on things like the Hegelian Dialectic, and how the system was set up to keep people at opposite ends and logger heads. Once they realize, and understand some of these basic political science notions, they will in a sense feel freed from their bondage, and won’t feel any nostalgia for the bad old days.

We tend to act as a throwaway society, even though a majority still has some solid family values, and you feed upon this in order to adjust the perspectives, and feelings that everybody feels about everyday things. This would include things like paying bills, earning money to pay them, finding a good job, which now would unfortunately include a 401K for retirement.

We need to re-industrialize our country for one, even if its a green bunch of industries, and Internet based economy schemes(not scams!), and strongly encourage entrepreneurship, and build back up the unions that Reagan/Bush tore down. One can have it all if things are done right, even stemming poverty/homelessness, eventually burying it completely from existence. Look at me for instance, even though I’m below dirt poor, I have three computers, Internet access and cable tv access. My abilities are cerebral so I can take full advantage of the mind that was furiously busy prior even to my joining the Truth Movement.


Hell, ANONYMOUS, donated to my physical needs back a ways, all thanks to the Internet. The Information Highway is the key that now ties us all together, with even dirt poor folk now having smart phones. The sky’s the limit is where it is all at with getting messages, ideas and notions across to nearly everybody out here, tailoring it a bit maybe to those who are the “hard sell.” You reel them in once you are all just about on the same page, which only really demands a reeducation on those political realities that people don’t know about, and just talking with people in general, to get their ideas, beliefs and trying as best as you can to joining it with someone’s self same ideas, and beliefs, but who seems miles away from other group members. At first it is direct democracy in action, just as it was with our founding fathers. What we had back then has just gotten to be too big, like with the IRS, and Federal Police.

From here it all starts simply with education, then networking strongly, hitting the street, so you have a grassroots base, and not just electronic constituencies, and you and your people work hard as best you can in getting the word out. Once you establish a biog enough base, where you can raise substantial funds, you do direct marketing, so to say, with the educational messages being first to be aired. Then once enough of an even bigger base is built, you go larger, attacking the bums with stuff that is simple, and which they can’t fight that well in the court of public opinion.

By this time there could be room for the beginnings of say two new political parties, the key being to never sway away from your basic goals of regime change that sticks. One could be for conservatives and another for liberals, and say another for middle of the road. At first it might be sort of a parliamentary system, but definitely not one like in the British common wealth countries. It would be a truly American style democracy, never forgetting where its roots are, as has happened with the Democrats and Republicans.



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