The Caged Democracies and The Corrupt Plotters and Corrupt Political Circles

By James Allan,
Angus, Scotland.
27 October, 2015.

The corrupt never stop trying to cheat. Remember Scotland and what they did to us when honest good people wanted something  infinitely better. Be full of resolve and do not let it rest until you win. Humanity must defeat those who steal and are irresponsible towards us and our world. The corruption here is terrible.

If people are not content and have to suffer then that’s always down to selfish decisions from those serving themselves. That kind of governance needs condemned to the past. They serve us and we must throw out corrupt systems globally. Why vote for someone who lies, steals and misrepresents us, serving a rich racket and infinitely harming people in the process. I hope humanity wants something better than this. I know we do.

All these illegal wars are not in our name. We have no democracy and it feels like people have been overthrown when our collective will is stifled and ignored.


Life has become a gangster movie, written by the gangsters. Time for the sequel I think. The movie we are watching now is a macabre horror movie full of evil plots and intolerable atrocities.

There are still many very good humans doing everything to stop the bad humans from carrying out plots of greed where other humans become victims. I don’t think we can stop mad men from being mad but we can surely change this world so that their deeds are truly seen as crimes and stopped. Most people do not think to harm others for self interest by themselves.


This is structured this way by bad humans doing  all kinds of bad things. They expect us to do their bidding in their corrupt systems but so many are not buying into it. I hope there is a way we can restore common sense and change this criminal world into something far better. We must keep the good pressure on them until all see how stupid it is to give away their human worth to liars stealing from them and causing illegal destruction in the wars of corrupt wars. 99% of people are not the problem.

Corporate plotters and politicians selling democracy to corrupt bankers add corrupt traders is the root of all our problems and the cause of global inequality and suffering. We all know it’s not right and we need to work universally to end this curse and never be deceived by their manipulation of us in their well established system. They would love us to hate, de-populate ourselves and bask in riches from wars and maintain this forever. We can do so much better.

We need to change the way we consider power. If our elected representatives allow themselves a falsely structured aloof dominance beyond the bounds of what we consider acceptable or just, then we must not let them have our support. We need to support what is truly good representation of who we are as people.


Do we want to be corrupt and do we want to kill other people in service of the greed of those who seek to keep the world in a climate of eternal war, eternal poverty and eternal unchecked greed?

I would suggest that this is not who we really are and those seeking to impose this on  people anywhere are doing things to an agenda that is not the collective will of sovereign people. Greed is greed.


Corruption is crime and the whole of our world is suffering because we keep throwing money at liars who seem never to address what all know is really wrong. Bad people make bad decisions. Greedy liars tell huge lies to attain power and wealth and we are shooting ourselves in to foot when we keep allowing ourselves to be deceived in this way. Hope and honest lawful solutions need to overcome fear of lying political oppression designed to keep greed and mass corruption thriving and people poor and suffering.

In a real example of what happens when we elect politicians without proper character scrutiny and democratic safeguards against bad decisions being made without our consent, Tony Blair misled people to invade Iraq of the basis of lies, sending troops who caused complete devastation in an illegal war which took the lives of innocent Iraqi civilians he had no business to kill.

Now having apologised and admitted his culpability in this humanitarian atrocity and his admitted contribution to the rise of ISIS, he is still at liberty like you or I, instead of rightly appearing to face punishment or consequences for his actions.

Would an honest broker of peace act in such sinister ways?

We must not be so foolish as to turn a blind eye to crimes of atrocity and maintain further illegal wars in this manner. We need good people to do the right thing so that we are building peace instead of destruction at the hands of liars. It makes no human sense to keep supporting those who do dreadful things and falsely claim it to be in our name.




  1. Wonderful article!! I’m going to share it on Facebook, twitter and google!

    I always said that the condition of the world at this point is like a bad Hollywood horror film! Glad to see that others view it the same way.

    When I first started my battle on social media more than a year ago, I thought it was an effort in futility. But then a small ray of progress emerged and it grew wider and wider. The world finally began to wake up. Like a flowering bud opening for the first time.

    Now there are many buds opening up. And one flower has become a garden of hope.

    Liked by 1 person

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