By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York,
21 October, 2015.

Ever since William Randolph Heart, and “Yellow Journalism,” the media has been manipulated, censored and spinned to meet the desires of its masters. That’s not to say that there have been scores of newspapers, networks and their reporters who haven’t upset the apple cart on occasion, and gotten away with it.

Gary Webb’s newspaper series,”Dark Alliance,” is a good recent example of a newspaper, at first at least, backing their intrepid investigative reporter, who dug up a treasure trove of goodies on CIA drug running. Before Webb, a few networks did pieces on it, but eventually never followed up on the story, it’s dying the death of a thousand paper cuts, much like the Committee on the case chaired by then Senator John Kerry(Skull & Bones, etc., etc.).


“Webb’s reporting came from a huge number of court documents that were leaked to him, and with enough digging it became a huge story that became a media sensation. But for all the work that Webb did, he was character assassinated in the mainstream media, and lost the backing of his newspaper, so that he eventually had to write a book about it to give his side.
He died mysteriously in 2004 from a supposed suicide, even though there were two bullets in his skull.

Image: Gary Webb's death

Others like Jim Keith, and Danny Casolaro, also died mysterious deaths, likely by some deliberate hand that didn’t want their stories reaching the public. Cases like “The Franklin Scandal/Cover-up,” involving politicians, and very rich, and important people, and pedophilia, drugs and creepy occult activity, were deliberately covered up by government lackies, like the FBI and NTSB, even though a number of good investigators were on the case. The survivors, witnesses and so on were discredited in the mainstream press, and certain state government officials were actually physically threatened with violence.”

It involved the Catholic Church(with Boy’s Town) for the first time in a major pedophilia scandal, and stretched all the way to the White House and Washington. Much like a later case in Belgium (The Marc Dutroux Affair) involving pedophilia, rich folk, politicians and even royalty, the two also involved using compromising pictures and video being taken to blackmail politician, and VIPs into aiding the nefarious groups behind the whole thing. Reporters who’ve tried reporting on the San Francisco Bohemian Grove have seen themselves fired, and blacklisted throughout the mainstream media.
Countless numbers of examples also include a documentary on the “Franklin Scandal/Cover-up,” which was supposed to air on the Discovery channel, but had its copyright bought up at the last minute, and never getting aired.

“The Conspiracy of Silence” finally did make it to YouTube, even though its a slightly rough cut, it nonetheless complete thanks to the Net. Examples of approved of investigative reporting are “The Pentagon Papers” and “Watergate,” followed in the 80s by Iran-Contra, and the bimbo eruptions during the Clinton era, along with Bubba’s involvement in drug running, money laundering and murder. Just as with Bush I, and Bush II, these last ones only now are having their truth broadcast on video forums like YouTube. 9/11 ranks right up there now with the JFK, MLK, and RFK assassinations, with a ton of mounting, and overwhelming evidence that you’d think would reopen the case, or be reported on in the mainstream media, but not so much.

The big news networks are owned by about 6 corporations, which in the old days would set of anti-trust bells and whistles. Nowadays there a fewer and fewer sources to solely rely upon, so what I do is consult various international news networks like CBC, Aljazeera, PressTV, France 24 and Deutsche Welle (DW), and then counter it by watching various good ALT news media, which are mainly on the Internet. Shows like The Corbett Report, LipTV’s Buzzsaw and RT’s “Watching the Hawks,” are damn good places to pick up alternative takes on the corporate controlled mainstream media.


The mainstream news media in America is presented as if it were entertainment, and it is incredibly dumbed down to the point of being useless, so only the truly beaten down folk might use it as their main news source. The poor like me can afford Internet access, so I rely heavily on that, since American news leaves out a lot of international news, or spins it to death. So you needn’t be rich to get truly intellectual news, but you have got to beware of the American news networks, even NPR. It’s a whole lot of bull dung, mixed in with bells and whistles, and the networks base their news quality upon the ratings it gets rather than on the better indicator, which is how good the news quality is. Its all controlled anyway, and even hospitals, and social justice agencies now are falling victim to be “corporatized.”

The ALT media really therefore does a darn good job in giving us the news denied us by the corporate mainstream media. To follow the corporate news networks is to being as a victim of a pied piper, either leading you off into the wrong direction, or completely taking off the edge into the abyss. Use your head, and also try demanding better from your media companies, since unhappy customers equal less sales. As always it’s up to you.



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