World Banks: Truth or Consequences

By Diana Burdick,
Vallejo, California,
October 18, 2015

Which country’s banks are controlled by the Rothschild/Koch cartel? 

Well, that would depend upon who you choose to believe.

There have been a wealth of articles printed about  the Rothschild/Koch cartel’s control and  hold over the worldwide banking industry and funding both sides of each war to be sure of making a profit. All of this is true. What is not necessarily true is the list of countries under their control. 


While I am not an expert on world banking by any means, my research on this issue has shown some obvious discrepancies, keeping in mind that some information may be provided by the IMF which is indeed owned by the Rothschilds. While I would concede that they do indeed still control in some manner many of the world’s banks,  more than three countries have now taken back control of their banks, and the three remaining uncontrolled holdouts (Cuba, Iran, North Korea)  have now been included as controlled banks according to the second article listed. I am having a difficult time believing this given the inherent animosity that exists between these countries and Israel, but anything is possible these days.


This article presents a list of banks currently(?)

Owned by the Rothschild/Koch cartel. It is dated November(?) 2013.
Please also read the rest of the article shown after the list of countries. There’s also information about the Internal Revenue Service as well.
Many of you are about to be rudely awakened!                 _____________________________________

The next link is supposed to be an update, and now includes the last three holdout countries! It is dated June 26, 2015.  

To date, the countries that have taken back control of their banks (in alphabetical order) are:


Not to be outdone by Putin:

August 23, 2013

Hungary Sheds Bankers’ Shackles

June 4, 2015

Iceland 2008 – present

Update 2015                _____________________

Nationalised scheduled banks:
Bank of Khyber
Bank of Punjab
First Women Bank
National Bank of Pakistan
Sindh Bank of Pakistan

Pakistan breaks banks down into categories: Nationalized, (listed above), Specialized, and Foreign. This then explains its ability to increase and maintain stability even though some of the specialized and  foreign banks may be controlled by Zionists.

And so it began December 15, 2014:

Putin´s Confident: Putin to Nationalize Rothschild´s Central Bank and Purge “Collaborators” with West. “War till One Side Collapses inevitable”


Next Phase March 18, 2015:

Phase III  March 23, 2015 (no time wasted here!!)

Russia Issues International ARREST WARRANT For ROTHSCHILD & SOROS!


Sweden 1992 – present


The first issue that presents itself is why the discrepancies, and have more countries taken back their banks that we don’t know about? If so, then why don’t we know about them? Could this be an attempt to make us believe that things are worse than they actually are and that there is no hope?

In an article that I read much earlier in the year, the statement was made that there were about 140 countries that had taken back control of their banks. But the article seems to have disappeared from the web. If anyone should find it, please post a link in a comment so that we can again review it.

Rothschild's Head Office in Tel Aviv, Israel

In any country where the government has allowed Rothschild banks such as the IMF to take control, we see civil unrest, possible terrorist attacks, and failing economies.  But Algeria presents an interesting case.

Their economy is steadily climbing at 3-4% gain each year and it is a relatively quiet and safe place to live. They also do not allow Israeli citizens to enter their country, nor do they allow their citizens to visit Israel.

Yet according to the IMF, they control the banking, which begs the question, why are they allowing Algeria to remain peaceful?


Is this a case of the calm before the storm?

Now the second issue. We can all agree that in order for our countries to become stable again, Zionist controlled banking must go. But I’m questioning the scare tactics. I agree they are necessary to wake people up and motivate them into action. But is this what they are trying to do!! Or, are these tactics being used in a manner that they hope will  make us throw up our hands and concede defeat? 

Regardless, the tactics are necessary, but we must not concede to defeat. We must stand up and be heard. Sign petitions, demand action,  whatever it takes and get the word out!! We can no longer sit around doing nothing!! That’s how we ended up in this mess in the first place!

The Federal Reserve:
Please read this report so you understand what the Federal Reserve is and its origins.



Please sign the petition!

I welcome your comments and feedback on this article. But I would ask that if you disagree on any point or add information to support it, please include credible sources as proof for your facts.

This is probably the most important issue to resolve right now in order to bring about world peace and stabilize nations without going to war. We must make the case for non Zionist controlled banks, and make that list grow!! It is our only hope to once again gain control of our lives and have world peace.



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