The Master Puppeteer

By Leah Grow,
Chesterfield, Virginia,

Before the ink was even dry on the ballots, Benjamin Netanyahu, having been firmly re-elected as Israeli Prime Minister began ratcheting up his demagogic chant of “Islamic Terrorism”, replete with 9/11 references designed to stir a collective memory of worldwide calamitous. Before a deal was even announced, Netanyahu came out hard and fast against any notion or form of nuclear agreement with Iran.

His hyperbole again honed in on the Christian Evangelicals and the rising xenophobic atmosphere that now encompasses the United States and Europe, and colorfully and thoroughly created the illusion of “imminent danger” from the Islamic Terrorist – a pejorative that is his go-to claim in order to incite and spread fear and entropy in every sound bite and every media interview to be broad cast around the world to justify yet another, Palestinian murder.


Netanyahu has methodically and successfully reinvigorated the Zionist ideology by targeting America’s and the worlds Christian, analogous belief that the “Jews are the Chosen People” and therefore have the inherent right to act in a manner that they alone, see fit, all under the guise that the Holocaust has rendered them the ONLY and certainly most important victims in history. The Occupiers and Oppressors, have now become the “victim”.

Palestinian Loss of Land from 1947 till Present

Furthermore, he has hit his mark by portraying Palestinians as not-human through a systematic and methodical dehumanization and complete debasement of Palestinians and indeed, all Arabs.

The innocent martyred children of Palestine

Netanyahu has with finesse, orchestrated a plan of the dismantling and disintegrating the Palestinian culture and heritage by means of force, terror, murder, illegal colonization through arbitrary imprisonment of Palestinians of all ages, including children, limiting the accessibility of the very basic necessities to sustain human life such as clean drinking water, the ability to properly house, accessibility to critical medical services and economic/occupational opportunities for Palestinians.

An Israeli soldier aiming gun at Palestinian children

This Apartheid oppression is a slow and surgically precise strangulation of all indigenous Palestinians that have left generations devoid of all hope and “nothing left to lose”
Netanyahu would have the world believe his actions are just, with a just goal, when in fact the very act of killing Palestinians is the goal itself.


The complete extermination of Palestinians and their rightful place in history as a rich, vibrant and very real part of the world’s history is the ultimate goal. Yet again, this master manipulator has infused exponential amounts of hate, fear and degeneration into the Israeli narrative and it is this tainted, blood stained narrative that he has sold lock, stock and barrel to the populist Zionist sectarians in Israel, The United States and most certainly – the world.

His latest and quite frankly, his most bombastic comments accusing the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini of instructing Adolph Hitler who had only wanted to “expel” the Jews, to “Burn them” is indicative of his upmost hatred of Palestinians – so much so, that he is willing to absolve Hitler of his crimes. This is a calculated and potentially dangerous distortion of historical facts and quite frankly diminishes even the validity of the Holocaust, Nazism and the crimes against humanity committed by Adolph Hitler.

Adolf Hitler

His hatred of Palestinians so thorough and so fanatical that he is willing to absolve the most prolific murderer in history of his crimes. Despite the most recent ramblings of this puppeteer any attempts at exposing and unmasking Netanyahu for exactly who he is – a cold and calculated murderer, are met with clichéd accusations of being “Anti-Semitic”.

To this, my response is firmly and clearly “Pro-Humanitarian” and “Pro-Justice” is not and cannot ever be equated as anti-Semitic. If not now – then “When”?
When will push back to this maniacal and ostentatious anti-Islamic/Anti-Arab chieftain begin?

The martyred Palestinians

How many more Palestinians must die before America, Europe and all Arab Nations push back against the ever growing Israeli barbarity and brutality?
If we do not, collectively as human beings and citizens of this world, put a stop to this singular and nefarious plan of action by Netanyahu and his legion of Likud minions, I fear they will lead themselves, America and indeed the world off of that proverbial cliff directly into a catastrophic disaster of epic proportions, of which there may be no return.  




  1. My wish is for all Palestinians to return to what is rightfully theirs. Palestine belong to the Palestinians. This inhumane torturing and cruelty need to stop.The siege must end.The occupation need to end forever.
    #Free #my #Palestine

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