Quest for Global Domination and Resources:

By Veronica Bolan
Glasgow, Scotland.

It is all about the USA obtaining global domination of the world’s resources to make its global corporations richer and more powerful than any other country.  People don’t even enter into their decision making, their deaths are simply collateral damage that occurs on the way to earning more money.  In the illegal Iraq war, for example, the Halliburton Corporation made US$17.6 billion in the years from 2003-6, the Washington Group International US$931million, Burlinghame has amassed $878 million in spent missile disposal. 

UK company Aegis (shame on them) has received a contract worth US$430million to co-ordinate all the US private security operations in Iraq, but I am pleased to see that it is now being shunned by other companies for its involvement. Many other companies have made similar amounts out of the death and destruction wreaked on others.  The conflict in the Middle East is a good example of US manipulation of people to bring down countries; Syria and Libya are good examples. 


The idea is to completely destroy a country and its people, then ride in (supposedly) to rescue them whilst effectively stealing the resources  of their country and putting in place a ‘puppet’ government  run by the US.  Make no mistake,  the US is a country that does not even care for the majority of its own citizens (and the UK is becoming the same).  It is a country where if you do not have private health insurance, then you get no treatment – if you were lying in the road after a car accident the ambulance would require to see your insurance before it would take you to a hospital, who would also require to see your insurance before you would get any treatment – no insurance, no treatment.  The giant supermarket chain, Walmart, is renowned for paying workers wages that are below the poverty line, yet the same company takes out multi-million dollar insurances against the death of  its employees. 

Do the families of the deceased get this money? 

No chance, the company profits from the death of its workers.  People lose their homes because they become unemployed and can’t make the loan payments, entire families live in their car, or under railway bridges.  I have seen people living in such ramshackle accommodation in Florida that I would not have felt it save enough to house a dog. I am extremely concerned that the US is trying to lead the West into all out war. 


There is a lot of negative publicity about the Russian President Putin suggesting that he is a threat, and I feel it is because he is well aware of what the US is planning and is challenging them. People need to be aware that religion is the cause of much conflict in the world, yet the Qur’an, Bible and the Torah all preach peace and love, understanding and respect for the religion of others, and care for each other. I have read all 3 of these holy books and can find very little difference between them. I am not religious at all, and I believe if people put religious differences aside and took time to get to know and understand one another there would be a lot less conflict in the world.  

The existing US and UK Oil companies in Iraq

I believe there is a great deal of myth and misinformation circulated about various religions, and people should take the time to read the holy books of other religions to get a better understanding of their fellow man.  You mention Zionists; make no mistake Zionism is a political organisation founded in 1897, it is not the Jewish religion and no true believer in Judahism could or would support Zionism.



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