The 9/11 Awakening

By Diana Burdick,
Vallejo, California, USA.

The first realization that hit me was the way all of the buildings came down like a planned demolition. I had been watching planned demolitions in documentaries long before the 9/11 incident.  At the time of 9/11, I was working at a mechanical engineering contracting firm, and my comment that day was “amazing how all of these buildings came down perfectly. 


What are the chances of that happening under these conditions?”

I quickly put these thoughts out of my mind, because like everyone else, I became wrapped up in the tragedy itself and all the victims, and wondering if anyone I knew was working there that day. You see, I used to work in New York, across the street from the WTC while it was being built. My office window overlooked the site. I watched them go up and I watched them come down. It was like a mother losing a child.

I really didn’t give much more thought about the circumstances after my initial observation until the news about a passport being found on the plaza below completely undamaged came to my attention. Then as time went by and the questions didn’t go away, I started researching and listening to interviews and reading articles from sources like military generals and the like,  documentaries by demolition experts, civil engineers, CIA and FBI agents who were still patriots to the USA. They all said this attack was definitely a controlled demolition, and it was obvious the Israelis were involved.


Once I knew that they (Israelis) created Homeland Security and owned the security companies at the involved airports, there was no possible way to ignore the truth. Add that to the fact that Larry Silverstein acquired the lease on the remaining WTC complex just weeks before (he had built building 7 in 1987 and wanted to acquire the rest of the complex) and then increased the amount of insurance on the entire complex. And building 7 was burning before the “planes” hit the two towers.

Then there’s the stories about the stolen gold. There are many accounts about the amount of gold and other precious metals stolen from the WTC on that day. The amounts vary from article to article,  and we may never know the truth. Indeed, were there any precious metals stolen?
Were there any even stored there?

So many stories. But if any was stolen, then any of the amounts quoted make it the largest gold and/or precious metals heist in history.


As far as whether or not it was planes or drones that hit the two buildings, it really doesn’t matter. That was a red herring to keep the public from realizing the obvious. Planes or drones did not bring down those buildings.

And for those who still think this is a conspiracy theory, well, we are way beyond that now.  For the truth, I’ll take the words of the experienced professionals over the ‘nae sayers’ any day.




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