Global Revolution: Need of Time

Compiled by Sajjad Khan Bangash,
Islamabad, Pakistan.
Authors: Kathy Gray, Redding, California, USA,
James Allan, Angus, Scotland.

Social media is a great blessing for the inhabitants of the planet earth as it has drastically reduced the millions miles distances, paved ways for all of us to get connected to each other and share our knowledge, experiences, ideas, problems and communicate the perspectives from our domestic environments. I always love incorporating new ideas of knowledge gaining and sharing to my readers around the world. Here’s another article which combines the perspectives of two intellectuals living in different countries and I then compiled it into a written piece during the conversation with both of my friends i.e, James Allan from Angus, Scotland and Kathy Gray from Redding, California, USA.

Kathy Gray, Redding, California, USA.
“It seems to be a trend these days a lot more people support Bernie than Hillary she’s just got more money. People everywhere are tired of being ripped off by the 1% and often the same mega billionaires are present in too many countries. I have a name for the next revolution; ‘Global Bastille Day Revolution.’

Tehrir Square, Cairo, Egypt

The 1% have made a mockery out of our democracy. Yep they say anything and tell us to accept it, here in the US we’re under the thumb of a two party system who are now run by nearly identically corrupt politicians and they don’t like Bernie Sanders because he’s all about fighting the corruption and our news media ignores him.

Empowerment is what it’s all about, with good reason our government is owned and run by mega billionaire who want to exploit everyone around the world for their own personal gain and wealth. It’s high time that we have a cap on wealth no body need 20 generations of idol rich opulence and yes! we’re not stupid and the mega rich think we are they play on our weaknesses. They distract us with nonsense from junk like Iphones to crazy news media to distract us from the real news. I don’t even watch TV anymore it’s all lies and distractions and misinformation. They are owned and run by the same conservative mega billionaires like Rupert Murdoch they use their proprietorship as a mouth piece to spread the lies of their billionaire friends because misinformation is their biggest too.

Bernie Sanders movement in USA

They force us all against each other, Here in the US we have what I call Hate Talk Radio that has done more rekindle racism than any other media. That’s because over 60% of Americans are so disgusted with our two party system that they stopped voting mostly because the Republican Party started a big lie in the 70s saying that “our vote doesn’t count” and a lot of people believed it, that’s how we all got landed with Ronald Reagan. there is big money in war and the same greedy billionaires are investing all of them and profiting from them too, the Rothschild family has been profiting from war since the 16th Century and are truly billionaires. we only get what the news media tells us that’s why I stopped watching I get my news from the internet.


We are all part of one body it is our governments who try to keep us apart. we have to protect our planet from the greedy agenda of the mega billionaires who would murder us all for their next 20billion dollars they would kill us, our family, friends, neighbors and even our enemies to get their money, we all have to stand together against the evil 1%  for the greater good and keeping our planet sustainable is top on my priority list.

As an American I can only watch with envy as the rest of the world’s countries ban GMOs and my country refuses because companies like Monsanto own our government. Thanks most of us are nice but our corrupt news media only portrays the negative ones the loud mouths who spew hatred and off the wall silly comments normal rational Americans don’t get much attention but I’m so glad for social media now we all can stand together despite the new media.

The Catalonia march of Independence

I’ve seen that all over they can’t shut us up it’s very empowering I hope it stays this way, I know that in America a conservative group was trying to create restrictions and limits on what can be said over the internet just because it is empowering people to get the truth. They try to keep people against each other so that they don’t pay attention to the mega billionaires robbing us all.

James Allan, Angus, Scotland.
“International pressure may help. We are doing everything possible to try to stop this too. Nobody wants the corrupt bankers wars. Westminster seems to be representing an agenda which is not of the people. We are not buying into media propaganda any more. People keep trying to take them to court for corruption but they are blocking the evidence from being heard so they can escape accountability The people are not giving up.

PTI Revolution brought by Imran Khan in Pakistan

It’s difficult to overcome structured corruption when the judges are on the payroll too. Evidence is there. Getting it heard is another story. In England the people have tried to take them to court but they close the doors of the peoples courts and the judges are refusing to hear the evidence. Knowledge of this and numbers are growing. People need to win and restore the justice we desire.
Mass protests are happening but their bought media are not reporting them. Most awareness is thus internet users. Many others have insufficient knowledge. The tide is turning. The pressure will not stop.

Other than keep trying really hard it is very difficult. People are being jailed and sane people are being locked in psychiatric institutions to be discredited when they are persistent about exposing crimes of Government, but their work is there to see and others take up the challenge. It’s astounding that so many identify the same problem yet we are unable to rapidly solve it. So many people believe the indoctrination and unbelievably seek to preserve the status quo. Not as many as there used to be. I wish I knew how to bring them to justice. Perhaps we have made them retreat a while but lawfulness has not yet been restored at a political level.

Scotland 'Yes' Movement: George Square

They seem insanely driven. Most of Scotland and huge chunks of England and Wales oppose them. They view themselves as a supreme entity and see it as a right to rule. Nepotism ensured the bankers got exactly those types installed in power. The will of the people is of no consequence. When we have more than our own nation involved in this it complicates it further. Maybe we have to look harder in history to find the solution. People need to be more important than plots against people. I have lost lots of sleep trying to find the answer and I expect I will lose a lot more.”


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