The time we live in & difference of the past.

By Sajjad Khan Bangash

In today’s time, we are more aware, more peaceful, more civilized and more caring than the generations of the past but we still haven’t been able to kill racism, barbarism, atrocities, oppression, nepotism, hatred, ignorance and mass killings to 100%. Even several of wars of modern times which took lives of millions of people are initiated by ‘so called the champions of democracy, civilized and developed nations.’


Over the course of timeline of human civilizations, the world has seen several faces of humans but the world that we live in has always remained silent and patient for the humans conducts, behaviors, variances of changing seasons and the lights of Sun remained to kind on earth, never ready to surrender to the dark. The water we drink never refused to human thirst and ever ready to quench the thirst of humans. The soothing and cold shadow of a thick tree in hot boiling season never allowes the blistering heat waves to burn human’s skin instead always loves to be kind to protect the human with its umbrella like cover and the cool breeze is always ready to fight and kill during torrent heat emanating from the Sun rays and scorching deserts.


On each passing day, millions of questions attack on my mind, heart and sense but every time, the disappointment vehemently kicks me back with no ‘decent attitude of the answers.

My grandfather lived for 113 years of age and he died in 2003. He was well educated person and even though with lack of technological advancements, he glorified and admired his time on the clear verdict and premise that the people of his time were more loving, caring, supportive, tolerant and patient and he would always say that ‘We had only seen World War I and WWII but now, you can see, the destruction, killings of innocent people, confiscation of others resources by very power, diseases, accidents, target killings, and heap of similar cruelty that the humans of today’s time are committing.


‘ One of the questions, which was disturbing my sense for quite some time by walking in life and by looking at the pictures of humans problems, pains, sufferings, extortion, racism, oppression, mass murdering, greed and destruction of the world by the humans, the question comes to our mind as for the humans of 1000 years ago, the humans of today’s time would look uncivilized, selfish, racist, cruel, barbaric and ignorant. Is it true or does it contradict the reality of this question.?”


Now, I am blessed to have friends around the world. Now, novice and illiterate, I then looked at my friends answers around the world and waited for what they say.’
Zaitoon Ismail, Pinang George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
“Not at all as long as you in faith..lnsha ALLAH”
Carol Petell Brown, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
“I think it depends on where one lives. Wasn’t so good in Europe 1,000 years ago. My country, America, may have been better off 1,000 years ago – before whites came and killed so many of the Natives…we are only now learning the depth of their religion and culture.
Almas Khan, Dubai, UAE.
“Ma’m Carol Petelle Brown, I do agree with you partially. But after watching many stories in Dr. Phils Show about social life in the west, I think people were far better than they are now.”


Jozef de Beer, Winnipeg, Canada.
I think people were more racist and violent 50 years ago. We have more peace in the world now than in in any other time. 1000 years ago Europe was in the dark ages.
I believe your sentiments come from the east, where Arabic people would have been pursuing scholarly things like the development of algebra.
Today we can speculate about the existence of extra terrestrial and not get killed. Giadonno Bruno did this 1000 years and was killed.
I don’t think the crusades were a 1000 years ago, but that is an example of mass racism in our past. That was far worse and more wide scale than anything today.
Carol, I agree with you on the aboriginal people part.
The centralized power of the 1% and war profiteering is nothing new. Today, the purpose of war is to fuel the bank accounts of oil companies and weapons manufacturers. Before slavery was abolished, the purpose of war was for colonizing nations to enslave either indigenous people or those of other colonizing nations. For regular people the results suck now and then.

As regular people to decentralize power there are a few things we can do:

Socially strive to include even the most difficult people into your circle or friends. A lot of people who get sucked into stupid terrorist shit feel isolated and alone.

Point out the lie of trickle down theory. Do a Google search of what tax cuts for the wealthy really do for the economy. Once you are educated in this matter, your lips will be removed from the anus of the wealthy. Then you can actually make electoral decisions that make the world a better place.


Lindsay Breach
Christchurch, New Zealand.
“Sajjad, what evidence would you use to support such a view? If we turn to central Europe, it is a Jozef says the Dark Ages [I should have added it is actually the medieval period – but it was a period before the 12th century renaissance], and the century of 1000 was particularly rough and a time of constant famine. You have the beginning of Viking settlement in both France (Normandy) and England (Cnut and later William).
In England, you have a very decentralized system of Kingdoms and while Carolingian France enjoyed stronger administration, however it is likely they would view the central governments of today as extremely civilized.
It is also important to note that the Church in England and France had just started to advocate for the rights of peasants (for want of a better word) against the lords. The lords being especially cruel. Wealth of course, traveled upwards in 1000 AD – the introduction of feudalism being about 200 years old (after the Merogovian period – Carolingian, in England in 1066)
Given Europe, in particularly, was 100 years off the 12th-century renaissance – it was a time of ignorance. But, even if we jump forward 100 years – it would be difficult to suggest that the sheer quantity of information today v limited number of books then – would lead to the conclusion of ignorance.
Since those address most of the points raise, I would suggest that at least in the context of the Mediterranean, and without going through the history of every region, particularly Italy (a little better – particularly with the investiture contest, monastic education before the university (in Padua, Bologna) and Greece (particularly Byzantium). I doubt there is much to suggest the above in those regions.
I would conclude, for the reasons above, that not only do I disagree but the question itself lacks merit. I would, however, be interested to suggestions to the contrary supported by historical references (of any kind).”


Pat Lee, North Lanarkshire, Scotland.
“Sajjad, we may as a people have developed educationally.
We have certainly regressed as people of humanity.
With two World Wars behind us. We have learned nothing and the cause of this is greed. Pure and simple, greed of power and greed of wealth. Instigated by the 1%
We as a people, allow the 1% to programme us using their controlled media, Visual,written and I am sorry to say digital.
Those in power have instigated every fear needed to hold the people’s of the world in a state of instability. Creating issues to maintain this fear. Now, we immediately react with nationalistic or regional fervour when being “informed ” of imminent threat to our nation or region.
The crisis of the Syrian people for example. This has been created by Western governments at the behest of the 1%. Not only since conflict turned to war in Syria.
This has been a planned gradual destabilization of the middle east, extending to Afghanistan. Based on lies and propaganda. The ignition factor was the illegal war in Iraq. And from there the whole destabilization began.
So yes, in my opinion our Ancestors of 1000 years ago would look back and say we are more barbaric, cruel and selfish. Because we are educated.”



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